Elon Musk – People Don’t Know about Very Advanced Robot Revealing Dark Secrets about Pyramid

Elon Musk -  People Don't Know about Very Advanced Robot Revealing Dark Secrets about Pyramid

After exploring the king's chamber and The Queen's chamber and capturing Detailed images of the pyramid's Intricate hieroglyphics and inscriptions And very Advanced robot revealed new Unknown information about the pyramids Now we have a breakthrough in the field Of archeology and it's revolutionized Our understanding of the construction of The Great Pyramid and the advanced Engineering skills of the ancient people That allowed them to build pyramids Scientists discovered that ancient Egyptians had technology and methods way Ahead of what we have today They could manipulate physics and ground It in a way that's hard to believe The techniques they use to build the Pyramids are so Advanced that even with Our 21st century knowledge we still Struggle to understand it that's why for A long time we didn't know how this Structure was built So let's explain this incredible Discovery inside the pyramid that Changes everything we knew about how the Pyramids were built So the Great Pyramid located near Cairo Egypt is the biggest and oldest of the Three pyramids it was built about 4 500 Years ago showing the strength of the King People are interested in pyramids Because they were made when the world

Looked very different During that time people were in the Stone Age they didn't have writing they Hunted and gathered food and only some Places did they start farming that's why It's hard to explain how they were built And there are other reasons why we don't Know for sure how this structure was Built for example there are no detailed Contemporary records or depictions Detailing the construction processes Most of the workers tools and Infrastructure have decayed over Millennia modern reconstructions or Experiments can't fully replicate the Scale or conditions of the time the Theories involving ramps levers and Counterweights are based on indirect Evidence and can't definitively prove One method over another and while Ancient texts mention the pyramids they Often focus on their religious or Cultural significance rather than the Technical aspects of their Construction The absence of conclusive evidence Leaves room for numerous hypotheses Making it challenging to pinpoint a Single construction method Some scientists believe that the ancient Egyptians use Sound Vibrations to build The pyramids this is called the sound Vibration Theory this Theory suggests That ancient Egyptians in their wisdom Utilize the power of sound and vibration

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To facilitate the building of these Wonders The sound vibration theory is rooted in The concept that sound waves when Generated at particular frequencies can Exert physical forces According to proponents of this Theory The ancient Egyptians might have Harnessed these forces to levitate or Move the enormous stone blocks used in Pyramid construction modern science has Offered glimpses into the feasibility of Such ideas through experiments in Acoustic levitation where sound waves Are used to suspend small objects in Midair Given the right conditions and Amplifications could this phenomenon Have been used on the grand scale of Pyramid building Several facets of ancient Egyptian Culture lend Credence to this theory for One interpretations of certain Hieroglyphs in texts hint at a Civilization deeply attuned to the Mysteries of sound There are suggestions that chance Musical instruments or other devices Might have been used to produce Frequencies capable of moving or shaping Stone The sheer Enigma surrounding the Pyramid's construction with their Colossal size and astounding Precision

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Fuels speculation How could such Feats have been achieved Without the Machinery we rely on today For some the sound vibration Theory Offers an appealing alternative to the Accepted narratives of ramps rollers and Manual labor And throughout the years different Groups of archaeologists have been Checking out the Great Pyramid of Giza They went inside and reached a place Called the Queen's chamber During their excavations they discovered Something interesting behind a fake wall There was a small passage that went Upward inside the pyramid at a steep 40 Degree angle However those Explorations caused some Harm to the passage and nobody had gone To see where it goes in 2010 Rob Richardson who's a robotics professor at Leeds and a few of his friends took on a Challenge from Dr zai Chung na a dentist An inventor from Hong Kong Dr na wanted To create a robot that could go all the Way through the pyramid shaft and Discover what's inside To solve a major mystery in Egyptian Archeology the team created a robot that Managed to move through one of the small Passages inside the Great Pyramid it Took scientists nearly five years to Build and develop this robot Professor Richardson Who's involved with

The leads robotics research group Explained that creating this robot was Quite a tough task they needed to be Super light and they eventually made it Weigh only five kilograms because it was So lightweight it didn't need much power Surprisingly these challenges turned Into opportunities They came up with a system that allowed The robot to move very smoothly through The narrow passage The robot journeyed through a really Tiny passage only about the size of an A4 paper and it was 60 meters long The Big Challenge was to explore and Film what was in there without causing Any harm Thanks to the careful planning the robot Managed to move through the passage and Capture special footage of what's inside The video shows detailed colorful Markings of the floor of a concealed Room The camera on the robot showed another Stone blocking their way and they Couldn't go any further so what's hidden Behind that second stone at the end of The passage has become a mysterious Puzzle Professor Richardson mentioned that the Purpose of the passage is still unknown Some theories suggest it might have been An air event or a way to reach a burial Chamber around 50 meters into the

Passage before what they believe is the End there's a stone blocking the way They're not sure what's behind that Stuff they managed to slip a camera past It and they saw a small room with Detailed symbols on the floor Considering the artwork it seems the Passage had a more significant role than Just being an air event however the Exact purpose of the passage remains a Mystery Professor Richardson hired filmmaker William westaway to use the recorded Video to create a movie about the Project Westway mentioned this is a fascinating Story one that sheds light on aspects of Ancient civilization but in a Twist Reveals how the latest thinking and Robotic design in engineering has opened That window on the past you can watch The story in a documentary film that's Available on the ancient Architects YouTube channel Matthew Simpson the Person behind the ancient Architects YouTube channel expressed his excitement About sharing the documentary on YouTube However what really Thrills them as an Independent researcher of ancient History is the nine hours of unedited Video footage In addition the pyramids of ancient Egypt with their granddour and precision Have for centuries been a subject of

Wonder and academic debate among the Many Mysteries these iconic structures Present the methodology employed in Their construction particularly in Lifting and positioning the massive Limestone blocks has elicited numerous Theories One such Theory that's piqued the Interest of historians and Engineers Alike is the lever Theory the Libre Theory postulates that the ancient Egyptians utilized a series of simple Machines specifically levers to Aid in The Monumental task of lifting and Positioning blocks A lever in its basic form is a rigid Rod Pivoted at a fixed Point known as the Fulcrum By adjusting the positions of the load And the applied force around this Fulcrum it becomes possible to magnify The lifting power thereby enabling fewer Workers to shift considerably heavy Objects with relative ease The Allure of the Libre Theory primarily Stems from its Simplicity and alignment With the known tools and techniques of The era Wall paintings and carvings from various Egyptian tombs while not always directly Associated with pyramid construction Frequently showcase workers employing Levers to move objects Such depictions underscore the

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Civilization's familiarity with and Reliance on levers for substantial tasks The inherent Simplicity and efficiency Of levers fashioned from easily Accessible materials like wooden beams Make them a plausible choice for Large-scale projects such as pyramid Construction Beyond just the lifting The Versatile Nature of levers could have also played A role in the meticulous placement of The blocks with slight modifications or Adjustments workers might have used Levers to ensure the blocks fit snugly Preserving the Precision the pyramids Are celebrated for Furthermore over time numerous Methodologies and tools have been Employed to delve deeper into the Pyramid Mysteries among the most recent And revolutionary of these is infrared Technology revealing intriguing Temperature anomalies that hint at Undiscovered facets of pyramid Construction and design Infrared thermography is a powerful Non-invasive technique that captures and Measures the infrared radiation emitted From an object Given that all objects emit some degree Of infrared radiation which intensifies With heat this technology has been Widely used across various fields from Building Diagnostics to Medical

Applications Its introduction into archeology marked A significant advancement offering the Possibility of detecting hidden Structures or differences in materials Without causing any physical disturbance To the site In the context of Egypt's pyramids Especially the iconic Great Pyramid of Giza this technique has provided Valuable insights certain sections of The pyramid show distinct temperature Deviations compared to surrounding areas These anomalies in the form of either Hotter or cooler spots suggest the Potential presence of voids passageways Or perhaps variations in construction Materials A notable example is the discovery made Around the base of the Great Pyramid Where a sequence of adjacent blocks Displayed substantial temperature Differences these thermal discoveries Hold profound implications for our Understanding of the pyramids first they May offer more comprehensive insights Into the construction techniques of Ancient Egyptians We might Garner a clearer picture of the Pyramid's architectural planning and its Functional or spiritual significance If these temperature anomalies do Indicate hidden Chambers they might be Repositories of artifacts or

Inscriptions waiting to unveil more About the beliefs practices and the Daily lives of people of that era Additionally from a preservation Standpoint spotting temperature Differences can guide conservationists To areas of potential structural Vulnerabilities or damage aiding in the Pyramid's long-term maintenance Moreover Elon Musk posted on Twitter Saying clearly aliens constructed the Pyramids his tweet got almost 540 000 Likes and was shared over 85 000 times In just two days musk didn't stop with His first tweet he posted more messages Afterward and one of them he mentioned That the Great Pyramid was the tallest Human-made structure for a whopping 3 800 years He even included a link to a Wikipedia Page about the Great Pyramid of Giza he Also put up a link to a BBC article Saying it gives a good easy to Understand explanation of how the Pyramids were built that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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