Elon Musk – Amazing Discovery made by robotic Camera Inside Pyramids

Elon Musk -  Amazing Discovery made by robotic Camera Inside Pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza has always Intrigued and puzzled people by using The most Advanced Technologies and Innovations the recent finding of The Big Empty Space has made it even more Mysterious leading to many different Theories and discussions some think it Is a chamber to relieve pressure While Others believe it could be a secret Burial chamber or a spiritual passage The use of high-tech methods like Muography and infrared thology has Created new opportunities for Investigation but it has also led to More questions than answers these are Some incredible discoveries so let's Explain this amazing discovery made by a Robotic camera inside the Great Pyramid So first it's important to note the Discovery that was made in 2000 in the 2000s the search for the pyramid Secrets Took a turn towards the modern when a Team of American researchers employed Ground penetrating radar to delve into Its hidden depths unearthing a new Mystery in the process before diving Into the discovery is essential to Understand the technology at play ground Penetrating radar GPR is a non-invasive Geophysical method that uses radar Pulses to image the subsurface it can Detect objects changes in material Properties and voids or cavities in the Ground in the context of archaeology GPR

Offers the unique ability to explore Below the ground without the need for Invasive excavation when the researchers Aim their GPR devices at the ancient Monument they were primarily looking for Previously undiscovered Chambers or Corridors the vast network of passages And chambers within the pyramid such as The king's chamber and the grand gallery Has been explored before however given The structure size and the potential for Undiscovered spaces it was believed that The pyramid still held more secrets to The researcher's astonishment the GPR Scans indicated a large void in the Vicinity of the Queen's chamber this Discovery sent ripples of excitement Through the archaeological community Given the pyramid's historical Significance even the slightest new Detail can offer new insights into Ancient Egyptian construction rituals or Beliefs however challenges arose the Radar could indicate the presence of a Void but determining its exact size Shape or purpose was more complex the Data while promising was also open to Interpretation was this an intentional Chamber left behind by the ancient Egyptians a structural feature to Relieve weight from the chamber below or Simply an anomaly in the construction Process the discovery of the Void Spurred various theories some suggested

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It might be a hidden burial chamber Possibly an alternative or supplementary Tomb to the known Chambers others Posited it could be a serdab a hidden Chamber in ancient Egyptian tombs Containing a statue of the deceased Providing a place for the spirit to Witness rituals performed outside the Tomb in addition the scan pyramids Project initiated in 2015 represents one Of the most ambitious and Innovative Attempts to uncover the hidden mysteries Of the Great Pyramid using State-of-the-art non-invasive Technologies it was within this backdrop Of a and mystery that the scan pyramids Project uncovered a revelation that Would Astound the world the discovery of A substantial void situated above the Grand Gallery one of the pyramid's most Renowned internal features at the heart Of the scan pyramids project lies the Goal of using non-destructive methods to Deal deeper into the pyramid than Traditional archaeology might allow the Primary technology employed is mography A technique that capitalizes on the Natural occurring cosmic rays that Bombard the Earth's surface as these Rays collide with our planet's Atmosphere they produce muons subatomic Particles that can penetrate deep into Solid structures like the Great Pyramid By capturing and analyzing the

Trajectories of these muons researchers Can create images that reveal the Internal layout of the pyramid Complimenting mography the project Utilizes infrared thermology which Measures temperature variations on the Pyramid surface differences in Temperature can indicate the presence of Hidden Chambers or corridors as the air Within These voids can have a different Thermal signature than the surrounding Stone similarly 3D simulations provide a Digital reconstruction of the pyramid Aiding researches in hypothesizing about The potential layout and purpose of any Newly discovered features termed the big Void this newly revealed cavity is Nothing short of monumental measuring at Least 30 m in length the void presents Dimensions comparable to the Grand Gallery itself which is approximately 47 M long and 8 m High its position above The grand Gallery a sloped Corridor Leading to the king's chamber has Intrigued experts as the significance of Such an expansive concealed space Remains largely speculative while the Exact purpose or function of the big Void is yet to be definitively Established several theories have Emerged some Scholars propose that it Could be an intentional architectural Feature designed to relieve weight from The grand Gallery below thus preserving

Its structural Integrity this relieving Chamber Theory aligns with the pyramid's Other known weight distribution Techniques ensuring the king's chamber And other critical areas remain intact Over Millennia furthermore a group of Archaeologists and scientists in Egypt Have used super advanced technology that Relies on rais from space to see inside The Great Pyramid of Giza this Pyramid Has a secret Corridor that's 30 ft long And it's been hidden behind the Pyramid's main entrance for a long time They made this discovery through a Project called scan pyramids where they Use special Rays called cosmic ray muons To look inside structures that are Closed off with the fancy method they Used they could sense space Rays going Through the pyramid this helped them Figure out how big the corridor inside Is because if it was solid not not a lot Of rays would reach their tools compared To if it was empty they realized that The slanted Corridor is around 30 ft Long and almost 7 ft wide and they got Really clear pictures of it however even Though the pyramid is really tall it Hasn't revealed all its Secrets the new Details that came out still leave plenty Of room for people to guess and wonder About according to Dr zahar hows a Respected archaeologist from Egypt this Discovery holds great importance the

Section on the Northern ins side of the Corridor doesn't have Limestone it's Empty this makes Dr howest believe that Beneath this Corridor something crucial Might be present it could potentially be The real burial chamber of kufu this Information was shared with CBS News However Mustafa wazari who is in charge Of Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities Mentioned to CBS news that they still Don't know why the empty Corridor was There or what could be found at the Distant end of it inside the pyramid he Explained that the corridor was probably Built to reduce the stress on the Pyramid structure however they haven't Figured out what's beneath it they're Wondering if there might be more Passageways or rooms hidden there even Though it must have been created for a Reason they're still uncertain about its Purpose and can't make predictions yet Mazari mentioned that the scientists Will keep on working they're also Excited about finding some of the Valuable things that were probably Buried with King kufu who was a ruler During ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom Period in the fourth Dynasty moreover The conventional understanding of the Great Pyramid is that it was constructed Over two decades this Viewpoint hinges On the belief that a massive Workforce Mainly comprising of skilled laborers

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Painstakingly erected the pyramid Showcasing the Egyptians impressive Engineering architectural and Observational skills Graham Hancock However presents an alternative Perspective that suggests a more ancient And enigmatic origin for the Great Pyramid he emphasizes the pyramid's Astronomical alignments noting that the Geiza pyramids be a striking resemblance To the alignment of Orion's Belt this Alignment seems most accurate around 10,500 BC hinting at a potential origin Far preceding the conventional dating Additionally the Sphinx another Monumental structure on the Giza Plateau Might align with the constellation of Leo around the same time adding another Layer to this mystery the Precision with Which the great pyamid was constructed Challenges our understanding of ancient Capabilities its alignment to true north And the intricacies of its internal Chambers underscore a level of knowledge That seems inexplicably ahead of its Time the methods and techniques that Enable the quarrying transportation and Meticulous placement of such gantu and Stones are subject to ongoing debate Further muddying the Waters of its Origin it is important to note that Elon Musk has long been fascinated by the Great Pyramids of Giza in 2020 he Tweeted that he believed the pyramids

Were masterpieces of engineering and That they could teach us a lot about Sustainable energy musk has also stated That he believes the pyramids were built Using advanced technology such as solar Energy and levitation musk has not been Deterred by the lack of evidence for his Claims about the pyramids he has said That he is open to all possibilities and That he is not afraid to challenge Conventional thinking that's it for Today subscribe to our Channel and hit The notification Bell

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