File Your IRS Tax Return Electronically for Free

File Your IRS Tax Return Electronically for Free

Most people can prepare and file their federal 
tax return electronically for free if their   Income is below a certain amount.
That’s right. Free. No cost. Zero.  Go to, see if you 
qualify to use free tax software and   Let IRS Free File do the hard work for you.
IRS Free File guides you in preparing and   Filing your federal income tax return online 
using free software. It’s easy, in fact you   Can use Free File from your home computer.
If you have a higher income and don’t qualify for   Free File, you have the option of using Free File 
Fillable Forms online instead. Remember that Free   File Fillable Forms offers no tax preparation 
guidance and only has limited calculations.  Both ways are safe, and completely 
free for federal returns.  Get started at There are 
two ways to select a Free File service that   Works for you. You can click the link to 
the Browse All Offers page or click the   Link for the Online Lookup Tool.
Once you enter your information,   You’ll get a list of software options. When 
you click your desired IRS Free File provider,   You’ll leave the IRS website and get 
redirected to the software provider’s website.  To prepare and file your return for free, 
remember you must create an account at   The IRS Free File provider’s website, 
after you access it only from  Remember, you MUST access the 
provider from, not by going   Directly to that same provider’s website.
To get started, visit

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