Get to Know the Earned Income Tax Credit and How it Can Help You

Get to Know the Earned Income Tax Credit and How it Can Help You

If you work and have low-to-moderate income, 
be sure to look into the earned income tax   Credit – also known as EITC. It can put money in 
your pocket. The first thing to do is check out There, you’ll discover the credit 
can be worth thousands of dollars for some people. The amount of your credit depends on 
several factors. This includes things   Like whether you have children, 
dependents, or are disabled. You must meet other criteria too. For example,   Your income from working and your investment 
income must be below specific limits. You must be a US citizen or a resident 
alien all year and you must have a   Valid Social Security number by 
the due date of your tax return. There are special qualifying 
rules for Military members,   Clergy, and taxpayers with disabilities, 
but keep in mind that the only way anyone   Can get the credit is by filing a 
tax return and claiming the credit. One important note: The IRS is 
required by law to wait until   Mid-February to issue refunds to taxpayers 
who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit. So   Some people could get their money later than 
expected. This includes your entire refund,   Not just the part that’s related to the 
credit you claimed on your tax return. For more information and to 
find out if you qualify for   This valuable credit, visit

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