Elon Musk – Delete Your Dangerous Apps And Use The Alternative Instead

Elon Musk - Delete Your Dangerous Apps And Use The Alternative Instead

As you know Elon Musk many times Suggested that you should delete your Facebook and use Alternatives instead Well today Elon reveals about Unsuspecting individuals that are being Tracked by tiny devices leading to a Series of shocking murders but that's Not all apple is now facing a class Action lawsuit accused of not doing Enough to protect us from the Sinister Misuse of their air tags also have you Ever wondered if your online photos Could be used without your permission in The Intriguing Zelmer versus Facebook Case legal battle that has captivated The tech world one man takes on meta the Parent company of Facebook over a Shocking allegation he claims that meta Surreptitiously harvested and stored his Facial data through the tag suggestions App and then it created templates of Them but question is how much of your Date was used by Facebook without you Knowing about it also Elon Musk has been Feuding with Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook for years already and now this Feud Took a new Direction Why Elon Musk does Not like apple and Facebook these are Very very interesting story developments So let's explain them apple is facing a Class action lawsuit filed last week by Individuals who allege that their air Tag tracking devices have been linked to Multiple murders according to the

Lawsuit these individuals claim that air Tags have been misused by stalkers or Potential asants to monitor their Targets by discreetly placing the Devices in bags vehicles or directly on Individuals the lawsuit contends that Apple has not taken sufficient measures To safeguard people from unwanted and Dangerous tracking Apple asserts that Its air tags are designed to prevent or Discourage unwanted tracking by issuing Phone alerts on its website Apple states That if someone else's air tag is placed In your belongings such as a bag or coat Your iPhone will detect it and send an Alert with the message air tag found Moving with you the location of this air Tag can be seen by the owner Apple Further claims that if the person cannot Locate the air tag it will emit a sound After a certain period to assist in Locating it The lawsuit originally filed last year Cites multiple instances in which air Tags were employed to track victims one Example occurred in January 2022 when a Woman in akan Ohio was stalked by her Ex-boyfriend who used an air tag placed In her car to follow and eventually harm Her another incident involved a woman in Indianapolis who concealed an air tag in Her boyfriend's vehicle enabling her to Follow him to a bar where he was fatally Injured when she ran him over with her

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Car a report by the US Department of Justice ice estimates that 7.5 million People in the United States are Subjected to stalking each year with Individuals aged 18 24 experiencing the Highest rates the lawsuit suggests that The actual number of stalking victims is Likely much higher as only 40% of cases Are reported to law enforcement Apple Has until October 27th to respond to the Class action lawsuit which seeks a trial By jury and an injunction against Apple To prevent further unlawful unfair and Andor fraudulent practices related to The design manufacturing and release of Air tags as of now neither Apple nor the Plaintiff's attorneys have responded to Gizmodo's request for comment moreover In the Zelmer versus Facebook case the Person suing meta claims that meta took And stored pictures of his face using The tag suggestions app with this app a Facebook user could add their personal Photos to their account and then tag Suggestions would scan these photos and Create templates of people's faces the App would ask the user to recognize any Of the template faces it found the Person suing claims that the company Collected and analyzed his biometric Data without his permission and without Explaining their policies regarding this Kind of data members of the security Industry Association Saia expressed in a

Legal document that this case suggests That organizations could be seen as Breaking the law under bipa even if they Only collect biometric data and don't Use it for anything else except maybe Deleting it later they argue that this Could create a situation where Organizations can't use technology to Automatically identify someone who wants To enter a secure area through a Security camera this is because they Wouldn't be able to create a temporary Template for comparing the person's face With those of authorized individuals in Simpler terms a person could file a Privacy complaint about their biometric Data just by having their face scanned In a biometric system they haven't Officially registered for the Organization argues that if a biometric Scan can't be linked to personal Information stored in the application Like in a security system for an Apartment building it shouldn't be Considered a valid case the case has Been going on for a while and it's Difficult to guess what the final Decision will be it is important to note That Elon Musk has criticized Apple's Anti-competitive behavior on a number of Occasions in December 2022 he tweeted a Meme that suggested he would rather go To war than pay Apple's 30% Commission On inapp purchases he has also ACC

Accused Apple of creating a Walled Garden around its technology which he Says stifles Innovation and competition Musk's criticisms are echoed by many Other app developers who argue that Apple's App Store policies are unfair And anti-competitive for example Apple Requires developers to use its own Payment system for inapp purchases and It charges a 30% Commission on all Transactions this commission is Significantly higher than the Commissions charged by other app stores Such as Google play Apple has defended It App Store policies arguing that they Are necessary to protect users and Ensure the quality of apps however Critics argue that Apple's policies are Actually harmful to users by limiting Their choices and driving up prices Musk's criticisms of Apple have been Particularly noteworthy his comments Have helped to raise awareness of the Issue of Apple's anti-competitive Behavior and have put pressure on the Company to change its policies musk also Has criticized Mark Zuckerberg for Exercising too much control over Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram in a Speech at a Ted conference in Vancouver Musk referred to Zuckerberg as Zuckerberg the 14th a mocking reference To the Sun King Louis the 14th of France Musk said that Zuckerberg's power over

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These platforms is unhealthy and that it Allows him to control public debates Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg met face To face on September 13th 2023 in Washington DC to discuss AI with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Lawmakers it was the first known Face-to-face encounter between the two Tech Titans who have had a public Rivalry in recent years according to Reports the meeting was closed to the Press and the details of the discussion Were not released however it is likely That the two men discussed their Respective company's AI research and Development efforts as well as their Views on AI regulation that's it for Today subscribe to our Channel and hit The notification Bell

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