Elon Musk – No One Will Truly Understand the Brilliance of Steve Jobs even Steve Wozniak

Elon Musk - No One Will Truly Understand the Brilliance of Steve Jobs even Steve Wozniak

Elon Musk explained why no one will Truly understand the Brilliance of Steve Jobs musk explained why this is true in A lost 2015 interview Elon said about Jobs Steve was so brilliant I don't Think there's anyone who could quite Fill that void but of course Steve has Put together an incredible team and There's such a concentration of talent At Apple it will continue to do great Things for many years to come also musk Came out and talked about why people Don't understand the Brilliance of Steve Jobs and the reason why he admires jobs So much this is a very interesting take Of Elon about Steve Jobs so let's Explain it so in the Dublin web Summit Elon Musk opened up about Steve Jobs and Talked in details why Steve Jobs was so Successful and special and why Elon Admires him according to musk Steve Loved everything in his products and Even in small details you could see how Much work was done and why Steve Jobs Was genius as musk said something Steve Jobs was that I think was quite Admirable was he was ultr product Focused like down to the little details And he and other people at Apple would Really try hard to have these both at a High level and a small level these Delightful things happen so it just that The product was just it just made you Happy then in a GQ Magazine interview

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From 2015 Elon Musk shared his very First encounter with Steve Jobs at a Party prior to Jobs's death in 2011 when Musk saw Steve at the party musk asked His friend Larry Page to introduce him To Steve because Elon didn't want to Come out as a fanboy who wanted to talk To Steve but probably this is exactly What Steve thought and as musk described Jobs was super rude to him during the Interaction musk attempted to engage in Conversation with jobs but was Disappointed by the way the then Apple CEO treated him Elon said I did try to Talk to him at the party and he was Super rude to me actually Larry pagee is An old friend of mine and Larry was the Guy that introduced me to Steve Jobs so It's not as if I'm tagging his coat Please talk to me I I know I was not the First one who tried to talk to Steve but Obviously he was an incredible guy and Made fantastic products furthermore Steve wasak had surprising things to say About musk when he compared Steve and Elon when asked whether he saw any Similarities between musk and jobs wnc Commented that both individuals led a Cult which he believed was a perilous Thing I put them in the category of Having the ability to communicate and Wanting to be seen as the important Person and being a cult leader he said In response to being asked about the

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Difference between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs wnc remarked that Steve Jobs was Not as deceitful as musk according to Wnc jobs had a unique way of presenting Information that was captivating and Attention grabbing but it was not Fundamentally dishonest wnc stated that Numerous individuals would follow people Like Elon Musk regardless of their Actions or statements in contrast wnc Described himself as an individual who Prefers to live an honest life he Mentioned that Musk lacked this Characteristic and frequently Overestimated or underestimated the Potential of his Tesla company moreover Bill Gates who knew Steve Jobs very well Compared Elon to Steve in an interview With Bloomberg Gates was asked if Elon Musk a current Tech leader with Tesla And SpaceX could be seen as the next Steve Jobs because of his achievements In electric cars and reusable Rockets Gates said that oversimplifying things Like this seems odd when you know people Personally he pointed out differences Between must and jobs according to Gates Elon is more Hands-On with engineering While Steve was great at design choosing People and marketing Gates emphasized That if you saw them in a room you Wouldn't mistake one for the other Gates Said elon's more of a Hands-On engineer Steve was a genius at design and picking

People in marketing you wouldn't walk Into a room and confuse them with each Other it's interesting to point out that Some people who worked with Steve Jobs Said he could be mean Rob silin who Worked with him on the think different Campaign mentioned in a Forbes magazine Article that he personally witnessed Jobs being angry and having a bad temper He said I must say I saw an experienced His tongue lashings and Ballistic temper Firsthand jobs explained that his temper Was because he wanted things to be Perfect he was so focused on Perfection That he had difficulty buying furniture For his home which only had the basics This was different from the image he Showed to the public as a loving family Man Nolan bushnel co-founder of Atari With whom jobs worked when Steve was Young said about jobs he was very often The smartest guy in the room and he Would let people know that also there Was another problem with his hygiene he Believed strongly even though it wasn't True that his vegan diet made it Unnecessary for him to use deodorant or Shower regularly Mike Mara former CEO of Apple mentioned we had to literally make Him leave and tell him to go shower During meetings we had to see his Unclean feet to cope with stress he Would sometimes soak his feet in the Toilet which didn't help his colleagues

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Feel better he lived with a sense of Wonder and had a unique way of thinking He believed that you could make your Dreams a reality and this perspective Led to his incredibly successful Life

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