Elon Musk – EU Just Got Involved in Israel-Hamas War and It will “change the Middle East

Elon Musk - EU Just Got Involved in Israel-Hamas War and It will "change the Middle East

Elon Musk is in big trouble EU just Threatened musk that if Twitter will not Follow specific rules and spread Specific information on the platform Twitter might get seriously destroyed by EU with that as you know beneath the war Torn Gaza Strip lies a clandestine World An intricate web of tunnels known Ominously as the Hamas Metro these Subterranean passages snaking as deep as 30 MERS beneath the densely populated Region serve as both lifelines and Battlegrounds in one of the most Protracted conflicts on the planet but Gradually there is more and more Information about the size and Surprising things that are hidden in This underground city under Gaza and Some even think that this underground City of tunnels is located even under Israel but there's more constructed over 16 years and rumored to cost a Staggering $1 billion these tunnels have Israeli hostages claimed to be hidden Beneath the ground how did hamus turn These tunnels into a strategic Stronghold and what challenges does it Pose for Israel also why has Israel Delayed its ground Invasion let's Explain everything Israeli soldiers Refer to it as the Hamas Metro an Intricate network of underground tunnels That the Palestinian militant Organization has constructed beneath the

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War torn Gaza Strip for the past 16 Years these tunnels are situated as deep As 30 m underground winding their way Through entire neighborhoods in one of The most densely populated regions Globally and they have become a defining Aspect of how Hamas has maintained Control over Gaza since Israel imposed a Strict blockade in 2007 this complex Underground system rumored to have cost Up to1 Billion to build played a crucial Role during hamas's conflict with Israel In 2014 now as Israel hints at an Impending ground invasion of Gaza the Same network is complicating their Military response primarily because Hamas claims to be holding Israeli Hostages in underground Chambers these Concealed passageways spanning many Kilometers have long served as a Potential routes for the transportation Of weapons and armed militants according To the Israeli military schools Hospitals and mosques have been used as Common entry points into this extensive Network parts of which the Israel Defense Forces IDF have sporadically Targeted and investigated uncovering Various elements ranging from simple Dirt paths to well- constructed tunnels Complete with lighting however targeting This underground Labyrinth poses Significant challenges as only Hamas Possesses comprehensive knowledge of its

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Full extent the IDF asserts that Hamas Intentionally embeds its terrorist Infrastructure beneath civilian areas With some tunnels leading directly from Gaza to Israeli communities near the Border and even extending into Egypt a Spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces stated that it is highly probable That the hostages taken by the Palestinian militant group Hamas are Currently being kept underground in Gaza Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan krius Mentioned on CNN that Hamas possesses an Extensive network of tunnels making it Likely that the hostages are held in Various underground locations also Israel has subjected Gaza to its most Intense bombardment ever causing Significant destruction in the region While Israel continues to carry out air Strikes on Hamas related sites in Gaza Iran has issued a warning of serious Consequences unless the bombardment Ceases this marks Israel's most Significant ground offensive since the 2006 Lebanon Invasion and the first Attempt to capture and whole territory Since the 2008 Gaza Invasion prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged To eliminate Hamas following their Deadly attack on civilians which is the Deadliest in Israel's history Israel has Mobilized 300,000 reservists alongside Its military and Air Force to fulfill

Netanyahu's goal of reducing Gaza to Rubble however as of early Sunday the Planned ground offensive had not yet Commenced but why the delay according to The New York Times is Israeli forces Postponed their weekend Invasion plans Due to cloudy weather which would have Hindered the ability of pilots and drone Operators to provide air support for Ground troops on Saturday thousands of Gazans fled to Southern Gaza after Israel warned them to evacuate before a Potential ground assault also the EU has Issued a caution to Elon Musk regarding Alleged spreading of false information Concerning the Hamas attack on Israel Which includes the dissemination of fake News and the use of recycled older Images on X previously known as Twitter If musk who owns X fails to comply he Could potentially face a penalty equal To 6% of his X revenues or even a Complete suspension of EX services in The EU tiar Braton the commissioner Responsible for overseeing the ACT has Written to musk urging him to promptly Accurately and fully respond to the Request to cooperate with europool the Eu's law enforcement agency and other Relevant law enforcement agencies all Within the next 20 24 hours Bretton has Reminded musk of the necessity to Establish effective and proportionate Measures to address the risks to Public

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Safety and Civic discourse arising from The spread of false information breton's Letter to musk States numerous reports From public media and Civil Society Organizations have highlighted instances Of fabricated and manipulated images and Information circulating on your platform Within the EU these include the use of Outdated images from unrelated conflicts Or military footage or originally from Video games such information appears to Be unequivocally false or deceptive That's why Elon Musk tweeted that it is Important to filter all lies on social Media to know what is going on he said As always please try stay as close to The truth as possible even for stuff you Don't like this platform aspires to Maximize signal noise of the human Collective and that's it for today

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