Elon Musk – Israel FOUND and DESTROY Main Hamas Base! Commander of Hamas’ Central Brigade WIPED OUT!

Elon Musk - Israel FOUND and DESTROY Main Hamas Base! Commander of Hamas’ Central Brigade WIPED OUT!

Elon Musk came out and surprised Everyone with his story of how the Tesla Car helped and saved an important person When terrorists attacked him this is a Mindboggling story of how the Tesla car Did something unimaginable and save a Life also a significant and chilling Revelation has surfaced beneath the very Ground of Gaza under an intricate Labyrinth Israel reports that they Finally found and destroyed the main Hamas base and as they claimed the Commander of hamas's central Brigade was Wiped out these are some scary Developments so let's explain everything So the Israeli forces conducted a Localized ground offensive in the Gaza Strip to Target and Destroy elements Associated with Hamas simultaneously the Israeli Air Force launched air strikes To Target Hamas positions in Gaza City Beeva and ashdod Israeli ground and Naval forces also targeted more than 20 Hamas objectives this operation was Aimed at a specific long-sought Target Within Gaza and it involved a joint Effort of Tanks artillery and the Air Force the Israeli military engaged in These operations based on intelligence To locate and destroy the specific Hamas Target and its headquarters in Gaza Furthermore the Gaza Strip the Israeli Defense Forces launched a ground Operation in the first phase of their

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Military operation this move involved Hundreds of thousands of Israeli troops Stationed along the Gaza border along With hundreds of tanks and artillery Units including morava tanks and M 109 Paladin 155 mm self-propelled howitzers These forces initiated an attack on Hamus positions in Gaza in response Hamus members began to retreat towards Their headquarters tunnels hidden houses And buildings in Gaza Israeli Reconnaissance drones and intelligence Systems closely monitored their Movements apart from targeting Hamas Headquarters Israeli intelligence had Been tracking a specific Target for About a week during this time top Hamas Commander were eliminated by the Israeli Army as part of a critical operation to Neutralize threats along the Gaza border Which included Hamas leaders in today's Operation the focus was on eliminating Hamas's intelligence Chief Israeli tanks And artillery units provided support for These operations while Israeli Air Force Fighter jets conducted pinpoint strikes Against these so-called Hamas leaders as A result of these critical operations Israel announced today that Iman null One of the senior commanders of Hamas Was killed Elon Musk the owner of Tesla And SpaceX expressed relief when he Learned about a remarkable incident in Israel a Tesla Model 3 played a crucial

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Role in Saving a man's life during a Rocket attack by Hamas terrorists the Man identified as C is a member of an Emergency Squad in kibuts meim gilad Alper the leader of Israel's Freedom Party shared the gripping story C shared His terrifying experience from his Hospital bed where he was recovering From head andand surgeries he recounted How he came face Toof face with Hamas Terrorists riding in a Toyota truck Armed with machine guns the terrorists Opened fire on his vehicle not realizing It was a Tesla Model 3 their misguided Attempt to disable the car led to shots Aimed at the non-existent engine and Fuel tank while they managed to puncture C's tires however C quickly stepped on The gas pedal of his Tesla sparking a High-speed Pursuit despite the tires Being damaged the impressive Acceleration of the Tesla Model 3 Allowed him to stay on the RO and put Some distance between himself and the Asants the electric car's battery Remained cool despite sustaining Numerous bullet hits leaving almost no Part of the vehicle Untouched by gunfire Also President Joe Biden announced that He will request Congress for a Significant package to support Israel's Defense something that hasn't been done Before he's planning to do this later This week in private discussions the

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Biden Administration is hinting to Members of Congress that they could ask For more than $100 billion in an extra National Security funding package this Package would involve giving more Assistance to Israel Ukraine and Taiwan As well as allocating funds for the US Mexico border two individuals with Knowledge of the matter shared this Information with CNN CNN has learned From three insiders that the Administration has informed top Officials in Congress that they could Make a formal request by the week's end Additionally it's not clear how the House of Representatives will react to This package there's some uncertainty Because the Republicans in the house are Still still trying to figure out who Their speaker will be and there are Differing opinions within the Republican Group about giving more assistance to Ukraine even though the specifics Haven't been completely worked out yet It's anticipated that the forthcoming Funding request will aim to cover a Complete fiscal year

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