Elon Musk – For This Reason, NASA Has Never Returned to the Moon!

Elon Musk - For This Reason, NASA Has Never Returned to the Moon!

What is the real reason we haven't gone Back to the Moon one thing is clear it's Extremely strange we managed to go to The Moon 53 years ago but we are unable To do it now also some people believe That NASA makes human-like beings on the Moon and may the secret agreement not to Return there ever again Looking at it differently Technologies Advancing rapidly and our understanding Of space is expanding moreover many Countries are spending billions of Dollars and showing big interest in Exploring the moon so what could be the Issue This situation is so strange that Joe Rogan came out and explained things that He learned that convinced him that the Moon landing never happened However NASA insists that there are many Important reasons why we went to the Moon and why we never returned there Since At first the reason is strange but it is Important to note that a lot of the Technology and knowledge that we had to Go to the moon in the 20th century seems To have been lost this is surprising but After NASA's budget was cut in 1972 the Organization was not able to preserve Everything from the program In the past NASA has been criticized for Not preserving important items such as The raw footage of the moon landing

Which was taped over although we still Have footage of the moon landing that Was broadcast on live TV we have lost The unprocessed low frame rate feed that Was not suitable for broadcast however It's not just the tapes that were lost Everything that was used to make the Moon landing happen no longer exists But we may have Blueprints and Schematics for lunar modules and Rockets We no longer have the experts who turn Those blueprints into a physical Spacecraft that could land people on the Moon the program was a massive effort Involving hundreds of thousands of Talented Engineers designers and Physicists and without them we can't go To the moon in the same way we did in The 1960s actually we no longer have Access to the same building materials That we had during the moon landing After the budget cut the factory that Provided unique components for space Missions were shut down which means We've lost that knowledge too the Technology we used was incredibly Complex and despite the abundance of Information about lunar technology Available in books and online for Decades we still lost it Even if we try to write down everything There are always going to be small Modifications or calculations that were Crucial to the mission success but were

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Not documented that's why it's Impossible to rebuild the lunar modules And the satin 5 rocket exactly as they Were in 1969 and go to the Moon again It's interesting to note that some People have tried to reconstruct the Equipment that was used during the moon Landing particularly the F1 engine found Inside the Saturn fire rocket which is The largest and most powerful rocket Ever used standing at over 360 feet tall In the 2010s a group of young NASA Engineers worked hard to recreate the F1 Engine which had not been used since 1973. their goal was to ReDiscover the Technology and potentially use it in Future launch systems which could help NASA save money in space exploration Despite the F1 engine being a relatively Simple design it was still an arduous Task to recreate it using materials and Information found in archives and Museums although the Saturn V is one of The most well-known launch vehicles in The world and played a significant role In human space exploration it was still Challenging to rebuild one of its Components moreover there is a theory That suggests that during the Apollo Mission NASA met extraterrestrials and Agreed never to return the notion of Extraterrestrial bases on the moon has Intrigued many for Years yet following The Apollo Expeditions and the unveiling

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Of numerous lunar photos some people Alleged spotting buildings equipment and Other irregularities that seemed Unnatural various kinds of proof offered Included photographic irregularities Some Skeptics highlight Shadows luminous Areas or figures in Apollo images as Indicators of extraterrestrial edifices These observations can be vague and open To diverse interpretations it's worth Noting that peculiar structures features On the moon such as the so-called Shard Or Tower are proposed as potential Man-made edifices however the majority Of experts think these are organic Structures perhaps due to distinct Geological activities then there's the Matter of informants now and then people Purporting to possess confidential data From NASA or similar bodies declare the Existence of extraterrestrial outposts On the moon yet these assertions Frequently Miss tangible proof Furthermore there is another serious Reason why we didn't go back to the Moon Firstly modern day concerns for Sustainability and the environment mean That we need to move away from using Single-use Rockets which were common During the Apollo program Reusable Vehicles such as spacex's Falcon 9 and NASA's Artemis program are More suitable for current needs secondly We now have access to better technology

And have conducted more research into Space since the Apollo program therefore Given enough time we can achieve Everything that the Apollo program did But with better results NASA's Artemis Program which has a 35 billion dollar Budget and the support of other space Agencies like the European space agency And Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Is a good example of modern space Technology lastly even if we did have Access to Apollo's technology it would No longer be useful because we have made Significant advancements since then it Can be distressing to realize that the Technology an individuals responsible For the moon landing are no longer with Us however it's important to acknowledge That knowledge can be lost over time Either due to destruction or simple Oversight a good example of this is Roman concrete which was highly durable But its composition was unknown for many Years eventually it was discovered that The secret to the concrete strength was Simply sea water and volcanic ash Another example is Damascus steel which Was made in the Middle East hundreds of Years ago and contains carbon nanotubes Although some researchers claim to have Solved the mystery of how this steel was Forged many others still debate over the Answer Therefore we must appreciate and

Preserve the knowledge we have today as Even seemingly simple information can be Lost In Time the reason why we haven't Gone back to the Moon can be summed up In one word difficulty sending humans to The mood and bringing them back is an Incredibly challenging and ambitious Task that has never been replicated Since NASA's Apollo program despite the Existence of many space agencies only NASA has achieved the feat of Landing Humans on the moon even the China National Space Administration which has The second largest budget for space Exploration has not made any significant Progress towards achieving this goal Although 12 men successfully walked on The moon between 1969 and 1972 we have Lost some of the knowledge of how this Was accomplished that's why we are Currently working on developing newer And more effective methods for returning To the moon in the 2020s this is the Primary reason why we haven't been back To the moon since the last manned Mission as we need to ensure we have the Necessary knowledge and resources to Make it happen again It's interesting to point out that for Many people this situation is so strange That they even doubt that we ever went To the moon for example when asked if he Actually believes it actually happened Joe Rogan answered with a no

He explained his reasoning by saying That people's belief in the moon landing Is solely based on seeing it on TV much Like how he watched King Kong on TV He highlighted that the last time humans Passed through the Van Allen radiation Belt a hazardous Zone in space was in 1972. since then all space missions have Remained within the protective zone of The Van Allen belt even if someone were To venture beyond the belt they would Still face the danger of solar flares Which can be fatal Rogan is of the Opinion that any astronaut who went to The moon between 1969 and 1972 would Have been instantly killed during a Solar flare according to Rogan merely Showing him pictures and footage as Evidence is not convincing he believes They do not constitute proof but merely Visual materials he added I'm not saying It's impossible to go to the moon but I'm saying that the technology they had In 1969 wasn't capable of doing it Elon Musk also thinks that it is very Strange that we never return to the Moon As mask said if you told NASA astronauts In 1969 that even in 2023 we would not Return there they would never believe it That's why musk is trying to advance Space technology to finally make this Happen However NASA still persists that there Is a reason why we went to the moon and

Why we never returned since then As NASA explains one of the most Underrated reasons why we have not Returned to the Moon is politics Creating a spacecraft capable of Transporting humans to another planet Requires a lengthy process of Designing Engineering and testing that exceeds the Duration of a two-term presidency Unfortunately when new presidents and Lawmakers take office they often abandon The space exploration plans of their Predecessors causing disruption to the Ongoing process In a Reddit ask me anything session in January 2016. Scott Kelly a seasoned Astronaut who had spent a year in space Expressed his desire for the succeeding President to allocate adequate funds That will enable them to successfully Execute their mission whatever it may be However it appears that presidents and Congress frequently disregard the Importance of sticking to a consistent Plan as an illustration June 2004 the Bush Administration assigned NASA the Responsibility of developing a Replacement for the space shuttle which Was approaching retirement as well as Devising a plan to return to the Moon in Response NASA formulated the Constellation program which involved the Use of a rocket known as ours and a Spacecraft named Orion to transport

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Astronauts to the Moon over a five-year Period NASA spent a total of nine Billion dollars in constructing Designing and evaluating the hardware Required for this human space flight Initiative however when President Barack Obama assumed office and the government Accountability office published a report Revealing NASA's inadequacy in Forecasting the expenses associated with The constellation program Obama Advocated for the cancellation of the Project instead he endorsed the SLS Rocket which he gave the green light for His development Although Trump did not eliminate the SLS Rocket he did modify Obama's objective Of sending astronauts to an asteroid Trump instead focused on the moon and Mars missions specifically aiming to Have Emeritus successfully land Astronauts on the Moon by 2024 however These constant alterations to NASA's Costly priorities have resulted in Numerous cancellations costing Approximately 20 billion dollars and Causing wasted time and progress Biden Appears to be an anomaly in the common Trend of presidents and he has shown no Indication of altering Trump's Objectives for NASA's Emeritus program And he has retained the space force as It was established Buzz Aldrin provided Test me to Congress in 2015 stating his

Belief that the motivation to go back to The Moon must come from Capitol Hill the Primary impetus for the government's Decision to resume lunar exploration is The desire of the American citizens who Elect presidents and have a hand in Shaping their agendas however the Interest of the general public in Moon Exploration has never been particularly Enthusiastic Despite the Apollo program's Pinnacle When Aldrin and Neil Armstrong first Landed on the moon merely 53 percent of Americans considered the initiative to Be valuable for its cost additionally For the majority of the duration the U.S Support for the Apollo program was less Than 50 percent the majority of Americans believe the NASA should Prioritize returning to the Moon According to an Insider poll conducted In December 2018 more than 57 percent of Respondents Nationwide deemed it a Significant objective for NASA however Only approximately 38 of those Respondents believed that it was Necessary for humans to physically Return To The Moon While others who Supported the idea of landing on the Moon feel that robots could be utilized To carry out the lunar exploration A greater proportion of people Express Their support for the idea of humans Exploring Mars with approximately 63

Percent of those polled by the Pew Research Center in 2018 regarding it as A crucial goal for NASA in contrast 91 Of respondents agreed that it's Essential for NASA to be scanning the Skies to detect potentially hazardous Asteroids that's it for today subscribe To our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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