Elon Musk – People Don’t Know about Historical Achievement made by Archeologists Inside Teotihuacán

Elon Musk -  People Don't Know about Historical Achievement made by Archeologists Inside Teotihuacán

In the heart of teotihuacan a team of Archaeologists stumbled upon a discovery That would challenge everything they Knew about the ancient city beneath the Ancient Pathways of pyramids they Uncovered an intricate Labyrinth of Tunnels untouched for centuries Within These Subterranean passages they Found walls with unknown symbols and Artifacts that didn't align with the Known history of the teoti huacanos the Most puzzling find was a chamber Containing a peculiar Crystal object Pulsating with an unexplained energy This discovery not only ignited a wave Of excitement in the archaeological Community But also posed a myriad of questions About the true nature and purpose of This ancient civilization So in 2001 amidst the unfathomable Depths of the ancient Mesoamerican city Of teotihuacan The historic discovery of a human skull In the Pyramid of the Moon unfolded a New chapter in understanding the life And religious beliefs of this enigmatic Civilization believed to belong to a High-ranking priest this skull offers Compelling insights into teoti huacan's Sophisticated societal structure and the Significant role of religion within it To understand the magnitude of this Discovery one must appreciate the

Archaeological and cultural importance Of teoti huacan situated in the Basin of Mexico Established around 100 BC Toyota huacan Evolved into one of the most influential Cities in the pre-columbian Americas Peaking in power between 200 and 550 a d Home to Monumental structures like the Pyramid of the Sun the Pyramid of the Moon and the Temple of The Feathered Serpent the city is a testament to an Advanced civilization with a remarkable Understanding of urban planning Architecture and the cosmos The Pyramid of the Moon the second Largest structure in teotihua Khan where The skull was found holds particular Significance This pyramid's placement at the end of The street of the Dead the city's main Thoroughfare and its alignment with the Surrounding mountains indicate a Profound cosmological significance Possibly relating to teoti huakan's Mythology and religious practices Therefore discovering a high-ranking Pre-skull in such a prominent location Provides critical data for interpreting The spiritual and ceremonial aspects of Toyota huacan Society the skull examined By archaeologists and forensic Anthropologists bore distinct marks of Cranial deformation and dental Mutilation which are characteristic of

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The upper echelons of Mesoamerican Societies These intentional modifications Performed during infancy and childhood When the cranial bones remain malleable Likely signified social status and might Also represent the bearer's dedicated Service to the Gods Such alterations in conjunction with the Skull's location suggests that it Belonged to a high-ranking priest often Regarded as intermediaries between the People and the Divine in Mesoamerican Cultures Priests held significant Authority in TOT huacan Society guiding rituals Ceremonies and possibly influencing Socio-political decisions This skull provides tangible evidence For the presence and role of these Religious leaders within the city It's interesting to point out that Elon Musk has expressed interest in the tot Huacan pyramids in a 2018 tweet he said That he was fascinated by the pyramids And that he wanted to visit them someday As you know musk believes that pyramids Were built by aliens He also retweeted a video that suggested That the ancient city of tot huacan was Also built by aliens And musk's comments about ancient Structures have been met with skepticism By many archaeologists and historians

But the prevailing scientific consensus Is that the Teo tehuacan pyramids were Built by the ancient tot huacan Civilization Which flourished in central Mexico from Around 100 BC to 700 a d there is no Evidence to support the claim that they Were built by aliens However the tot huacan pyramids are Still shrouded in mystery scientists do Not know exactly how they were built or For what purpose They are also not sure why the teoti Huacan civilization suddenly abandoned The city around 700 a d furthermore back In 2003 something amazing happened at The ruins of teoti huacan a hidden Tunnel was discovered underneath the Feathered serpent pyramid and it had Remained undisturbed for a mind-boggling 1800 years Inside this sealed off passage Archaeologists found a treasure Trove of Incredible items that were placed there As offerings to the Gods The things they found were truly Extraordinary There were greenstone crocodile teeth Crystals shaped like eyes and sculptures Of jaguars in a poised ready to pounce Stunts but the most astonishing Discovery was a tiny mountain landscape Nestled 17 meters below the surface Featuring miniature pools of liquid

Mercury that represented Lakes The people who created this tunnel had Some impressive skills too the walls Were meticulously coated with powdered Pyrite also known as fool's gold to give A magical effect when illuminated by Firelight making it seem like one was Standing under a dazzling galaxy of Stars the archaeological site located Close to Mexico City is among the Biggest and most significant in the World attracting millions of visitors Annually The recent discoveries there are the Most thrilling in many years and their Importance is highlighted in a Significant Exhibition at the D Young Museum in San Francisco Has always been a mysterious place About two thousand years ago it was the Biggest city in the Americas but we Don't know much about its language Leaders or why it fell around her D-550 the Aztecs later named it Birthplace of the Gods and showed great Respect for its ruins like the Impressive pyramids and the Majestic Avenue of the Dead even though there are Still many unanswered questions the Recently found tunnel has provided Valuable insights into the layout and Beliefs of tot Hue Khan which was both a Holy site and a busy City At the D young exhibition they not only

Display artworks from various Collections but also present the latest Ideas and theories about the enigmas That continue to surround this ancient Place Mexican archaeologist Sergio Gomez Stumbled upon the tunnel by pure chance After Heavy Rain he spotted a sinkhole Forming near the base of the feathered Serpent pyramid posing a risk to Tourists When he peered inside using a flashlight It was pitch black so he had the workers Lower him down with a rope to his Amazement he discovered that the hole Was a perfectly cylindrical shaft He remembers a strong and unpleasant Smell that was almost unbearable when he Reached the bottom of the sinkhole he Looked through an opening in the debris And saw an underground passage clearly An ancient Construction They proceeded with caution and used a Robot with a video camera to explore the Tunnel before digging further the tunnel Turned out to be as long as a football Field stretching beneath the nearby Great Plaza and the pyramid in the Exhibitions catalog Gomez expressed Their astonishment at discovering Something unseen for at least 1500 years At one end of the passage there were Three chambers filled with treasures That could rival those sought after by Indiana Jones

The massive pyramids of the Sun and Moon Are not like the ones in ancient Egypt They are temples not tombs they are Linked by the street of the Dead forming Part of a City layout with the entire Plan designed to align with the movement Of the Sun Inside Gomez tunnel there are watermarks Along the walls indicating that the Large Plaza above it was intentionally Flooded to create a symbolic primordial Sea with the pyramids emerging like Metaphorical Mountains from the water Reminiscent of the beginning of time Thousands of people would have witnessed Ceremonies that reenacted the creation Myth Moreover the year 2018 was a landmark Year in the sphere of archeology Significantly due to the remarkable Discovery of a tunnel beneath the Pyramid of the Moon This find was a result of cutting-edge Archaeological technology and the Relentless pursuit of historical Knowledge it opened up exciting avenues For researchers to delve deeper into the Intricate complexities of the tot huacan Civilization and their mysterious Practices contributing significantly to Our understanding of this pre-columbian Society the detection of the tunnel was The result of an Innovative technique Known as electrical resistivity

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Tomography ERT which has been widely adopted in Archeology for its non-invasive nature The ERT method involves sending Electrical currents into the ground and Then measuring the resistance to this Current The resistivity values can then be Plotted to create a two-dimensional Image of the underground structures Different materials will offer different Resistances enabling the creation of a Detailed and accurate Underground map The researchers from Mexico's National Institute of anthropology and history Inah applied this technique which Resulted in the visualization of a Substantial tunnel system beneath the Pyramid of the Moon the tunnel appeared To start from the Central Square known As The Plaza De La Luna and ran to a Location underneath the pyramid the team Estimated the tunnel's depth at Approximately 10 meters with a width Extending to nearly 15 meters it was an Architectural feature unseen by Modern Eyes and unscathed by time existing Exactly as the ancient teoti huacan People left it upon this discovery the Archaeologists face the task of Determining the purpose of this Extensive underground structure The mere existence of such a tunnel Under the Pyramid of the moon was a

Clear indication of its likely Importance its dimensions and Orientation suggested planning and Intentionality hinting at a profound Significance within the cultural and Religious practices of the ancient Inhabitants That's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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