Elon Musk – People Don’t Realize the Mistake of The Apollo Mission

Elon Musk - People Don't Realize the Mistake of The Apollo Mission

Elon Musk brought stunning evidence About why the moon landing was not fake And why it was real in addition we will Show compelling evidence that may alter Your perspective on this contentious Issue however the highlight of the video Will be the presentation of the Conclusive proof that will finally Settle the debate on whether the moon Landing was real or not Ever since the famous 1969 broadcast of NASA's visit to the Moon it has been an Endless debate among many people According to a 1999 poll millions of Americans don't believe in it it has Become one of the most famous conspiracy Theories in the world rivaled perhaps by Those who think there is more to Area 51 Than the government is letting on as Elon Musk said you can have many doubts About a moon landing Until you realize The simple fact fact about how this Mission was observed and you will Understand easily why it couldn't have Been faked but as we will show you there Are fascinating details about the mood Landing that shows why people are Convinced that the moon landing was Faked and what the other side has to say In rebuttal to these arguments the main Crux of the conspiracy theory is that The moon landing took place in the Studio and didn't get anywhere near the Surface of the Moon there is no real

Cohesive origin to when this Theory Became widespread but it is believed by Those who subscribe to the Moon hoax Theory that it would have been faked Because of the rising tension between America and Russia the Cold War was Going strong and after the successful Launch of Sputnik the very first Earth Satellite it kicked off the so-called Space Race a race that America was Desperate to win it was less about space Travel in of itself but more about Demonstrating who had the greater Technology and therefore who was the Greater threat after all if the winning Country had the technology to go to Space what else were they capable of This is the generally accepted motive That conspiracy theorists hold for the Moon landing being faked if America Couldn't outdo Sputnik on their own the Logical thing to do would be to cheat Although it is thought that the moon Landing was in a studio somewhere is Also debated amongst the moon a hoax Crowd where that studio might be with Theories on that ranging from a simple Hollywood set to Area 51 itself first it Needs to be understood that most Conspiracies as well as conspiracy Theorists operate on the philosophy of Not trusting any government agency the Fact that governments routinely lie is Not going to be a revelation to many

People but people who believe in Conspiracy theories just treat that fact With a bit more severity than most and Treat any piece of information that the Government gives them with more Skepticism than most as well this is why Since all the footage of the event comes Directly from NASA conspiracy theorists Consider that there is no real proof That the event even happened if only the Government said it did moon landing hoax Believers are also quick to point out What they believe are inconsistencies With the footage and pictures which do Exist the bulk of which we shall go Through now firstly there are no stars In the background of the photographs Which were taken since the mood has no Atmosphere and therefore nothing to Block out the Stars shouldn't there be More stars visible than that of Earth or Did some studio hand make the grave Mistake of forgetting to turn on the Stars secondly in one of the famous Photographs there appears to be a rock With the letter c written on it in the Background which has led to skeptical to Wonder if the prop rocks for the moon Set might have been labeled Alphabetically with just one rock being Turned the wrong way for the camera Another argument made was the different Links of the Shadows even when the Astronauts are right next to one another

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Conspiracy theorists think this may have Been due to a full multi-lighting system In the studio which was felt to have Been fixed after the photo was taken one Of the biggest arguments on this is how The American flag put on the moon seems To Flap in the non-existent wind how Does a flag flap in an environment where There is no atmosphere it has also been Argued that the effect of weightlessness Could very easily be replicated down Here on Earth with the use of slow Motion and wire effects on the Astronauts there is also an argument That the moon dust behaves very Strangely and that the footprint on the Natural satellite surface are too well Preserved the final argument and the Most daring piece of evidence for most Is the simple question who took the Pictures with it being three astronauts Two on the moon and one in the rocket Who took the pictures and at the same Time let's have a look at the argument On the other side so towards the Beginning of this video we pointed out That one of the foundations of the Moon Hoax theorist philosophy is that they Don't trust government agencies which is Why they don't believe NASA's photos and Footage as well as any of the Testimonies of the 400 000 people who Work for Nash at the time however one of The first things which can be used as a

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Response to this argument is simply that Whilst NASA produced the footage and Photographs their Transmissions were Caught live independently by people who Didn't work for NASA in Australia Spain And England the question then becomes That if America was attempting to fool Russia by taking photographs and video Footage in a Hollywood studio somewhere How could Australia Spain and England Catch those Transmissions more Importantly if they didn't why would They lie on America's behalf there are Also explanations behind the Inconsistencies which are often pointed Out by conspiracy theorists which have Been used as rebuttals to their Arguments firstly the explanation behind The fact that there are no stars in the Photographs can be explained by Photography the light from the Sun Hitting the surface of the Moon would be Too bright for any camera to pick up the Much smaller and weaker Lights of the Stars in the background the same can be Seen in cities when there are constantly Lights from stores and lampposts washing Out the smaller lights the second point The Sea Rock is claimed to be a stray Head during the developing process by Scientists or else a hoax by the Doubters edited into the photograph by Someone else who wanted to prove Something the lengths of the Shadows are

Argued by scientists to have been caused By the craterous landscape of the Moon And that you would find the same effect On Earth if you took a picture of Someone on a hilly landscape where the Shadows would be of different lengths as For the flags it has been said by NASA That they designed a special flag to be Able to stand impressively on its own Rather than hanging limp like a regular Flag would which wouldn't look nearly as Good they managed to achieve it by Running a tight wire through the top of The flag and the astronauts themselves Caused the flapping effect by stabbing The flagpole into the ground trying to Get it to stay in in response to the Accusation of the weightlessness of the Moon which was caused by slow motion and Worse scientists have argued that the Dust which got kicked around by the Astronauts as they jumped around on the Moon shows the lack of atmosphere as on Earth dust clicks into clouds due to the Air the moon doesn't have air so the Dust gets kicked up then Falls right Back down to the ground in order to Create this effect in a studio the the Entire Studio would need to be vacuum Free from Air which would be a big ask In 1969 the footprint being so well Preserved is also rebutted by Scientists Who argue that lunar dust keeps shapes Better because it is more like volcanic

Ash than sand which holds its shape Better that and the lack of atmosphere Means that any footprint would be very Likely to be preserved finally the Question of who Took the cameras According to scientists the answer is The spaceship the primary camera was Installed on front of the lunar module And Neil Armstrong carried a second Camera between them it was predicted That almost 20 000 photographs were Taken of the mission but only a few of The photos were worth showing because The cameras had such low quality Elon Musk who is probably the most well Educated person on this topic opened up About his opinion on whether the moon Landing was fake or not as Elon said he Firmly believes that it really happened And as Elon explained with so many Questions he has one important argument That convinces him that this really Happened yes we went to the moon not Just once but several times I think the Russians would have called us out on That one if it wasn't true Russians Didn't like us at the time they were Looking at us through telescopes they Would have said something it was a big Ideological victory for the United States and Western Civilization however Neil deGrasse Tyson a renowned Astrophysicist and science Communicator Has been vocal about his belief in the

Moon landing we have moon rocks in our Museums we have laser reflectors on the Moon we have photographs of the landing Sites there's so much evidence that we Went to the moon it's hard to know where To begin he said Tyson has said that it Would be very difficult to fake the moon Landing because many people saw the Rocket launch there is also a lot of Evidence that the Saturn V rocket and Other equipment were designed and built Including Blueprints and records of the Engineering work if someone wanted to Fake the moon landing they would have to Fake all of these documents which would Be very difficult according to Tyson it Would be much easier to just go to the Moon and there is evidence that we did By the way we went to the moon nine Times so we'd have to hoax not going to The Moon nine times two of them they Went around the mood came back and Didn't land but would have to fake that Tyson said the moon landing was a Transformative moment in human history It inspired a generation of young people To pursue careers in science engineering And Technology we should celebrate this Achievement not question it he added the Recent discoveries and evidence Supporting the authenticity of the moon Landing have come from several sources The first is the physical evidence left Behind by the Apollo missions in total

Six missions were launched to the Moon Between 1969 and 1972 and each one left A range of equipment flags and other Objects on the moon's surface the lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter lro has provided High resolution images of the moon Surface including the equipment and Objects Left Behind the images confirmed That the equipment is still in the same Location as it was left by the Astronauts debunking claims that the Moon landing was staged also the Geopolitical and political situation Between the United States and the Soviet Union during the time of the moon Landing was dominated by the Cold War The two superpowers were engaged in a Fierce competition to establish Dominance in several areas including Military space exploration and Technological advancements the moon Landing was a crucial victory for the United States demonstrating its Technological and scientific superiority Over the Soviet Union the space race was A significant part of the competition Between the United States and the Soviet Union the Soviet Union had launched the First satellite Sputnik in 1959 which Created a sense of urgency of the United States to catch up in response President John F Kennedy announced a plan to land A man on the Moon by the end of the Decade this announcement marked the

Beginning of a new phase in the Space Race the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in a space race that Was symbolic of their broader rivalry The Soviet Union had achieved several Firsts in space exploration including The first satellites the first man in Space and the first spacewalk these Achievements placed the Soviet Union Ahead of the United states in the Space Race however the United States gained The upper hand with the moon landing in 1969 which marked the first time a human Had set foot on another Celestial body The competition between the United States and the Soviet Union had several Geopolitical and political implications The Cold War was a global conflict that Influenced several countries foreign Policies and alliances the space race Was part of this larger conflict and was An area where the two superpowers could Display the technological and scientific Prowess the United States victory in the Space Race had significant political Implications as well the moon landing Was a Triumph for the Kennedy Administration which had set the goal of Landing a man on the moon the success of The mission helped boost the Administration's popularity and Demonstrated the United States Technological superiority over the Soviet Union it also helped to count on

The perception that the United States Was falling behind the Soviet Union in Technological and scientific Advancements although conspiracy Theories may seem strange they come from A natural need to understand the world And very often they are very interesting Making sense of events has been useful For humans to survive and thrive at Conspiracy theories are complete Explanations that can help us comprehend Something we find scary or surprising According to Yan Wilhelm van pujan a Social psychologist at very University In Amsterdam for some people the feeling Of security and comprehension that these Theories provide is more important than Whether or not they are true people who Believe in conspiracy theories often Ignore evidence that contradicts their Beliefs a study at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom found that People who claim that Osama Bin Laden Had died before the U.S raid on his Compound are also more likely to believe That he was still alive although these Two ideas contradict each other both Versions deny the official report that Bin Laden was killed during the raid by The Obama Administration Bill casing was A person who used to work for NASA's Apollo Moon missions as a technical Writer for one of the rocket Manufacturers he said that he knew that

The government planned to fake the moon Landing he wrote a book called we never Went to the moon America's 30 billion Dollar Swindle in 1976 and this book is Responsible for many conspiracy theories About the Apollo moon landings that People still believe today the Conspiracy theory suggests that NASA was Unable to land a man on the moon safely By the deadline set by President John F Kennedy as a result NASA only sent Astronauts into Earth orbit according to Conspiracy theorists NASA staged the Moon landing in a film studio and used Footage and photos with clues that Reveal the truth they believe that NASA Has kept this secret hidden ever since The people who don't believe in the moon Landing say that the pictures we got From the Moon have weird things in them That make them seem like the landing Wasn't real people who doubt the moon Landing point to certain things as Evidence such as photos that show the Astronauts in front of crosshairs on the Camera glass or the letter c on a moon Rock however experts have shown that These supposed Clues are not evidence of A hoax despite this the conspiracy Theories about the moon landing continue To be believed by some people some People dab the moon landing because they Think there's certain objects in the Pictures should not be visible if they

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Are iron Shadow they say that if the Only source of light was the sun then The objects in Shadow should not be seen They think this means that the pictures Must have been taken in a studio with Special lighting the theory that the Moon landing pitchers were taken in the Studio with special lighting is not true The Sun is not the only source of light On the moon as the lunar surface also Reflects sunlight the sunlight bounces Off the ground in many directions as Some of it reaches the objects in the Shadows this is confirmed by Rick Feynman who works as a press officer for The American Astronomical Society that's Why in some of the pictures you can see The plaque that Armstrong and Aldrin Placed on the moon even though it's in The shade another Factor why people Believe that the moon landing is fake is The human tendency to seek out patterns And connections conspiracy theories Often rely on the linking of seemingly Unrelated events to create a narrative That supports the theory this can make The theory seem more plausible to those Who are looking for connections and Patterns people have a natural Inclination to look for patterns in Their environment this tendency helps us To make sense of the world and allows us To predict future events however this Same tendency can lead people to believe

In conspiracy theories when they try to Connect unrelated events and facts Conspiracy theorists tend to see Connections and patterns that are not There leading to the development of Elaborate and often irrational theories It is important to note that conspiracy Theories can provide a sense of meaning And purpose to people who feel lost or Disillusioned believing in The Conspiracy Theory gives people a sense Of control over their lives and the World even if it's an illusion it can Also provide comfort and a sense of Belonging to those who feel marginalized Or excluded from society some people Think that the moon landing did not Happen because Stanley Kubrick filmed it The movie 2001 A Space Odyssey directed By Stanley Kubrick impressed people in 1968 because it showed outer space in a Realistic way this movie was so Convincing that some people later Thought that the government had hired Kubrick to create the moon landing Footage in a studio some people thought That Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon Landing because the footage looked fake However the reason that Kubrick's movie 2001 looked real was that he had help From experts in the field of astronomy And aerospace engineering the only proof That Kubrick filmed the moon landing was A fake so it has no real evidence to

Support it however not everyone believes In conspiracy theories that the moon Landing was staged and one of the main Reasons for it is the fact that the moon Landing was Global event that was Witnessed by millions of people The Landing was broadcast live on television And people around the world saw the Images the first human beings on the Moon the images and footage of the moon Landing have been analyzed and verified By experts making it clear that the Event was real It is worth noting that there is a Wealth of evidence supporting the moon Landing NASA has released photographs Videos and other data that prove the Existence of the Apollo program and the Moon landing the equipment and tools Used by the astronauts on the moon's Surface have been examined and verified By scientists additionally there are Eyewitness accounts of people who were Involved in the Apollo program including Astronauts and mission control stuff Furthermore the Apollo program was a Vast undertaking that required the Development of new technologies to Support human space travel NASA invested Billions of dollars in research and Development and this effort paid off With a successful moon landing the Spacecraft used in the Apollo missions Were the most advanced of their time

With cutting-edge computer systems Propulsion systems and life support Systems one of the most significant Technological achievements of the Apollo Program was the development of the satin 5 rocket this was the most powerful Rocket ever built and it was capable of Carrying the massive Apollo spacecraft Into Earth orbit and Beyond the Saturn V Was an engineering Marvel with precise Guidance and navigation systems and Powerful engines another critical Technology developed for the Apollo Program was the Luna module this was the Spacecraft that was designed to land on The moon surface and then return the Astronauts safely to the Command Module In orbit the lunar module was a Remarkable feat of engineering with the Ability to operate in the harsh Environment of the moon's surface the Astronauts who flew the Apollo missions Were also equipped with advanced Technology to support their mission They wore special suits that protected Them from the vacuum of space extreme Temperatures and radiation the suits had Built-in life support systems including Air conditioning water supply and waste Disposal with that the Apollo program Contributed significantly to the Advancement of computer technology the Computers used the Mi Apollo spacecraft With the most sophisticated during that

Era and had Advanced Hardware and Software the development of the Apollo Guidance computer played a crucial role In advancing computer technology and Laid the foundation for modern computer Industry development moreover the Landing on the moon had a profound Impact on humanity and its importance Cannot be overstated one of the primary Reasons why the moon landing was so Important was that it demonstrated the Technological capabilities of the United States in the midst of the Cold War the Moon landing showcased American Technological superiority and bolstered The nation's confidence the successful Landing on the moon was seen as a symbol Of American exceptionalism and Innovative nation and it was a major Source of Pride for the nation the moon Landing was significant because it Served as an inspiration for the younger Generation to pursue stem careers such As science technology engineering and Mathematics the moon landing served as a Catalyst for Innovation and creativity Inspiring people to push the boundaries Of what was thought possible that's it For today subscribe to our Channel and Hit the notification Bell

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