Elon Musk – People Don’t Realize This Is Why NASA Never Returned To The Moon

Elon Musk - People Don't Realize This Is Why NASA Never Returned To The Moon

There is a strange theory that suggests That NASA encountered a human-like Civilization on the moon and made an Agreement to never go back there one Thing is for sure this is very very Strange we were able to go to the Moon 53 years ago and we cannot do it today Even SpaceX CEO Elon Musk came out and Openly talked about why this situation Is very strange so what is the real Reason we haven't gone back to the Moon Well first reason as nasiri explains is That space exploration particularly Those that require human presence faces A significant challenge in terms of the High expenses involved as an example the Cost of undertaking such missions can be Quite substantial for any space flight Program in fact it's one of the biggest Obstacles that needs to be overcome as For NASA their 2022 budget stood at 24 Billion dollars and the current Administration has proposed to increase It to almost 26 billion dollars in the 2023 budget which is a considerable Amount of money a first glance the Amounts mentioned may seem like a lot of Money but it's important to remember That the funds need to be divided among All the different departments and Endeavors of the space agency these Include some notable projects like the James Webb Space Telescope the space Launch system SLS a colossal rocket

Initiative and various far-reaching Missions to planets such as Jupiter Mars And even the edge of the solar system to Put things into perspective it's worth Noting that the US military is estimated To receive a budget of around 858 billion dollars in 2023 when Compared to its budget in the past NASA's current budget seems relatively Small NASA's portion of the federal Budget peaked at four percent in 1965. Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham Said during Congressional testimony in 2015. for the past 40 years it has Remained below 1 over the last 15 years It has been driving towards 0.4 percent Of the federal budget according to a Report published by NASA in 2005 the Estimated cost of a moon landing project Was around 104 billion dollars which Translates to approximately 165 billion Dollars in today's money after taking Inflation into account The program was expected to take roughly 13 years to complete in comparison the Apollo program that put humans on the Moon in the 1960s would have cost around 142 billion dollars in today's currency Even Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla who believes in Moon landing and Is convinced that it really happened Even he thinks that this situation is Weird he recently said that the moon Landing mission in 1969 was a unique

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Situation he compared it to reaching Into the future and bringing technology Forward musk believes that the moon Landings were not a normal progression Of Technology development he mentioned That it was the result of the United States collective decision to achieve This feat during the space race with the Soviet Union the podcast hosts a mask Found it strange that the U.S has not Come back to the moon since 1972. also There is one theory that during the Apollo mission NASA encountered with the Aliens and they have made an agreement To never go back there again the idea That they might be alien bases on the Moon has been a popular theory for Decades however with the Apollo missions And the subsequent release of thousands Of photographs of the lunar surface some Individuals began to claim that they Could see structures machinery and other Anomalies that didn't appear to be Natural formations and there are various Types of evidence presented for example Photographic anomalies some conspiracy Theorists point to Shadows bright spots Or shapes in Apollo Mission photos as Evidence of alien structures these are Often ambiguous and can be interpreted In multiple ways also we should mention Unusual formations certain features on The moon like the so-called Shard or Tower have been presented as potential

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Artificial structures most scientists Believe these are natural formations Possibly the result of unique geological Processes but what about whistleblowers Occasionally individuals claiming to Have inside Knowledge from NASA or other Agencies will assert there are alien Bases on the moon however these claims Often lack verifiable evidence with that Back in 1962 President John F Kennedy Gave a speech at Rice stadium in Houston Texas that is famously known as the we Chose to go to the Moon speech this Speech played a crucial role in igniting A competition to send humans to the Moon During the speech Kennedy made a promise To achieve the goal of Landing a human On the moon before the decade was over And this will be done in the decade of The 60s it may be done while some of you Are still here at school at this college And university it will be done during The term of office of some of the people Who sit here on this platform but it Will be done and it will be done before The end of this decade Kennedy said in 1969 the moon landing finally happened And President Kennedy's mission was Accomplished as it was completed within The given deadline but after the success Of the Apollo missions NASA experienced Significant budget cuts which made it Difficult to continue with their planned Missions although there were originally

20 Apollo missions planned the focus Shifted from further technological and Research-based missions towards a more Immediate goal of Landing humans on the Moon as a result the final three Missions were canceled making the future Of the Apollo missions uncertain During the Space Race the US government Invested a considerable amount of money Into the Apollo missions primarily to Gain an advantage over their opponents However despite the importance of Research and technological development They were not given much priority the Moon landing achieved by Apollo 11 was a Significant political statement which Further solidified the US's position in The Space Race however after the Achievement of this Milestone the need For more missions to the Moon diminished And they were not seen as necessary Since then the usaid considers that There is no need to prove to the world How Superior they are at least the US Government does not want to spend so Much money for this purpose again in Addition one of the significant reasons Is that the Moon is an ancient Celestial Body that poses a considerable threat to Human safety due to his extremely old Age and unique environmental conditions Therefore we mustn't take it lightly or Overlook the potential risks involved The moon surface is quite hazardous with

Numerous craters and large rocks that Make it difficult to land safely To prepare for the first moon landing in 1969 the U.S government invested a Significant amount of money which would Be worth billions today to create launch And send satellites to the moon the Primary purpose of these satellites was To create maps of the lunar surface and Assist Mission planners in identifying The most suitable sites for the Apollo Landings however there is a more Significant concern related to the Moon's history of meteorite strikes Which has resulted in the formation of Regolith commonly known as Moon dust According to Maddow thank avlu an Aeronautical engineer at the University Of Southern California in his 2014 Write-up the Moon is coated with a thin Layer of powdery substance that Resembles talcum powder this layer is Found in various areas and is a few Inches thick due to the moon's Interaction with solar winds the dust Has electrostatic charge that can stick To surfaces causing significant problems It is also very rough and can quickly Damage spacesuits vehicles and other Equipment Peggy Whitson an astronaut who Has spent a total of 600 165 days in Space revealed to Business Insider that The Apollo missions encountered Significant challenges related to lunar

Dust if we're going to spend long Durations and build permanent habitats We have to figure out how to handle that Whitson said besides the issues related To lunar dust there is also a major Problem with sunlight on the moon Due to the lack of a protective Atmosphere the lunar surface is directly Exposed to the sun's intense radiation Making it extremely hot and almost Uninhabitable for around 14 days at a Time conversely during the next 14 days The Moon is plunged into complete Darkness resulting in freezing Temperatures which make it one of the Coldest places in the known universe to Tackle this problem NASA is working on Developing a fission power system which Can provide astronauts with a reliable Source of electricity during the long Lunar nights which can last for weeks The power system will also be useful in Other space missions including those to Mars there is not a more environmentally Unforgiving or harsher place to live Than the moon phangavalu wrote and yet Since it is so close to the Earth there Is not a better place to learn how to Live away from the planet NASA has Developed Advanced spacesuits and Rovers That are capable of resisting dust and Sunlight however it is still unclear Whether this equipment is ready to be Deployed for space missions one of the

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More important reasons why we haven't Written turn to the Moon is that According to astronauts NASA's aging Staff is becoming a concern nowadays Children in America are more likely to Express their aspirations of becoming YouTube celebrities instead of aiming to Be astronauts you've got to realize Young people are essential to this kind Of an effort Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmidt recently told Business Insider the average age of the people in Mission control for Apollo 13 was 26 Years old and they'd already been on a Bunch of missions Expressed a similar worry by pointing Out that the typical age of individuals At NASA's Johnson Space Center is around 60 years old according to him Innovation And enthusiasm don't stem from such an Age group he believes that teenagers and People in their 20s are the ones who run Programs with energy and excitement he Cited the example of Elon musk's company Where everyone cheers and celebrates When a rocket booster lands successfully According to astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman Musk is one of many Space Nuts who Happen to be billionaires and is working Towards creating a new set of private Rockets capable of reaching the moon Hoffman further commented in a 2018 Roundtable discussion with journalists That the progress made in space

Exploration over the past decade would Not have been possible with just NASA Boeing and Lockheed the involvement of Innovators like musk was necessary to Bring down costs and alter traditional Approaches Hoffman was referring to the Advancements made by companies like SpaceX owned by mask and blue origin run By Jeff Bezos these private Aerospace Firms have been responsible for driving Innovation in the industry there's no Question if we're going to go farther Especially if we're going to go farther Than the moon we need new Transportation Hoffman added right now we're still in The horse and buggy days of space flight Several astronauts share bezos's vision Of returning to the Moon which he plans To achieve through his Aerospace company Blue origin and the new Glenn rocket System in April 2018 Bezos expressed his Vision of moving heavy industry off Earth and reserving it for Light Industry and residential areas musk too Has plans for lunar exploration using Spacex's Starship launch system which he Claims will make frequent visits to the Moon feasible and affordable SpaceX Might even become the first to visit the Moon before NASA or blue origin my dream Would be that someday the moon will Become part of the economic sphere of The earth just like a geostationary Orbit and low earth orbit Hoffman said

Space out as far as geostationary orbit Is part of our everyday economy Someday I think the moon will be and There's something to work for according To astronauts it is not a question of if We will return to the moon and make it To Mars but rather a question of when I Guess eventually things will come to Pass where they will go back to the moon And eventually go to Mars probably not In my lifetime Lovell said hopefully They'll be successful that's it for Today subscribe to our Channel and hit The notification Bell

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