Elon Musk – Egyptian Pyramids Terrifying Truth Was Exposed By Scientists

Elon Musk - Egyptian Pyramids Terrifying Truth Was Exposed By Scientists

Elon Musk reveals an amazing discovery Made by archaeologists inside the Great Pyramid that might finally answer the Historical question about how pyramids Were built were they built by humans Aliens are these questions exaggerated Well the fact is that these underground Doors and Rooms do not make sense at all Also with modern technology scientists Using radar satellite data were able to Learn what is going on not inside but Under the pyramid and there are Mindboggling Revelations about what is Hidden under the pyramid these are some Amazing discoveries by scientists about How pyramids were built so let's start From the beginning it might surprise you But today the most commonly accepted Idea about how the pyramids were built Is that ancient Egyptians used skilled Workers clever techniques and simple but Effective tools according to this idea They cut large Limestone blocks mve them And carefully place them to build the Pyramids however many scientists Disagree and believe that building the Pyramids might have involved Advanced Knowledge or help from outside sources They think the pyramids size precision And Alignment are too sophisticated for The time the pyramid's alignment with Stars precise stone cutting and massive Size LED some to believe that the Ancient Egyptians had advanced

Technology or knowledge this speculation Includes the idea that extraterrestrial Beings might have help by either Building the pyramids themselves or Providing the knowledge and Technology Needed supporters of the the alien Theory including people like Elon Musk Argue that the similarities between Pyramids in Egypt and other ancient Civilizations like those in meso America Suggest a shared source of advanced Knowledge they note that many ancient Cultures far apart and with no known Contact built very similar pyramid Structures this coincidence might Indicate a common possibly Extraterrestrial origin additionally Some ancient texts and artwork show Beings or objects that these theorists Believe are evid of alien visitors Supporting the idea that humans received Outside help in their architectural Projects and for many years people have Been curious about what's inside the Great Pyramid of Giza leading to many Archaeological Explorations however These Explorations were limited because Some parts of the 4500y old pyramid are Too small for humans to access this Changed recently when a robot captured New footage from previously unexplored Parts of the pyramid the robot recorded Footage from a narrow passage climbing Up the pyramid at a 40° angle this

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Passage was hidden behind a false wall In the Queen's chamber and previous Attempts to explore it caused damage so It remained untouched in 2010 Professor Rob Richardson from Leeds led a team to Send a specially designed robot to Explore the passage without harming the Pyramid this was a difficult task as Developing the robot took 5 years the Robot needed to navigate a space only 20 Cm by 20 cm the design was definitely Challenging alling the robot had to be Very lightweight we got it down to 5 kg Because it was so light it didn't need Much power the challenges became Opportunities Richardson said we created A system that allowed the robot to move Gently through the passage and it worked The robot successfully reached this Unknown area and collected fascinating Information at the end of the passage There was a stone and the robot managed To send a camera past it a false wall a Hidden passage with strange markings and A stone blocking the end it's all very Exciting but what were the Egyptians Trying to hide the camera revealed a Small chamber with intricate symbols Painted on the floor Richardson said but There's still a lot we don't know he Added given the artwork it's likely the Passage had a more significant purpose Than just being an air vent but what That purpose was remains a mystery

There's still so much more to discover Especially as technology improves every Day in these Explorations by scientists Continue who knows what we might Discover there very soon for example a Recent discovery about an ancient branch Of the River Nile might explain how the Pyramids in Egypt were built this dried Up Waterway once flowed through Giza and Could have been used to transport Materials for the pyramids its closeness To the Waterway might also explain why Many pyramids are in that part of Cairo As the water could have supported the Transportation of large building blocks Dr Emon gim made this discovery using Radar satellite data to study the Nile Valley revealing hidden information Beneath the surface she presented her Findings at the 13th Congress of Egyptologists earlier this year speaking To IFL science go said the branch of the River was very long and wide possibly Half a kilometer or more similar to the Width of today's Nile so it wasn't a Small stream but a major Branch this old Waterway called the aramat branch ran From Giza to fium and passed through 38 Pyramid sites however we can't be sure If the River was flowing during the Olden middle kingdoms about 4,700 years Ago so we can't say for certain if it Helped build the pyramids one clue that It might have been used is that these

Pyramids are located right on the bank Of the branch suggesting they might have Been Valley temples acting like ancient Ports the research could reveal not only The secrets of the pyramids but also Lost parts of ancient Egypt many towns Vanished when the Nile changed its Course gime explained that as these River branches disappeared ancient Egyptian cities and towns got buried Under silt and disappeared leaving us With no idea where to find them Furthermore famous French architect Jeanpierre houdin has revealed his Groundbreaking findings about how the Great Pyramid was built houdin's Internal ramp analysis for the Great Pyramid of Egypt which is unquestionably One of the most intriguing theories About its construction ever proposed was Finally revealed after 20 years of Devoted research according to the Frenchmen the Slender design of the Pyramid PID suggests it once held a Substantial counterbalance to help move 56 ton Granite beams to their location Directly above the king's chamber houdin Has identified the precise number of Individuals who might have built the Pyramid using this method and that Number is significantly less than the Traditionally accepted figure of 100,000 A French architect claims to have solved A 4500y old construction secrecy

Surrounding Egypt's Great Pyramid by Building it from the inside out houdin Created a comprehensive Ive building Model for the Great Pyramid which Included an internal ramp scientists Have long been curious about how the Egyptians during the building process Assembled the great pyramid's 3 million Stone blocks each weighing about 2.5 Tons existing theories recommended that Pharaoh keops also called kufu built the Last remaining surviving example of the Seven Wonders of the World of antiquity With either a massive frontal ramp or a Cork screw ramp around the exterior to Carry loads of stonework Jean Pierre Huded However defied conventional wisdom by Claiming their Advanced 3D technology Revealed that the main ramp used to Transport the massive rocks to the Apex Was enclosed 32 to 50 ft 10 to 15 M Beneath the outer layer trying to trace A pyramid inside a pyramid according to His theory which is depicted in an Online computer model the builders built An outer rim for the initial 140 ft Around 40 m then an internal cork screw Ramp to finish the 450 ft High 13 37 M High framework houdin after revealing His hypothesis in a lavish celebration Involving 3D computer simulation stated That this theory is better than the rest Because it's the only one that works

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It's interesting to point out as well That former Egyptian minister of State For Antiquities Affairs zahi hawas has Enthusiastically shared his plans for a New expedition to explore deeper into The pyramids in Giza drawing inspiration From fictional adventurers Haas hopes to Uncover The Hidden Secrets inside the Pyramid of kufu in an interview with the US son zahi hawas explained that there Are a series of hard-to-reach doors Inside the Great Pyramid of kufu and no One knows where they lead he mentioned That his previous discoveries inside the Pyramid only led to more questions that Need answers I believe the secret doors I found inside the Great Pyramid are an Important discovery that raises many Questions he said inside the Great Pyramid I discovered what are called Three doors one of these doors is at the South entrance of the second chamber and Has two copper handles we found a second Door 21 cm behind the first one and in The northern tunnel we discovered a Third door with two copper handles I'll Lead a team to investigate and find Answers about these doors Haas has Previously written about the Intrigue Surrounding the pyramids emphasizing That the kufu pyramid is still popular Among archaeologists because of its Complex interior as these Explorations Continue we still don't know for sure so

Many things about pyramids For example in reply to a tweet about The incredible facts about the pyramids Mus said the age of the pyramids is Mindblowing this led some of his Followers to suggest aliens were Involved with one saying indeed aliens Did a great job and another posting a Photo claiming Advanced alien technology Was used to build the pyramids and this Is interesting because as you know in July 2020 musk himself tweeted aliens Built the pyramids obviously sparking Significant controversy zahi hawas also Responded calling mus tweet a complete Hallucination he emphasized that Archaeological evidence including the Discovery of the tombs of the pyramid Builders and the W El jarf Papi clearly Shows that the pyramids were constructed By Egyptians as a national project also Their future plans to study the Great Pyramids of Giza including using Advanced technology and different fields Of study to learn more about how they Were built their purpose and the people Who built them researchers will use Methods that don't harm the pyramids Like 3D scanning ground penetrating Radar and muon tomography to see inside The pyramids and that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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