Elon Musk – People Don’t Know That Egyptologists Open a Newly-Discovered Pyramid

Elon Musk - People Don't Know That Egyptologists Open a Newly-Discovered Pyramid

Archaeologists recently made some Mind-boggling discoveries in Egypt as They found beneath the ancient pyramids In dashur lies an unsettling Discovery After a long time of digging researchers Found a hidden chamber that had been Kept secret for thousands of years Scary-looking stairs led to a hidden Space that was blocked off with huge Stones inside there were lots of messed Up ancient objects that didn't make Sense but there's more scientists also Discovered hidden chamber inside the Great Pyramids that changes everything We knew about pyramids also Elon Musk Had very interesting opinion about Pyramids that shocked everyone This is a very interesting story so Let's explain what archaeologists Discovered in Egypt dashur an ancient Graveyard in Egypt's desert is full of Hidden pyramids that have been covered By Sand and Time These pyramids hold secrets and stories From the past and are different from the Famous ones in Giza And the recently discovered complex was First spotted in a coral and Dasher in 2017 but archaeologists have spent the Last three years Excavating the area After carefully brushing away the sand They uncovered a passageway which led Them below where they believed the Ancient structure once stood revealing a

Sealed chamber last year Dr Chris Naughton and his team got permission to Lift the stone slab protecting the Entrance and the results were shown on Smithsonian's mystery of the Lost Pyramid documentary Dr Naughton Explained where the mystery location Lies he said this is a pretty exciting Moment we're in this amazing lunar Landscape here we have the bent pyramid And what's known as The Red Pyramid Behind it but we're going to a much less Well-known part of the site where Something very intriguing to say the Least has been uncovered The people from Egypt who take care of Old things started to dig and found a Way under the pyramid They made stairs that go down to a Secret place inside the pyramid Big Blocks were put there to keep the Way to the chamber safe and to keep any Valuable things inside Surprisingly the chamber was still Closed after all this time which is Amazing finally after trying for three Days the special place where people are Buried gave away its secrets that were Kept for almost four thousand years But the things inside were not how they Expected they were all mixed up and Messy this was a surprise for the people Who study old things now they have a new Puzzle to solve Dr Naughton also said

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There are two questions here that we Need to answer One is who was buried here and secondly How is it that an apparently completely Sealed unbleached burial chamber comes To be disturbed Dasher is a royal necropolis located in The desert on the West Bank of the Nile It is known for several pyramids the two Of which mentioned in the documentary Are among the oldest largest and best Preserved in Egypt built from 2613 2589 BC furthermore using modern Scanning technology researchers have Found a passage in the northern part of The pyramid that once held the tomb of An ancient Egyptian ruler named Khufu From the fourth Dynasty this Corridor is Nine meters long and two meters wide It's located above the main entrance of The pyramid and can't be reached from The outside the experts who discovered It are not sure what its purpose was the Announcement about this discovery was Made by Ahmed Issa the minister in Charge of Tourism and ancient artifacts In Egypt along with the well-known Egyptian archaeologist zahi hawas They shared the news during an event at The pyramid The scan pyramids project which is an International effort to explore hidden Areas of ancient pyramids using scanning Technology is responsible for uncovering

This passage in 2017 the same group Found a sealed off chamber inside the Great Pyramid the research team led by Haney Halal used five different methods That don't harm the pyramids to scan Them zahi hawas explained that the Pyramids have openings designed for Ventilation which were also used to Discover new information about the Pyramids and the old Egyptian Civilization The discovery was a collaborative effort Involving experts from France Japan Germany and Canada said Muhammad MOHAI One of the Project's coordinators Egyptian officials led by Mustafa waziri Who oversees Antiquities are dedicated To learning more about King Khufu who Ruled around 4500 years ago between 2509 and 2483 B The Great Pyramid located in the Giza Pyramid complex south of Cairo on the West side of the Nile River is very old About 4 600 years old it's the only Remaining wonder of the seven wonders of The ancient world originally it was 481 Feet tall and it took roughly 20 years To build For more than 3 800 years it held the Title of the world's tallest structure The project to study the pyramids began In 2015 as a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Cairo University's faculty of Engineering and the institute for Heritage preservation and innovation in Paris and the same experts who found a Hidden way inside the big Pyramid in Egypt have also discovered a big empty Void inside it This empty void is above a long hallway That goes to the king's chamber where Visitors can go They call it the big void It's trapped inside Rock so they can't Go inside it they used special scans to Find out that it's quite large like Hundreds of big boxes they found it in 2017 and it's been hard to study because It's deep inside the pyramid Archaeologists think it might be a very Unique chamber or passage but nobody is Sure yet the experts used special ways To look inside the pyramid like using Particles from void and special cameras They also found smaller passages that Are still a mystery even after all this Time these ancient pyramids still have Many secrets to share and with these Discoveries gradually we are getting Better idea about how these ancient Pyramids were built the construction of Pyramids is mysterious because ancient Civilizations like the Egyptians built These massive structures without the Advanced technology we have today the Methods they use to transport and lift

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The heavy Stones create precise angles And align the structures with Astronomical features remain largely Unclear the sheer scale and precision of The pyramids raised questions about the Tools techniques and organization these Civilizations employed to achieve such Remarkable Feats of engineering Additionally the cultural and religious Significance behind building pyramids Adds to their enigmatic nature as they Were often associated with the afterlife And Powerful rulers It's interesting to point out that Elon Musk has expressed his belief that the Pyramids were built by aliens He has tweeted about this on several Occasions and he has also spoken about It in interviews musk believes that the Pyramids are too complex and too well Engineered to have been built by humans With the technology that was available At the time He also believes that the pyramids are Aligned with astronomical features in a Way that suggests that they were built By a more advanced civilization Musk's theory about the pyramids is not Widely accepted by archaeologists the Mainstream view is that the pyramids Were built by ancient Egyptians using Manpower and simple tools There is evidence to support this view Such as the discovery of ancient

Campsites near the pyramids where the Workers would have lived there is also Evidence that the Egyptians had the Technology to build the pyramids such as The use of ramps and levers However musk's theory is not entirely Without Merit there are some aspects of The pyramids that are still unexplained Such as how they were able to transport Such large stones to the construction Site it is possible that the Egyptians Had more advanced technology than we Know about or that they had help from Outside sources ultimately the question Of who built the pyramids is still a Mystery musk's theory is certainly Intriguing but it is not yet supported By enough evidence to be considered a Consensus View And that's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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