Elon Musk: “Delete Your Facebook, Israel Vs Palestine War Exposed Him”

Elon Musk: "Delete Your Facebook, Israel Vs Palestine War Exposed Him"

As you know Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg do not like each other every Time there is an opportunity they Criticize each other without hesitation And it all started in 2016 when SpaceX Destroyed a major Facebook satellite but Now both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Are in trouble Zuckerberg might face A7 Billion fine from the EU that will Destroy Facebook and all of this might Happen because of fake information Spread about the Israel Palestine war on Meta platforms Elon Musk is facing the Same problem and elon's response to the Situation about spreading disinformation On social media platforms was very harsh This is a very interesting situation so Let's explain everything the European Union has intensified its caution to Tech companies emphasizing the need to Eliminate content supporting Hamas on Their platforms or they might be subject To legal Consequences after the war started in Israel there's been a notable increase In misleading information about the Situation on social media this includes Altered photos incorrectly labeled Videos and graphic violence visuals eu's Industry leader Theory Breton addressed Elon Musk this past Tuesday stressing The importance of curbing misinformation On musk's messaging application X Breton Highlighted concerns about the app being

A conduit for spreading unlawful content And misleading information following Recent disturbances the European Commission which functions as the Executive arm of the EU has reiterated To social media corporations their legal Obligation to stop the distribution of Detrimental Hamas related content online Content linked to Hamas is classified as Terrorist content it's illegal and Should be taken down in accordance with Both the Digital Services act DSA and The terrorist content online regulation A representative from the commission Informed Reuters the commission is Committed to enforcing the DSA and will Oversee the comprehensive execution of The TCO it strongly encourages online Platforms to adhere to EU regulations Fully the newly introduced DSA mandate That major online platforms such as X And meta Facebook take down unlawful Content and Implement strategies to Address threats to Public Safety and Civil dialogue companies that violate The DSA could incur a penalty amounting To as much as 6% of their Global Revenue Those who continuously breach these Regulations risk being prohibited from Doing business in Europe entirely Elon Musk also acknowledged the seriousness Of this situation and asked people to Always try to get truthful information Even if they don't like it and tweeted

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As always please try stay as close to The truth as possible even for stuff you Don't like also TI Bretton the European Commissioner for the internal Market Sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg the CEO Of meta on Wednesday in his Correspondence Bretton emphasized the Importance of Zuckerberg being proactive In eliminating disinformation on meta's Platforms amidst the ongoing conflict Between Israel and Hamas and in the Leadup to impending elections Breton pointed out a noticeable surge in Both illegal content and false Information on several platforms Especially after the assault by Hamas on Israel meta the parent company of major Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram also owns threads a Ral to Twitter if meta fails to adhere to these European regulations concerning Prohibited content they could face Penalties amounting to 6% of their Yearly earnings which will be around $7 Billion I urgently invite you to ensure That your systems are effective Breton Wrote in the letter asking Zuckerberg to Respond within the next 24 hours after The terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel On Saturday we quickly established a Special Operations Center staffed with Experts including fluent Hebrew and Arabic speakers to closely Monitor and Respond to this rapidly evolving

Situation Bretton shared a similar Letter addressed to Elon Musk the owner Of X on Tuesday which included a Stern Warning for Musk Bretton wrote that his Office has indications that groups are Spreading misinformation and violent and Terrorist content about the Israel Hamas Conflict on the platform Bretton pointed Out the spread of false information Linked to the Israel dispute and Underscored that the EU had been made Aware of manipulated content and deep Fakes on meta's platforms notably during The recent Slovakian elections he Underscored the eu's serious concern About election related misinformation Under the DSA framework asked Zuckerberg For specifics on how meta plans to Tackle deep fakes particularly with Impending elections in Nations like Poland Romania Austria and Belgium on Blui a competitor to X Bretton posted The DSA is designed to protect freedom Of expression from random interventions While at the same time shielding our Citizens and Democratic institutions and This warning from EU is important Because as you know the Facebook Cambridge analytica data Scandal was a Major privacy Scandal when British Consulting firm Cambridge analytica had Harvested the personal data of millions Of Facebook users without their consent And used it to Target political

Advertising during the US presidential Election as a result Facebook had paid a Record-breaking $5 billion penalty to The Federal Trade Commission FTC and Submitted to new restrictions and a Modified corporate structure that held The company accountable for the Decisions it made about its users Privacy this settlement was in response To Federal Trade Commission charges that The company had violated a 2012 FTC Order by deceiving users regarding their Ability to control the privacy of their Personal Information in response to this Situation during a tweet storm Elon Musk Had removed both of his company's Facebook pages after being challenged by Some of his followers the pages for both SpaceX and Tesla had become inactive Each had approximately 2.6 million Followers at the time musk had been Answering a series of tweets that Morning when he replied to one from Signals Brian Acton the co-founder of The facebook-owned WhatsApp which Included the # delete Facebook what's Facebook musk had asked later a follower Suggested that musk should delete Spacex's Facebook page if he truly was The man musk admitted he hadn't even Been aware of its existence and then Agreed to delete it on January 6th Elon Musk sent out a tweet on the morning of

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January 7th which simply said use signal This was taken to mean that musk was Directing his millions of followers away From Facebook owned WhatsApp with this Statement Elon proposed an alternative Option so musk has expressed support for Apps like signal and Clubhouse he Appears to view these as Superior and More privacy focused compared to Facebook's messenger and WhatsApp and That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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