Elon Musk: “Delete your Facebook, He Won’t Fight Me”

Elon Musk: "Delete your Facebook, He Won't Fight Me"

Without a doubt it's rare to come across Someone of Fame and intelligence as Elon Musk and today you will see his tough Process of negotiation with Mark Zuckerberg to fight him few days ago Musk made a number of shocking Revelations on The Joe Rogan Experience About why he went to Mark Zuckerberg's House and how Mark responded and how in San Francisco there are a lot of places They could have met but Zuckerberg did a Lot of things to avoid meeting musk and Elon Musk recommends you to delete your Facebook and use other social media Platform forms instead this is a very Well-known story and it is no secret That musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been On bad terms since the SpaceX rocket Explosion in 2016 that destroyed a major Facebook satellite so now in addition to This situation on Joe Rogan Experience Musk shared his story about what really Happened between him and Mark Zuckerberg Why they didn't fight and how Mark Zuckerberg chickened out and was scared To fight Elon Musk also said how he went To Mark Zuckerberg's house how he wanted To face him and fight him right there But how Zuckerberg responded that he was Not in the country and didn't meet him Face to face this is a crazy story so Let's explain everything so Elon Musk Mentioned I attempted to visit his Residence because his home is in Palo

Alto it's nearby he's about 3 mi from The Tesla location in Palo Alto California surprisingly when I got there No one was home I wanted to knock hello I'm here a representative informed that He was on a trip if he had been present I would have liked to meet him the the Whole idea seemed amusing to me thinking About visiting someone and saying I'm on My way to your place the UFC isn't Solely about Jujitsu it allows fighters To strike opponents and that's a GameChanger so then musk recalled the Whole story as musk said I saw him Sharing numerous fight clips someone on Twitter then suggested he should take on Him I chimed in suggesting a TV match Mark then responded on Instagram Challenging to set a location my counter Proposal was the Vegas octagon Surprisingly Italy was open to hosting The event at the Coliseum but I felt it Wouldn't be right to plaster ads and UFC Branding all over such a Historic Landmark it's like turning it into a NASCAR venue unfortunately Zach withdrew Citing a preference for UFC Rules I Argued that UFC Rules would work in the Coliseum but without compromising its Historic significance the Coliseum would Have been epic for the fight even if the Authorities permitted he seemed Insistent on specific conditions then Musk concluded I wanted to fight him but

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He chickened out many people criticize Both of the billionaires saying that if Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg both Understand that if they really wanted to Face off in an MMA fight they just need To contact Dana White when the idea of a Duel began to take shape Zuckerberg Doubted musk's seriousness especially Given the playful drama surrounding the Proposed matchup musk even audaciously Suggested he might show up for a live Streamed brawl at Zuckerberg's residence However when Zuckerberg showed Reluctance musk didn't hesitate to mock Him on Joe Rogan's podcast musk Confidently stated he'd take on Zuckerberg anytime anywhere and under Any fighting discipline Elon Musk Explained to Joe Rogan that he believes He could defeat Zuckerberg mainly due to The noticeable weight disparity Rogan Then showcased an image of podcaster Lex Fridman training with Mark and UFC Legend George St Pierre musk emphasized That fridman being bulkier than Zuckerberg didn't give him much trouble Even though musk weighs around 240 lb Zuckerberg 's extensive MMA training Likely gives him an edge musk's bravado Seems to overshadow this fact as he Keeps challenging Zuckerberg without Fully grasping the potential risks of Facing the trained meta CEO in the ring It's interesting to point out that Elon

Also responded to the Tweet mentioning When a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded On the Launchpad during a routine Pre-launch test this explosion destroyed The Amos 6 satellite which was part of a Partnership between Facebook and udat to Bring internet access to parts of of Africa musk tweeted yeah my fault for Being an idiot we did give them a free Launch to make up for it and I think They had some insurance with that musk Recently criticized Facebook and Zuckerberg accusing them of manipulating Global public opinion he highlighted Facebook's decision not to reveal its Algorithm as evidence of its intent to Control discourse amid Rising concerns About the influence of social media on Public opinion and elections many Believe these platforms have significant Control over information dissemination Facebook with its extensive reach has Been particularly criticized for its Content recommendation algorithms musk's Remarks further ignite the conversation About the tech sector's transparency and Responsibility Facebook's Global Influence is evident in its manipulation Their reluctance to reveal their Algorithm says it all Elon Musk said Taking a shot at Zuckerberg's platform a Recent inquiry suggests that Facebook Under Zuckerberg's leadership is Financially backing activists to

Undermine their Rivals during a national Referend om as per Mashable India these Activists seem to be pushing for Censorship against their Rivals this Finding challenges Zuckerberg's prior Claims of Facebook's impartiality and Its non-interference in elections Reacting to this musk stated that Facebook's behaviors hint at a vast Scale manipulation of public emotions Worldwide he inferred that the Concealment of meta's algorithm might be Due to such manipulation the wire Described the potential release of the Apps algorithm as a diversion likening It to Tik Tok strategy in 2020 when it Faced us regulatory scrutiny Tik Tok had Proposed transparency initiatives that Remained inacessible to the public and Interestingly Never released the Aforementioned Source codes Elon Musk Much like Apple CEO Tim Cook has Frequently expressed his disapproval of Facebook through various tweets and Public statements the CEO of Tesla and Founder of SpaceX has been quite Outspoken about his concerns regarding Invasive privacy policies especially Those Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp Given musk's clear reservations about Facebook it's not surprising that he Recommends platforms like signal and Clubhouse signal for instance offers Encrypted messaging that prioritizes

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User privacy which musk deems crucial And that's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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