Elon Musk’s Terrifying Revelation That Exposed The Biggest Risk in The World

Elon Musk's Terrifying Revelation That Exposed The Biggest Risk in The World

Elon Musk revealed that the risk of World War III has drastically increased As political tensions rise and Global Instability grows and this is the Biggest worry that elot musk has with The proliferation of nuclear weapons and Other Advanced Technologies the Destructive potential of any major Conflict has grown exponentially and as Musk said he is scared of this situation Musk added that he has inside Information about what is going on Behind the scenes and this situation Terrifies him as the world becomes in Increasingly reliant on technology Particularly artificial intelligence Musk has emphasized the importance of Understanding the potential consequences Of this rapidly evolving field in recent Years he has raised concerns about the Development of autonomous weapons and The use of AI in military technology Which could lead to a future conflict Between nations the development of Autonomous weapons also known as Killer Robots has been a subject of concern for Many experts in the field of artificial Intelligence these weapons are designed To function without human intervention And are capable of making decisions on Their own the lack of accountability in Decision-making and the speed at which AI technology is advancing could result In a situation where countries engage in

A war without fully understanding the Consequences of their actions this could Lead to a situation where a small Mistake or malfunction could have Disastrous consequences resulting in Large- scale destruction and loss of Life musk's emphasize the importance of International cooperation and regulation In preventing the development of AI Powered weapons he has called for a Global ban on autonomous weapons similar To the treaty that banned chemical and Biological weapons he has also argue for The creation of a regulatory framework To ensure that AI is developed and used In a responsible and ethical manner this Framework should include guidelines for The development and use of AI as well as Mechanisms for accountability and Transparency in the past technological Advancements have often resulted in Unintended consequences that have played A significant role in major conflicts For example the use of submarines and Aircraft in World War I and two Revolutionized the way wars were fought Leading to new strategies and tactics Similarly the development of nuclear Weapons in the mid 20th century had a Profound impact on international Relations and security leading to a State of constant tension and the threat Of mutually assured destruction this Highlights the need for caution and

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Responsible decision-making in the Development and use of new technology Artificial intelligence is quickly Storming the new world markets and Advancements in robotics are on the rise Although AI has redefined the limits to What humans are capable of it continues To pose many threats but while many are All for the idea billionaire Tech Entrepreneur Elon Musk has his Reservations as AI grows more Sophisticated and widespread so do the Threats that it imposes on human Autonomy and the voices that warn Against its pitfalls seem to grow louder And first off there is the ever-looming Threat of human subordination to robots The this is composed of creating a Destructive super intelligence that will Inevitably escape from the grips of Human control and wreck havoc on our Freedom but there is also a more subtle And more invasive way in which AI Powered machines and software May Threaten our livelihood be the rapid Automation of jobs which is snatching Employment from more and more people or The autonomous weapons operating without Human oversight these are just some of The countless dangers of AI in today's World this dangerous arms race of AI Powered weaponry has put entire nations On alert equipping powerful countries With a technology to dismantle other

Weaker nations from within as AI robots Become more dextrous and smarter they Will be able to perform jobs that people Living on the verge of poverty hold this Will inevitably lead to a much higher Poverty rate leading to further Starvation and a greater socioeconomic Disparity but that's not all in 2018 the Malicious use of artificial intelligence Forecasting prevention and mitigation Paper enumerated a wide host of other Dangers that could potentially cause Serious harm in the coming 5 years among These threats was the threat of security Breaches by AI software which will Adversely affect user privacy on the Internet the increasingly orwellian use Of facial recognition technology in Areas all around us like offices schools And even our homes will put humans under Hypers surveilance ai's widespread use Could threaten digital physical and Political security and will proved to be A weapon for authoritarian regimes Machine learning that is involved in Natural language processing could easily Be manipulated to digitally alter Evidence and documents another facet of AI generated threats is that which Befalls the stock market stock markets Around the world will eventually become Unstable because of the algorithmic Highfrequency trading caused by AI these Algorithms will bring down our entire

Financial systems such as Wall Street And this will happen because computers Will become encumbered by the emotions Or instincts which can clout a human's Judgment and will execute trades based On pre-programmed instructions this Process does not account for how Interconnected the markets are and Throws all human logic out of the window When it comes to trading when thousands Of Trades will occur every second it Will constitute a hefty chunk of change For the stock markets eventually leading To Total economic laps as we have Witnessed in history every time a horror Befs a nation some warn of the impending Dangers before they have had the chance To occur in this case that person is Elon Musk if you've been following Elon Musk you are probably already familiar With the skepticism that Tech Mogul Holds about AI he has on multiple Occasions tried to warn people about the Dangers of the uncontrolled use of Artificial intelligence in March 2018 at The South by Southwest Tech Conference In Austin Texas Elon Musk reportedly Issued a warning saying mark my words AI Is far more dangerous than nukes this Was just one of his premonition on the Destruction that AI can cause now Although musk sees the dangerous side of AI it has not stopped him from dabbling In it steered by the fear That Others

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May develop AI powered robots which may Inevitably cause the downfall of humans The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX set out to Make his version in his words his Creation albe it a humanoid robot will Be aimable and will be able to navigate Through a world that is built for humans Without posing any threat to their Autonomy about this new branching out in AI musk stated I'm quite close to The Cutting Edge in AI which scares the hell Out of me he further went on to add it's Capable of vastly more than almost Anyone knows and the rate of improvement Is exponential and he's not alone in his Fears cognitive scientist and author Gary Marcus states in the 2013 New Yorker essay the smarter machines become The more their goals could shift he Further added once computers can Effectively reprogram themselves and Successfully improve themselves leading To a so-called technological singularity Or intelligence explosion the risks of Machines outwitting humans in battles For resources and self-preservation Cannot simply be dismissed one of the Key reasons masks hold so many Reservations against AI is because of The impression the movie The Terminator Left on him when he was just 13 years of Age at one point he even told cnbc's Closing bell in 2014 about his expertise With the Terminator saying I like to

Just keep an eye on what's going on with Artificial intelligence there have been Movies about this you know like the Terminator there are some scary outcomes That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification

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