Elon Musk’s Crazy New Announcement about Attack against Twitter

Elon Musk's Crazy New Announcement about Attack against Twitter

Recently Elon Musk was in many Controversies first musk explained that People have to know about these Declassified secret missions and Landings on the Moon by China and these Images change everything about what we Knew about the moon but now musk is in Another trouble Because with recent development Elon Musk and Twitter might lose ownership of X and become Twitter again but this is Just small tip of what is going to Happen because everyone is coming for Elon Musk and giant legal battle between Twitter Facebook and Microsoft is ahead Of us with that Twitter got sued by Ex-employees over half billion dollars Soup claims Twitter should have paid More salaries and it didn't seems like Everywhere you look Elon Musk is Attacked from every possible Direction And this is a very complicated situation So let's explain everything so according To new reports Elon musk's change in how He presents himself on Twitter might Cause him legal trouble as reported Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Meda and other Tech Giants have concerns about this as You know musk threw away the old Twitter Brandon logo the social media site is Now called X which CEO Linda yakarino Confirmed but here's the problem meta Microsoft and some other companies have Already claimed ownership of trademarks

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For the new name of Twitter meta has Claimed a trademark for a blue and white X which is connected to services like Social networking entertainment gaming And making apps this could lead to a Legal fight over who really owns the Rights to the ex-name and logo this is The beginning of a legal battle between The biggest companies in the world that Will cost billions of dollars however Other small companies are also disputing This new name of Twitter so big tech Companies meta and Microsoft have Trademarks related to the letter x Microsoft has it for their XBox while Meta has a blue and white X for things Like software and social media Microsoft's trademark is about video Games so it probably won't affect Twitter but netta's trademark is for Social media which might be a problem For Twitter XC especially since musk and Zuckerberg meta's boss don't get along Well Twitter's lawyers recently sent a Warning to Zuckerberg about threads Claiming his company wrongly took Twitter's special information and ideas Because of this Zuckerberg might Question musk's use of the X trademark Considering the challenge in Safeguarding a singular character Notably one is commercially prevalent as X the defense for Twitter is probably

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Limited to Graphics closely resembling Their X emblem brand lawyer Douglas Masters informed Reuters the emblem Isn't particularly unique so the defense Scope will be minimal conversely musk's History of helming businesses implies He's well versed in brand matters he Might even possess a brand for his Latest project XA potentially aligning It with Twitter X this news comes after A meeting where President Joe Biden vice President Kamala Harris and Executives From several big tech companies got Together to talk about protecting Against issues related to two artificial Intelligence Amazon meta Microsoft open AI inflection and anthropic have all Committed voluntarily to responsible Innovation as announced by President Biden in a statement Biden mentioned That these promises are a positive move But there's still much teamwork ahead Making the potential of AI come true While handling its risks will need new Laws rules and supervision In the future X might use AI but right Now the initial stage of Twitter's Rebranding is quite straightforward you Can reach the platform's main page Through x.com And soon we shall bid a due to the Twitter brand and gradually all the Birds musk wrote in a tweet according to Musk there might be more intricate

Changes in the future Furthermore Twitter is said to have not Paid 500 million dollars in Severance to Many workers who lost their jobs after Elon Musk bought the company according To a lawsuit filed on Wednesday Courtney McMillian who used to be in charge of Twitter's employee benefits she was let Go in January she says that Twitter had A plan in 2019 where if workers were let Go they would get two months of their Salary plus an extra week's pay for each Year they worked there people in higher Positions like McMillian were supposed To get six months of their salary However Twitter only paid some workers One month of severance pay and many got Nothing after Elon Musk bought Twitter In October the company let go of more Than half its workers to save money when Asked for a comment Twitter replied with A poop emoji the lawsuit claims that Around 6 000 people were ultimately Impacted by these job Cuts according to The complaint filed in a federal court In San Francisco Cisco Twitter had a Severance plan for its employees this Plan stated that when employees left the Company they were supposed to get at Least two months worth of their regular Pay as Severance Additionally the plan Included providing money to help cover Their health insurance costs along with Other advantages

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Back in November after a big set of job Cuts musk mentioned that employees would Be given pay equivalent to three months Worth which he stated was 50 percent More than what the law demanded the Complaint alleges that musk gave false Information to the employees regarding Whether the company would follow the Severance plan this caused some Employees to stay at the company for a Longer time than they would have if they Had known the truth on the other hand Musk previously said that he does not Believe Twitter owes more Severance to Former employees musk's disagreement With the lawsuit is likely based on his Interpretation of Twitter's Severance Policy the policy states that employees Who are laid off are entitled to two Months of base pay plus one week of pay For each full year of service However the policy also allows the Company to reduce the amount of Severance pay if it is necessary to do So for financial reasons In this case Twitter argues that it was Necessary to reduce the amount of Severance pay due to the company's Financial situation the company has been Losing money for several years and it Has been forced to lay off employees in Order to cut costs that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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