Get Ready to File Your Taxes

Get Ready to File Your Taxes

You can get ready now to do your taxes. You can   Always visit 
any time for more information.  Here are five things you can do now 
to make filing your taxes go smoothly.  First, set-up an IRS Online 
Account at  Here you can access your tax records. 
You can make and view payments. You   Can also view or create payments plans 
and see how much tax you owe, if any.  Second, gather and organize your tax records.
This includes gathering and keeping important   Forms and information handy…such as W-2s you will 
get from your employer and 1099s from your bank,   Apps and other payers in January.
Also, keep end-of-year documents,   Such as Form 1095-A, the Health 
Insurance Marketplace statement.  Third, before the year is over, make sure you’re 
having enough tax withheld or find out if you need   To make an additional estimated tax payment. 
The easiest way to do this is by using the Tax   Withholding Estimator at
Fourth, individual taxpayer identification   Numbers – also called ITINs – need to be 
renewed only if they are expired and if   They’re needed on a US tax return.
Finally, want a faster refund?  Filing electronically and direct depositing your 
refund into your bank account is the quickest   And safest way to get your refund.
If you don’t have a bank account,   You may want to set one up.
To learn more, visit

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