Graham Hancock – I’ve Kept This Secret All These Years

Graham Hancock - I've Kept This Secret All These Years

Graeme Hancock says that in the history Of the world there's a big gap an Unknown period when bad things happen Like disasters and nature events Following those cataclysmic events the Signs of civilization that we see Emerging are not the beginnings of Civilization they're a restarting of Civilization that had existed before the Cataclysm people used to think these Wiped out all the proof and lost Technologies that Egyptians Mayors and Other civilizations had and used to Build pyramids and other ancient Buildings but that's not completely true Surprisingly not everything was Destroyed and scientists have found Amazing details about the advanced loss Technology and abilities that these Ancient lost civilizations had Randall Carlson also talks about how very Special individuals secretly looked for These lost Technologies for a long time There are people who've been working on These things for for decades now Basically in secret in secret now they Have shared what they found so that These ideas aren't kept secret these Technologies might not be easy to Understand because they're about moving Things by telepathic abilities Transforming giant matter and other Superhuman abilities that lost Civilizations had this is a very

Interesting story so let's explain it Hancock who is known for his alternative Theories regarding ancient civilizations And their potential significance among His numerous propositions one of the Most fascinating is the idea that these Ancient societies might have been Heavily influenced by the use of Psychedelics Central to Hancock's work especially as Presented in books like Fingerprints of The Gods is the belief that there exists Evidence of a highly Advanced ancient Civilization predating the known ancient Cultures like Egypt or Mesopotamia According to Hancock this mysterious Civilization which may have existed Around the time of the last ice age Could have been responsible for Transferring knowledge and Architectural Techniques to subsequent cultures the Precision and sophistication of ancient Structures like the pyramids of Egypt or The NASCAR lines in Peru are often cited As testimonies to this lost knowledge The rule of psychedelics in ancient Societies particularly in the context of Graham Hancock's theories encompasses a Wide range of uses and significances That hint at a deeper connection between These substances and the evolution of Human consciousness and culture many Indigenous cultures around the world Have a rich history of using natural

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Psychedelics such as ayahashka peyote or Psilocybin mushrooms for Spiritual and Healing purposes these substances Revered as sacred are believed to Connect the user to a higher plane of Consciousness allowing them to Communicate with deities ancestral Spirits or even access hidden Realms of Knowledge these profound experiences Were often seen as Rites of Passage or Tools for gaining wisdom and the elders Or shamans who had mastered their use Were highly respected Within These Communities on a Joe Rogan podcast where They were discussing Graham Hancock's Theory about ancient civilizations with Joe Rogan Graham said it was a Civilization that used psychedelics I Think it was a civilization that emerged From Shamanism but did not stay at the Hunter-gatherer stage but that took the Essence of shamanism and integrated it Into a very different kind of Civilization from our own which pursued Things in different ways there would Have been a clear choice not to make Plastic maybe they did things in Completely different ways maybe they Cultivated powers of the human mind that We dismiss and regard as completely Unimportant you know who who Also in the realm of ancient Architecture the mystery surrounding the Construction techniques of megalithic

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Structures stands out how did societies Without the advantages of modern Machinery or even basic tools like the Will erect such magnificent monuments And granite with its enduring strength Of formidable density has served as the Bedrock of numerous ancient Architectural Marvels deep within the Structures of ancient temples and Monuments the presence of massive Granite beams some of which weigh Several tons continues to baffle and Intrigue both laypeople and experts Alike the question that persists is how Our ancestors equipped only with Primitive tools managed to transport and Place these colossal Stone beams Hancock Stated that lepon examining the renowned King's chamber one would be amazed by The meticulous details the walls and Ceiling of the chamber are constructed Using massive Granite blocks each block On the chamber's roof weighs a Staggering 70 tons while some Egyptologists suggest that heavy blocks Could be moved by placing them on wet Sand and pushing this method wouldn't Suffice when the chamber is 350 feet Above the ground as is the case in the King's chamber Hancock admitted I don't Think anyone truly knows the method they Used to lift these stones and bring them Up to their level it seems we are once Again confronted with a lost technology

Hancock proposed that an ancient Apocalypse wiped this knowledge from Human memory almost entirely but not Completely due to survivors Randall Carlson renowned for his theories on Ancient civilizations and structures Shared Hancock's belief that these Structures were built using lost Advanced Technologies Carlson discussed a catastrophic event In the past that was more intense than Modern experiences he explained that the Sea level would have risen much faster Around three to four times the rate seen In the last century these rapid Rises Would have created a highly energetic Intertidal zone where anything except Large megalithic blocks would have been Wiped out this severity is often Overlooked by archaeologists and Prehistorians according to Carlson Carlson Illustrated his point using an Analogy he asked us to imagine dropping An atomic bomb on a city then doing the Same thing again shortly afterward after Thousands of years what would remain Would be mostly Rubble that had become Part of geological layers within these Formations artifacts that don't fit our Current understanding of Technology Might be present Carlson believed that We are on the verge of rediscovering the Achievements of our ancient ancestors he Thought that evidence some of which may

Have been buried or suppressed by modern Researchers points to this possibility Graham Hancock however says that there Might be more to the story drawing from Various sources including ancient texts Shamanistic traditions and the accounts Of indigenous peoples Hancock suggests That some of these civilizations might Have accessed Altered States Of Consciousness these Altered States he Theorizes could have allowed individuals To tab into psychic abilities such as Telepathy telekinesis and clairvoyance Hancock's Explorations into shamanic Traditions in particular reveal that Many indigenous cultures believe in the Ability to access other Realms or Dimensions through rituals plant Medicines or meditation these Experiences they claim offer profound Insights healing capabilities and even Tangible skills Hancock proposes that if Modern indigenous tribes have such Beliefs and practices it's conceivable That ancient civilizations might have Had similar Traditions but at a more Advanced level when considering the Construction of massive edifices like The pyramids of Egypt or the stone Cities of the Mayans Hancock raises the Possibility that psychic abilities could Have been a contributing factor for Instance Telekinesis the ability to move Objects with the Mind might explain how

Massive stone blocks some weighing Several tons were moved cut and placed With remarkable Precision if such Abilities existed and were honed by These ancient cultures it might provide A new perspective on some of the Architectural wonders of the ancient World as Graham said in the Joe Rogan Podcast people have telepathic powers And are automatic reaction is to just Dismiss all of that because science says It's impossible because science regards Consciousness as local to the brain and Doesn't see how it can exert itself Outside of that but maybe we should open Up to those possibilities that we're Dealing with a very different kind of Culture that use techniques that we have Allowed to lapse and maybe we could wait Those techniques up again maybe the use Of human beings to do almost superhuman Things is resident within all of us but Sleeping according to Hancock around 12 800 to 11 600 years ago Earth Experienced a series of cataclysmic Events Suggests that a massive comet impact Split into multiple fragments struck the Earth causing widespread fires massive Flooding due to rapidly melting ice caps And 1 200 year long Ice Age known as the Younger dryas Hancock contends that These catastrophic events not only Decimated these ancient civilizations

But also led to a form of historical Amnesia also according to Graham this Was the beginning of new civilizations As Hancock said if I could I'd go 12 800 Years ago in the beginning of the Younger driest to see because I think That's where the whole human story Changes I think that's where we change Tracks from One path to another path and Following those cataclysmic events of The younger dryas between 12 800 and 11 600 years ago following those the signs Of civilization that we see are merging Are not the beginnings of civilization They're a restart civilization that had Existed before the cataclysm the Knowledge advancements and memories of These civilizations were largely Obliterated only fragments of their Wisdom often passed down as myths Legend And oral Traditions survived the Devastation many ancient cultures from The Mayans to the Egyptians have myths And legends about great floods or fires That destroyed previous ages of mankind Hancock argues that these aren't just Allegorical Tales but are in fact Historical records of real events they Serve as collective memories of the Catastrophes that reshape the Earth and Led to the loss of ancient knowledge and Civilizations Randall Carlson mentions That currently individuals experts are Working in secret and are attempting to

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ReDiscover ancient lost Technologies Some have been delving into this Research secretly for decades he's Personally spoken to a few of these Researchers in the past six or seven Years presently a group is planning to Release a vast amount of this knowledge About these lost Technologies as open Source to prevent its suppression There's an active laboratory in the Maldives constructing prototypes rooted In these principles which focus on Implosion instead of explosion with Nikola Tesla and Victor shorberger's Concepts being integral to this work Hancock also mentioned that individuals Are exploring an alternative Technological route which might be a Revival of the techniques employed by a Forgotten civilization Moreover one of the significant insights Presented by Hancock is the potential Wealth of undiscovered and Archaeological evidence lurking within Some of the world's most inaccessible And overlooked regions the Amazon Rainforest the Sahara Desert and various Underwater sites Often dub the lungs of our planet the Amazon is not just a vast biodiverse Region but also a repository of hidden Human histories while it's predominantly Seen as a dense wild and untouched Forest Hancock posits that this

Sprawling Green Landscape May conceal Remnants of ancient civilizations that Once Thrive there satellite imagery has Already hinted at vast networks of Ancient civilizations with large cities And ceremonial centers however the dense Canopy and the challenging terrains have Limited thorough archaeological Explorations consequently the full Extent of human history in the Amazon Remains largely Uncharted with that Today the Sahara is a vast expanse of Sand and dunes but this wasn't always The case historical records and Geological evidence suggest that Thousands of years ago the Sahara was a Lush and habitable region home to Various ancient communities and cultures Hancock believes that beneath the Shifting Sands lies evidence of these Forgotten civilizations While some prehistoric rock art has been Discovered suggesting complex societies Vast regions of the Sahara remain Unexplored due to its harsh and vast Environment the idea of submerged Ancient cities and civilizations is a Tantalizing one as sea levels Rose after The last ice age many coastal regions Worldwide was submerged potentially Taking with them evidence of early human Settlements Hancock emphasizes the Importance of underwater archeology in Uncovering the mysteries of our ancient

Past these untouched and underexplored Regions may very well hold the keys to Answering many questions about our Ancestors and the civilizations that Have been lost to time That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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