Elon Musk – Here’s the Truth about Horrible Danger We’re In

Elon Musk - Here’s the Truth about Horrible Danger We're In

Elon Musk explained why no one Understands the rare danger we are in in The latest Twitter podcast musk said Things are very dangerous for Russian President Putin he'll be assassinated if He cannot deliver a big win for his Country so he cannot lose also Putin Came out and responded to musk and his Words about musk and how to restrict Musk were very surprising additionally Recently musk has experienced a very Chaotic period he has a very tense Relationship with Putin and Elon issued A significant warning towards Putin According to musk the war in Ukraine Will end with Russia's defeat and Putin Will stop at nothing until he wins Therefore the USA should heed musk's Advice and take steps against Russia as Musk advises this is a very interesting Story about Elon Musk and Putin so let's Explain it on February 12th 2024 during An interview on xpace Elon Musk stated There's absolutely no chance that Vladimir Putin could lose the war in Ukraine suggesting that Putin would Probably be killed if he decided to Withdraw he also told people to talk to Their lawmakers about a bill related to Funding for Ukraine Elon explained that Spending money doesn't actually help Ukraine and that making the war last Longer doesn't help either he said it's Wrong for young men to die for no reason

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And this needs to end then musk Reiterated that Putin is under pressure To continue the conflict if he decided To retreat he would be killed Elon said No way in hell is Putin going to lose if He would back off he would be Assassinated and for those who regime Change in Russia they should think about Who is the person that could take out Putin is that person likely to be a Peace Nick probably not on the same Conversation on February 12th 2024 Elon Musk in addressing accusations of being Sympathetic towards Vladimir Putin Clarified his stance and the role of his Companies in the Russia Ukraine conflict He underscored that his Enterprises Particularly SpaceX have significantly Undermined Russia's interests by Capturing a substantial portion of the The Russian space launch business which Has in turn benefited Ukraine musk Highlighted the absurdity of the Accusations against him given the Tangible support his companies have Provided to Ukraine which contradicts Any notion of him being a Putin Pawn Musk expressed deep concern over the Prolonged nature of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine emphasizing the human Cost particularly the loss of Ukrainian Lives he pointed out the diminishing Number of young men available for combat Due to the ongoing War stressing the

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Futility of sacrificing lives for Minimal territorial gains that often see No significant change musk questioned The purpose of such losses advocating For a meaningful objective if lives are To be spent musk said I reached this Point where people of course accuse me Of being some sort of Putin Pawn when in Fact my companies have probably done More to undermine Russia than anything Else SpaceX has taken away 23s of the Russian launch business which has Overwhelmingly helped Ukraine it's such An absurd accusation my concern is Exactly what you articulated if you have An extended War every day that goes by There are Ukrainian boys that and not Even boys anymore because they're Running out of boys that you're losing Ukraine is losing people every day and If you're going to spend lives it must Be for a purpose and not just you know a Mile here a mile there in fact a mile Back and forth the lines aren't moving So just every day people die for what Purpose furthermore musk discussed the Political realities facing Putin Suggesting that any retreat by the Russian leader could likely lead to his Assassination he cautioned those Advocating for regime change in Russia To consider the potential successors to Putin hinting that a more peaceful Leader might not emerge musk's comments

Reflect his views on the complexity of The conflict the Strategic importance of His company's contributions to Ukraine And the broader geopolitical Implications of the war on 9th of February 2024 in an interview given to Tucker Carlson Putin complimented Tech Leader Elon Musk the interview which Lasted 2 hours covered many topics Including the war in Ukraine and Artificial intelligence an interesting Part of their talk was when Carlson Asked Putin about musk's new brain Technology called neuralink Putin said Well I think there's no stopping Elon Musk he will do as he sees fit Nevertheless you need to find some Common ground with him search for ways To persuade him I think he's a smart Person I truly believe he is so you need To reach an agreement with him because This process needs to be formalized and Subjected to certain rules Also it was very surprising when on 13th Of September in 2023 on Eastern economic Forum Putin had very positive words About musk Putin said they can't Appreciate the fact that you're dealing With literally one of the most brilliant Men that's ever lived you're talking About a guy who simultaneously runs Multiple world changing businesses Whether it's Tesla whether it's SpaceX Whether it's the boring company making

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Tunnels underneath the Earth he's Putting satellites into space to put High-speed internet around the world

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