Elon Musk’s Terrifying Warning About The End

Elon Musk's Terrifying Warning About The End

Elon Musk warned about World War III he Thinks the civilization is on borrowed Time and if we don't change something we Might face Global collapse in the event Of the third world war there would be Another Dark Age with radioactive rebble Also Joe Rogan came out and revealed That we are much closer to nuclear war Than People realize with that in a Significant turn of events missiles Fired from both Lebanon and Syria rocked The northern part of Israel so does it Mean that bigger more powerful countries Like Iran and Russia are getting Involved but there's more these attacks Came on the heels of intense fighting in Southern Israel spurred by a massive Onslaught by the Palestinian Hamas group In Gaza this is a very tense situation So let's explain everything Elon Discussed the high probability of World War III happening one of the main Reasons he advocates for colonizing Mars Is the because of a high likelihood of a Catastrophic third world war he believes That if such a war were to occur the Aftermath might resemble a radioactive Wast land ushering in a dark age in such A scenario having a backup location for Civilization like Mars would be crucial To revive Humanity on Earth while World War II was said to be the war to end all Wars we now know this to be untrue with Many countries harboring their own

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Nuclear weapons tensions at an all-time High in the Middle East Russian Occupation of nearby Georgian and Ukrainian territories and of course the Constant threat of North Korea it does Seem like World War II is indeed on the Horizon and if it does occur then Earth Being reduced to Radioactive of rubble Is probably quite close to reality with Nuclear weapons meaning complete Annihilation of countries is really Quite possible and as you know this war Continues in Israel missiles were fired At the North part of Israel from Lebanon And Syria in return the Israeli military Attacked positions in both countries This happened because there was ongoing Fighting in southern Israel after a big Attack by the Palestinian Hamas group in Gaza according to the Israeli military 15 Rockets were launched from Lebanon Towards the Western Galilee region this Triggered alarms in various towns the Iron Dome defense system managed to stop Four of these Rockets and the others Landed in open areas without causing any Harm or injuries at first the military Mentioned in a statement that they had Fired artillery in reaction to the Rocket attack then in a later statement They said that tanks had targeted two Positions linked to the Hezbollah terror Group shortly afterward the Israeli Military reported that someone fired a

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Missile from Lebanon aimed at an armored Vehicle near the northern town of avim Thankfully no soldiers got hurt in Response to this a military helicopter Attacked a third Hezbollah position the Military stated that they are ready for Any situation and will keep safeguarding The people living in Israel later on Hamas admitted to launching the rockets And Hezbollah stated that they were Behind the anti-tank missile attack some Mortars were shot from Syria towards the Golden Heights the Israeli military Reported that a few of these landed in Open areas inside Israel without without Causing any harm in response the IDF Conducted artillery attacks in Syria Aiming at the source of the mortar fire The attacks happened the day after Israeli forces had a fight with Terrorists along the Lebanon Border in That Clash three Israeli soldiers and Two terrorists from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were killed Israel's Counterattack against the terrorist Group resulted in the deaths of three Hezbollah members the rocket attacks Occurred after the funerals for two of The Hezbollah members who had been Killed Joe Rogan talked about this Situation on his podcast and explained That risks associated with nuclear war Are higher than ever he said I start Freaking out like what would happen if

We were like Armageddon madmax nuclear War how far are we away from that how Does this all resolve before and after The clashes on Monday there were several Instances of mortar shells being Launched from Southern Lebanon into Israel in response to these attacks the IDF fired artillery Sunday morning saw Hezbollah firing many rockets at three Israeli locations in the disputed Mountain D area these Rockets caused Some damage but didn't harm anyone Hezbollah stated that they launched These Rockets to show support for the Hamas attack in southern Israel in the Past Hezbollah didn't get heavily Involved in conflicts between Israel and Palestinian terrorist groups however it Did permit local Palestinian factions to Operate in southern Lebanon now there Are concerns that Hezbollah might decide To join the fighting creating a new Front in the ongoing conflict this Concern arises due to the significant Invasion of Israel by many Hamas Terrorists from the Gaza Strip because Of the tense situation in Northern Israel many people who live in towns Near the border with Lebanon have left Their homes in the past day they are Worried about more rocket attacks Happening in metula the northernmost Town in Israel officials have encouraged Residents to evacuate they are concerned

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That if Hezbollah attacks Israel people In Matula could be in danger also Another threat of course is the Population collapse the population of China for example once known for its Rapid growth has started to decrease This significant change in the world's Most populated nation is noteworthy but China isn't the only one experiencing This trend Spain Japan Italy the Population decline around the world is Catastrophic Ellen musk commented on This situation and said the biggest Threat to the future of humanity is Population collapse he has also said That the world is facing a demographic Winter and that the birth rate is below Replacement level in most developed Countries And that's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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