Elon Musk – People Don’t Know about Amazing Discovery made by Archeologists Inside Teotihuacán

Elon Musk -  People Don't Know about Amazing Discovery made by Archeologists Inside Teotihuacán

Recently archaeologists with the help of Advanced robots were able to explore What is going on inside the tunnels of Tiatica one pyramids Scientists wanted to find the tomb of Teotica one's mysterious rulers and they Have explored a lot of tunnels inside These pyramids as a result they gathered Previously unknown artifacts found a Secret water tunnel and gathered other Information inside these pyramids so Let's explain these explorations of Ancient tunnels and what scientists have Found For many years archaeologists have been Captivated by the search for a raw Burial site in the ancient city of Teotica one in Mexico they are eager to Uncover the Mysteries behind the Remarkable political influence of this Kingdom Back in 2015 investigators believe they Were close to solving a puzzling mystery They stumbled upon a hidden tunnel Filled with valuable artifacts and among Them they discovered significant amounts Of liquid mercury they found small Channels filled with Mercury while Exploring a 103 meter long Corridor Under the Pyramid of The Feathered Serpent the pyramid is the third largest Temple in the ancient city located about 35 miles north of Mexico's current Capital

This was the initial discovery of a Toxic substance and the ancient site in Mexico and it raised hopes that the Search for the tomb was nearing its end Despite nearly eight years of meticulous Excavations within the pyramid the Optimism of uncovering the buried Remains of teoticowin's mysterious Rulers is still very high the main Archaeologist Sergio Gomez explained That when they started the investigation They believe the tunnel might symbolize The underworld a place of great power And significance they had hoped to find A tomb containing the leaders of Teoticon in this sacred location such a Discovery would have been groundbreaking Offering insights into the city's Political structure and governance tier Tikowen's construction started Approximately in 150 BC and lasted until 250 A.D during its peak the city spanned An area of 21 square miles and housed up To 200 000 residents making it the Biggest city in the Western Hemisphere However by around 5 50 A.D the city was Abandoned and left behind a significant Part of teoticuan's History remains a Mystery archaeologists were optimistic That finding a royal tomb could provide Answers about how the city was ruled They wanted to know if it followed the Pattern of family dynasties like the Mayan civilization of their time or if

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Its leaders shared power in a different Way in 2003 heavy rains revealed the Entrance to a 20-meter tunnel by chance Gomez started making his plans he put up A tin over the sinkhole so that the many Tourists who visited teotikoan every Year couldn't see what he was doing with The help of the National Institute of Anthropology and history he arranged for A special device like a lawnmower in Size that uses radar to see underground In high detail in early 2004 he and a Small group of about 20 archaeologists And workers started scanning the ground Under the theater they did this every Day and in the afternoons they uploaded The results to Gomez's computers by 2005 The digital map they created was Finished Just as Gomez had guest the tunnel Stretched about 330 feet from the Theodilla to the center of the Temple of The plumed serpent the opening that Showed up during the storms in 2003 Wasn't the real entrance the true Entrance was a bit further back and it Seemed like he was deliberately sealed Off with big rocks almost 2 000 years Ago Gomez couldn't help but think that Whatever lay inside that tunnel was Meant to remain a secret forever back in 2009 the government gave Gomez the green Light to dig and he started digging at The entrance of the tunnel there he put

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In a staircase and ladders to make it Easier for people to get to the Underground site he proceeded very Slowly and carefully moving just inches Every time and covering only a few feet Each month instead of using Machinery he Dug the tunnel by hand with Spades in Total about 1 000 tons of Earth were Taken out from the tunnel the track is Progress Gomez would bring in a 3D Scanner to document each new section he Cleared the amount of stuff they found Was huge they discovered seashells bones Of cats pottery and even pieces of human Skin among the findings were beautiful Necklaces Rings wooden items and small Figurines it seemed like everything was Intentionally placed there almost like It was an offering of some sort Gomez Began to understand that this was no Ordinary place where regular people Would go a university in Mexico City Gave away two robots named talog and Telelog 2. these robots were playfully Named after ancient Aztec rain gods who Were often depicted in the early Versions of teotica one the purpose of These robots was to explore further Inside the tunnel even the last part That went down a ramp extending 10 feet Below the ground these robot explorers Weren't like mechanical moles burrowing Through the soil with their camera Lights on and they came back with

Amazing footage stored on their hard Drives the tunnel seemed to lead to a Large chamber shaped like a cross and Inside it there were lots of valuable Jewelry and several statues Gomez had High hopes that this chamber might be Where he would discover his most Significant findings yet Gomez explained The work his team was doing with a 75 000 artifacts they had discovered each Item needed special attention as they Had to be carefully listed studied and If feasible repaired according to him They had only finished about 10 of this Lengthy process so far Leonard Garcia a Technician from Mexico City mentioned That it could take months to complete The restaurant duration of a single Large artifact as an example she was Delicately cleaning a tiny crack using a Syringe filled with acetone on the Bright side some of the objects they Discovered were in excellent condition As they were buried with great care Mania shared an interesting fight from Her recent work she discovered a powdery Yellow substance at the bottom of a jar Which turned out to be a 1 800 year old Corn in the research on tier tikawan There's a significant divide among Scholars like a fold line on one side Some believe that the city was governed By a single or powerful and aggressive King on the other side there were those

Who argue that it was ruled by a council Made up of elite families or different Organized groups These groups competed over time for Influence given the diverse and Cosmopolitan nature of the city the First group led by experts like Subaru Sigiyama points to presidents from other Civilizations like the mayor known for Their Warrior Kings however unlike May And cities where rulers faces were Adorned on buildings and they were Buried in lavish tombs Tio tikkowan has No yielded any such decorations or tombs Adding to the mystery Gomez said that he Was completely taken aback by the Incredible variety of objects he found In the deepest parts of the tunnel there Were intact necklaces boxes filled with Beetle wings Jaguar bones and balls of Amber the most fascinating discoveries Were two finely crafted Blackstone Statues placed in such a way that they Were both facing the wall opposite the Chamber's entrance so after a few years In 2014 archaeologists made a Fascinating Discovery when they found Three sizable Chambers located nearly 20 Meters beneath the temple their excite Grew even more in the following year When they noticed that the Earth in These Chambers was carefully shaped to Resemble beautiful miniature Landscapes Portraying mountains and valleys what's

More they found drops of mercury Carefully placed possibly representing Sacred rivers or lakes according to Gomez the subchambers hold great Significance they contain more items Used in rituals human remains or even Something surprising but they haven't Anticipated he believes these Chambers Symbolize a sort of tube a sacred place Where the city's Founders gods and People might have been laid to rest Carrying deep meaning and reverence the Archaeologists in his team frequently Used toothbrushes while working to avoid Harming the precious items hidden below No matter what he discovered are the Tunnels end once the excavation was Finished he assured that he would feel Content he mentioned with a brief pause That the number of artifacts they had Unearthed was so vast that it would keep Someone busy evaluating them for their Entire career however despite all the Excitement and exploration The elusive Tomb they had hoped to find was never Discovered the fact that there is no Tomb in the chambers suggests that they Might not have been used for burials at All or if there was one it could have Been taken out sometime later the tunnel Was blocked with debris around 250 A.D But indications show that it was Reopened around 5 30 A.D according to Gomez they have found proof that

Something quite big and heavy was pulled Out of the tunnel at some stage it's Possible that it was a tomb but they Can't say for sure among the most Noteworthy discoveries are four Remarkably well-preserved greenstone Statues these statues consist of three Female figures and one male figure and They were discovered close to the Entrances of the chambers when the Female statues were found they were Decorated with necklaces and earrings Additionally they were depicted carrying Backpacks filled with symbolic items Including small mirrors thought to Facilitate communication with the future And past These mirrors and eyes were crafted from Pyrite also known as fool's gold when The Explorers made the discovery at the End of the tunnel one female statue in The male statue was still standing in Their original positions according to Gomez who used to be a psychologist he Believes that these sculptures May Depict the founders of teoticuan these Individuals were likely the ones with The authority to choose the perfect Location for the new city he thinks they Were represented in a standing position Because they were alive during that Period Gomez suggests that the presence Of the three female statues indicates That the women might have held a crucial

Role in the power structure during the Initial stages of tier tikawan according To Gomez in the early days of tier Tikawan the city's wealth and the Economic system were closely connected To Agriculture and women were closely Linked to the worship of fertility However this began to change over time And the presence of the small and naked Male statue might symbolize this Transformation Gomez finds these statues even more Thrilling than discovering a tomb Because they provide valuable insights Into the origins and evolution of Teoticon in the tunnel they also Uncovered a collection of enormous conch Shells from various regions like the Caribbean Pacific and Gulf coasts many Of these shells had unique May in Hieroglyphics engraved on them revealing The close connections between the elites Of tier tikawan and Mayan communities in Places as far as Guatemala and Belize They also discovered various other Artifacts such as beautiful Jade Ornaments that were likely brought from Guatemala there were woven straw mats That were possibly reserved for the Elites rubber walls that were used in an Ancient Bull game an eye-catching Ceramic pots from neighboring regions Additionally they found animal bones From migratory Birds Jaguars and even a

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Bear among the relics the majority of The items they found are carefully being Recorded repaired and assembled in the Laboratories located on site to assist The investigators in understanding the Tunnel Chambers and the many artifacts They have created precise replicas of The four stunning green statues two to Two collapses that occurred during the Excavation process the tunnel is now Deemed too fragile and unsafe for Public Access therefore the National Institute Of anthropology and history inah will Develop an interactive virtual tour to Lead visitors through the fascinating Discoveries in a safe Manner and it's Not strange that scientists are so Interested in the mayor and Egyptian Pyramids because these buildings these Tunnels and artifacts held a lot of Answers about our history and unknown Details that we didn't know and that's Why prominent figures like Elon Musk are So interested in these ancient buildings For example once Mass tweeted that these Ancient pyramids were built by aliens Obviously an Elon Musk is very Supportive of these activities in search Of amazing discoveries by archaeologists Inside these pyramids for example Recently archaeologists at the ancient Mayan site of Palenque announced a Fascinating Discovery they found a Secret water tunnel but beneath the

Temple of inscriptions where the tomb of An ancient ruler named Pacquiao rests According to archaeologist anado Gonzalez the tomb and pyramid were Intentionally constructed over a spring Around the years 683-702 A.D the underground tunnels were Designed to channel water from beneath The burial chamber to the open area in Front of the temple this way they Believe that the spirit of Pacquiao Could follow the waters path to the Underworld people have been paying a lot Of attention to the intricately carved Stone sarcophagus where Paco was laid to Rest unfortunately some have mistakenly Thought that the carving showed the Mayor ruler sitting at the Helm of the Spaceship according to Gonzalez these Are carvings on two Stone earplugs Discovered in the Tomb these carvings Indicate that a God will lead the Deceased on their Journey to the Underworld by submerging them in water Where they will be received in simpler Terms Paco didn't fly away in the Spaceship indeed his remains followed a Different path Gonzalez clarified that There's no connection to spaceships at All the tunnel the links to another one Is constructed with stone and measures Around 60 centimeters in width and Height Pedro Sanchez never the director Of archeology at the National Institute

Of anthropology and history mentioned That this theory is reasonable when Considering other ancient civilizations Like those at Tia tikawan close to Mexico City in teoticon they also Discovered another water tunnel which Adds support to the idea Sanchez never Explained that in both cases there was Flowing water involved water holds a Symbolic meaning for these civilizations Representing the cycle of life where it Starts and concludes the excavation Started in 2012 when researchers became Worried about unusual findings beneath The ground in front of the pyramid steps Detected by Geo radar concerned that There might be a whole or geological Fault that could lead to the pyramid Sinking or collapsing they decided to Dig in that area surprisingly during the Dig they found three layers of precisely Arranged stones that the top of the Tunnel Gonzalez mentioned that they also Discovered a similar three-layered Stone Covering on the floor of pacquel's Tomb Located inside the pyramid he believes That there is no passage or link Connecting the tomb and the tunnel However he also stated that they haven't Fully explored the tunnel yet due to its Small size making it impossible to crawl Through to examine most of the Underground horizontal shaft the Researchers had to use a robot equipped

With the camera and send it down there In his book Chariots of the Gods author On Rick Von daniken proposed an idea Back in 1968. he pointed out that the Way paddle was depicted on the lid of The stone sarcophagus looks similar to How astronauts sit it seemed as though Paco was seated in a device with flames And controls which led to the suggestion That it might be related to some kind of Advanced technology that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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