Elon Musk – USA Just Got Involved in Israel Vs Hamas War and Warns About Future

Elon Musk - USA Just Got Involved in Israel Vs Hamas War and Warns About Future

Elon Musk just came out and announced That with recent developments the chance Of World War III happening is now 50% But what is going on well USA and Britain officially announc that they are Getting involved in this war and sending A giant help for Israel and the Announcement from the prime minister's Office regarding Britain's deployment of Patrol planes and Royal Navy ships to Assist Israel raises crucial Questions what has prompted this Unprecedented move is this the beginning Of a larger conflict or merely a Preemptive measure to maintain stability But this is not all behind the headlines A complex web of geopolitics alliances And a harrowing hostage situation is Unfolding this is a very tense situation So let's start from the beginning the Prime minister's office announced that Britain plans to send Patrol and Surveillance planes along with two Royal Navy ships to the Eastern Mediterranean To provide assistance to Israel in a Statement number 10 the prime minister's Office mentioned that prime minister Rishi sunak has ordered the UK military To send resources to the Eastern Mediterranean this action aims to help Israel make the region more stable and Stop things from getting worse the Statement also mentioned that there will Be Patrol and surveillance planes

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Watching over the area to keep an eye on Things that might make the region Unstable like moving weapons to Terrorist groups additionally the Royal Navy group will be shifted to the Eastern Mediterranean next week as a Backup plan to help with humanitarian Work according to the statement In the statement sunok emphasized the Need for a clear commitment to Preventing the terrible events they Witnessed this week from happening again He stated that the top-notch military Forces of their country working Alongside their allies will help in Maintaining stability in the region and Stopping any further escalation the British prime minister planned to Discuss the Israel situation with Leaders from northern Europe during the Joint expeditionary Force Summit Happening in Sweden the trouble started When Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel called operation Al AXA flood This attack involved firing many rockets And trying to get into Israel using land Sea and air tactics also the US defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Israel And during his visit Austin will oversee The delivery of security aid from the United States to Israel this Aid is Being sent to help Israel after the Unexpected attack by Hamas where they Killed 1,200 people in Israel and took

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Around 150 hostages in response Israel Has been launching air strikes and using Artillery to attack Hamas locations in Gaza for several days now they say this Has led to the deaths of at least 1,537 people to support Israel the United States has sent an aircraft Carrier and other warships to the Eastern Mediterranean they've also Pledged to provide weapons and other Supplies to Israel a senior us defense Official told journalists that the US Has been providing a lot of support to Israel including multiple shipments of Material military supplies that Israel Requested another shipment arrived today And more are coming in the next few days The United States is also talking to the Israelis about the hostage situation They are providing guidance and support On this very important matter as Mentioned by the official Austin Informed reporters in Brussels that the United States had no prior knowledge or Signs that Hamas would carry out their Violent attack he also stated that the United States has not set any Restrictions on how Israel can use the Weapons it receives he mentioned this is A professional military led by Professional leadership and we would Hope and expect that they would do the Right things in the prosecution of their Campaign Israel is getting ready for a

Potential ground attack on the Palestinian territory this comes after a Major event that's being compared to Israel's version of 9/11 furthermore on Friday the Israeli military asked over 1 Million people living in Gaza City to Move to the southern part of the city Within the next day they did this Because they were getting ready to send Tanks into the area following a big Attack by the Hamas group defense Minister yev Gallant stated that it's a Time for war while Israeli war planes Kept bombing Gaza as a response to the Recent attacks by Hamas militants these Attacks caused the deaths of over 1,300 Israelis with most of them being regular People not Soldiers the Israeli military Announced that they plan to carry out Significant operations in Gaza City in The next few days they advised civilians Not to return until they Reed Guidance The military urged the people in Gaza City to move to the southern areas to Keep themselves and their families safe They also asked them to stay away from The Hamas militants who are using them As Shields to protect themselves the Military also mentioned that Hamas Terrorists are concealing themselves in Gaza City by using tunnels beneath Houses and taking cover in buildings Where innocent gazan civilians live AAS Leader encouraged people not to believe

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What they called false information later The military branch of Hamas said that Out of the many people they had captured From Israel 13 had lost their lives in The recent Israeli air strikes Israel Has made a strong promise to completely Destroy the Hamas militant group Responsible for the Saturday attacks They said that during the night they Targeted 750 military sites including Hamas tunnels military bases the homes Of high ranking members and places where Weapons are stored Elon Musk also o Commented on the ongoing situation in Israel and suggested to people to share The latest information and report Everything that is going on in this war As musk said everyone can be a citizen Journalist on X then he reposted a scary Report that said breaking there's now a 50% chance of World War as the Israel Hamas conflict threatens to spread hedge Fund billionaire Ray Doo has said these Are some terrifying developments in this War as you know musk is very much Involved in this war he even made all Tesla superchargers available and free Across Israel and that's it for today

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