Elon Musk Sees Something Interesting About Biden’s Decline

Elon Musk Sees Something Interesting About Biden's Decline

Elon Musk harshly criticized Biden and Explained the things that Biden has done During these four years and how Biden Gradually destroyed America according to Elon it's time people know everything Biden has done and how things got out of Control as mus says he finally decided For whom he will vote and whom he will Support financially with his billions of Dollars this is an interesting story so Let's explain everything as the 2024 Election approaches Elon Musk shared his Thoughts on the political actions of Melinda French Gates who is a Philanthropist in the ex-wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates musk Hinted that her actions might affect Western Civilization musk used X to talk About French Gates support for President Joe Biden musk wrote that it might be The collapse of Western Civilization Agreeing with another user who described Her as a scorn billionaire wife turned Democrat activist his post follows French Gates's public support for Biden And her strong opinions on women's Reproductive Rights she has been Focusing on her own philanthropic Projects since leaving the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since her Divorce from Bill Gates in 2021 French Gates's political activities have gained Attention she has recently shown support For Biden in the 2024 elections

Highlighting the importance of women's Reproductive Rights this isn't the first Time musk has criticized Biden's Administration earlier this week he Called the $ 42.5 billion rural High-speed internet plan an outrageous Waste of taxpayer money it's well known Publicly that musk does not like Biden And does not support him and this Conflict between musk and Biden is not New because everything started four Years ago that's when in February 2022 Elon Musk accused Joe Biden of being Biased against his electric car company Suggesting the administration is Controlled by unions at the code Conference in California musk explained Why he mocked Biden in a tweet earlier This month after Biden ignored space X's First all civilian Mission musk Described Biden as not the friendliest Musk pointed out that Tesla which sells More electric cars in the US than any Other automaker was not invited to an Electric vehicle event at the White House the previous month instead GM Ford Chrysler and the United Auto Workers Union were invited at this event Biden Did not mention Tesla and praised GM and Ford for leading the electric vehicle Revolution Musk added that the Biden Administration is a little biased or Something just not the friendliest Administration seems to be controlled by

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Unions he said after Tesla was excluded From eveve Summit a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen saki if it was Because Tesla employees were not Unionized these are the three largest Employers of the United Auto Workers so I'll let you draw your own conclusion Saki said musk has been against Unionization efforts in the past in the Past the National Labor Relations Board Ordered mus to remove an anti-union Tweet and required Tesla to post a Notice addressing the unlawful tweet at All of its us facilities in a 2018 tweet Musk wrote nothing stopping Tesla team At our car plant from voting Union could Do so if they wanted but why pay union Dues and give up stock options for Nothing our safety record is 2x better Than when the plant was UAW and Everybody already gets Healthcare and in The last few years Elon Musk conf with Biden got even worse in 2022 Elon Musk Criticized Joe Biden during an interview Saying the president just reads off a Teleprompter and that his administration Hasn't achieved much it's hard to tell What Biden is doing to be totally Frank Mus said on a podcast during the all-in Summit with kth ppaa David saaks and David Friedberg the real president is Whoever controls the teleprompter the Path to power is the path to the Teleprompter I feel like if some

Somebody accidentally leaned on the Teleprompter it would be like Anchor Man Musk added referring to the 2004 film About a news anchor who reads anything On the teleprompter even if it ruins his Career musk who says he has mostly voted For Democrats has repeatedly criticized Biden he seemed frustrated that Biden Invited several electric vehicle makers To the White House but has excluded Tesla in an email to CNBC in February Musk accused Biden of favoring Legacy Automakers over Tesla at one point musk Tweeted calling Biden a damp sock puppet In human form in March that Biden and His team were annoyed by musk criticism This Administration doesn't seem to get A lot done musk added the Trump Administration leaving Trump aside had a Lot of people who were effective at Getting things done this Administration Doesn't seem to have the drive to just Get things done that's my impression Then in 2023 Elon Musk criticized Biden's support for striking UAW Auto Workers during his visit to the picket Line where Biden backed their demands For a 40% pay raise in a shorter work Week it is a sure way to drive GM Ford And Chrysler bankrupt in the fast lane Musk posted on X formerly known as Twitter his comments came on the 12th Day of tense negotiations between UAW Workers and the three major US auto

Manufacturers then Elon Musk took a jab At wealthy Democratic donors and President Joe Biden's plans to tax the Rich in a tweet the president tweeted It's about time the super wealthy start Paying their fair share a little over an Hour later musk one of the richest men In the world replied that a wealth tax Could become a burden to lower to Middle Inome earners I agree that we should Make elaborate tax avoidance schemes Illegal but acting upon that would upset A lot of donors so we will see words but No action must said on Twitter Indirectly criticizing Democratic donors In the 2020 election bill billionaire Donors spent over $2.3 billion across Both parties Biden received Contributions from about 230 Billionaires or their Partners according To a report from Forbes those who will Actually be forced to carry the burden Of excess government spending are lower To middle-income wage earners as they Cannot Escape payroll tax mus said in His tweet Biden's tweet followed his Campaign rally in Philadelphia where he Called for union workers to support his Re-election and proposed a taxes on Billionaires and major companies it's Time they pay the minimum tax Biden said At the rally according to a transcript Of the event I don't mind them being Billionaires just pay your fair share

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Man then the Twitter owner joked that 80-year-old Biden was not in control of His own social media account please give Him the password so he can do his own Tweets musk tweeted in a separate Response to Biden's post please I'm Begging you and in 2024 conflict got Even worse when Elon Musk stated that he Will not donate to the campaigns of Either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump just to be super Clear I am not donating money to either Candidate for US president mus posted on His social media site mus tweet came a Day after the New York Times reported That he met with Trump and a few wealthy Republican donors last weekend in Palm Beach Florida the meeting took place at Trump's maral Lago club in Palm Beach Musk could support Trump or Biden in Ways other than direct donations to Their campaign aigns for instance he Could donate to a political action Committee backing either candidate any Major donation he makes could Significantly impact a candidate's Campaign mus did not respond to an email Seeking comment on whether he plans to Give to a pro Biden or Pro Trump pack It's also interesting to point out that Musk famously criticized the Democratic Party when he tweeted I voted 100% Dem Until a few years ago now I think we Need a red wave or America is toast and

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