Graham Hancock on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids

Graham Hancock on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids

According to Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock Egyptian history has a strange And giant gap an unknown period that no One knows what was happening there and It was caused by natural disasters that Scientists recently thought completely Destroyed unique evidence and Fascinating technologies that the Egyptians used to build pyramids however As Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock Revealed they have managed to get access To some incredible and some would say Almost alien-like technologies that lost Egyptian civilization possessed these Technologies may seem unfamiliar to us Because they involve using vibrations to Control objects ancient structures like The pyramids and Gobekli Tepe were built Using special Advanced machines but what Exactly were these mysterious Technologies The sheer enormity of the pyramids Specifically the Great Pyramid of Giza Stands as a testament to their Grandeur Comprising approximately 2.3 million Stone blocks each weighing an average of 2.5 tonnes and some up to 15 Tons the Logistics involved in quarrying shaping Transporting and positioning these Stones seems nearly insurmountable given The technology available at the time the Period of their construction believed to Have been completed within a 20-year Span would require an estimated 800 tons

Of stone to be installed daily assuming Work proceeded continuously this Demanding timetable seems to exceed the Capabilities of a Bronze Age Civilization and has thus been used as An argument for the existence of an Unknown advanced technology the Precision inherent in the construction Of the pyramids is another factor that Lends Credence to the Lost technology Theory the pyramids particularly the Great Pyramid of Giza display Extraordinary craftsmanship the base of The Great Pyramid is level to within Just 2.1 centimeters a remarkable feed Considering its size its size are Oriented to the cardinal directions with A degree of accuracy within a fraction Of a degree this level of precision Difficult even with modern equipment Suggests a sophisticated understanding Of engineering principles and advanced Tools the mathematical and astronomical Knowledge embedded within the pyramid's Design points towards a highly Advanced Civilization The pyramids are Giza for example are Aligned with certain constellations the Three Pyramids of Giza appear to match Up with the three stars in Orion's Belt And the shafts within the grade pyramid Point towards important stars and Constellations these alignments consider Too precise to be coincidental indicate

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An advanced knowledge of astronomy What's more various measurements of the Pyramids allegedly correlate with Significant numerical values such as Pi And Phi the golden ratio hinting at an Advanced mathematical understanding that Seems unlikely for a civilization from The Bronze Age In addition several Thinkers have sought to explain the Grandeur and precision of the Pyramids By positing theories of advanced Technology and knowledge lost to history Christopher Dunn a British engineer and Manufacturing expert takes a unique and Technologically oriented approach to the Pyramid mystery in his book the Giza Power plant Technologies of ancient Egypt Dunn proposes that the Great Pyramid was not a 2 but a sophisticated Power plant he supports this claim with Meticulous observations about the Precision and design of the pyramid's Features which he believes shows clear Sides of advanced Machining for instance He points out that the extraordinary Flatness and parallel nature of the Surfaces inside the king's chamber and The complex system of shafts and Chambers within the pyramid he Interprets these features as evidence of Advanced technological knowledge and Machinery well beyond what we know of The ancient Egyptians capabilities Dunn suggests that the pyramid was

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Designed to convert the Earth's Vibrational energies into electricity This idea leans towards a form of Geo-engineering knowledge that would Have required a sophisticated Understanding of the Earth's geological And Atmospheric properties which Mainstream archeology does not ascribe To the ancient Egyptians with that Stephen Miller an independent Egyptologist and former student of Indigenous wisdom keeper Abdel al-hakam Awan also Advocates the idea of lost Technology however his theories have Rooted more in the oral traditions of The indigenous people of Egypt known as The commissions Mailer suggests that the pyramids were Energy devices based on commission Tradition that the Ancients could use Sound in other forms of energy in ways We do not currently understand The word pyramid itself is a Greek term The commissions refer to them as pineta Meaning the house of nature which hints At a function tied to Natural Energy Rather than a mere burial site According to mailer the commission Civilization predates the dynasty Egyptians and possessed a level of Knowledge of wisdom that modern society Struggles to comprehend this knowledge Included harnessing and using natural Forms of energy in ways that have since

Been lost mailers theories encourage a Broader perspective on understanding the Past they urge us to consider Alternative explanations beyond the Mainstream narrative thus Paving the way For new and potentially revolutionary Archaeological hypotheses it is Important to note that Graham Hancock's Work mainly revolves around his Speculation that there existed Advanced Civilizations in prehistory which lost Their technology and knowledge Hancock Supports his arguments through a blend Of archaeological findings Interpretations of ancient myths and Sometimes controversial geological Theories Hancock's belief that the pyramids are Indicative of lost technology comes from The seemingly impossible Precision with Which these structures were built for Instance the alignment of the Great Pyramid of Giza with magnetic north and Its intricate interior design showcasing Both mathematical and astronomical Knowledge seem unfeasible for a Civilization from 2500 BC at least based On conventional historical understanding Hancock also points out that the huge Stone blocks some weighing up to 70 tons Were transported and lifted into place With a level of precision that Challenges our current technological Capabilities in Hancock's view these

Feats indicate a more advanced Technology or building method than what We presume was available to ancient Egyptians Hancock doesn't suggest that this lost Technology was necessarily similar to Our modern understanding of the term Instead he often alludes to a forgot not Or undiscovered form of science perhaps More attuned to the natural world or Harnessing its forces in ways unfamiliar To us as Graham said we are looking at Technologies that are not the same as Ours and that's probably why Archaeologists can't see them because They're looking for us in the past and They're not open to the possibility that There are whole other kinds of Technology that could be used I always Go back to the Asian Egyptian Traditions That speak of priests chanting as these Huge blocks were lifted into the air And Randall Carson agrees with graham Among his various hypotheses his Interpretations on the construction of Egyptian Pyramids have sparked Significant interest in both scholarly Circles and the General Public Carlson's theories on Pyramid Construction are founded on a belief in The existence of an advanced Civilization predating known history he Posits that this civilization had a Profound understanding of mathematics

Astronomy and Engineering knowledge that Eventually played a significant role in The creation of the pyramids his Arguments often challenge conventional Archaeological beliefs bringing in New Dimensions of analysis that include Geometric Precision astronomical Alignments and possible connections to Global cataclysms one of Carlson's Primary observations regarding the Construction of the pyramids is their Precise alignment with the cardinal Points north south east and west he Emphasizes that the Great Pyramid of Giza for example is aligned with such Accuracy that it surpasses our best Modern attempts Carlson believes that This kind of precision suggests the Builders had an advanced knowledge of Geometry and were able to make accurate Measurements of the Earth's size and Shape in terms of construction Techniques Carlson doesn't fully Subscribe to the conventional Theory Though the pyramids were built using a Vast labor force and simple tools Instead he leans towards the belief that The builders employed more sophisticated Methods although he also acknowledges That the exact techniques were made a Mystery he frequently references the Precise fitting of the massive stone Blocks and the use of stones like Granite which even today would require

Advanced technology to cut and shape Carlson further explores the symbolic Aspects of the pyramids correlating Their measurements with astronomical Phenomena He suggests that the pyramids Might have served as Celestial Observatories their dimensions in coding Advanced knowledge of Earth's processes And The Wider Cosmos he frequently cites The Orion correlation Theory where the Positioning of the pyramid matches the Three stars in Orion's Belt hinting at The advanced astronomical knowledge of The builders as Randall said the Question always says where are the Artifacts where's the pottery where is The evidence that this civilization Existed and I have two responses to that One you don't realize the extent of the Total remodeling of this planetary Surface that took place Randall Carson also integrates his Theories of Earth's past catastrophic Events it is understanding of pyramid Construction he has theorized that the Pyramids particularly the Great Pyramid Of Giza might have been built as a Testament to the survivors of global Cataclysms acting as a repository of Advanced knowledge for future Generations This idea posits that the pyramids Beyond being Royal tombs or religious Sites were a survival mechanism against

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Future catastrophic events Furthermore over the centuries the Egyptian pyramids especially the Great Pyramid of Giza have inspired Aur and Mystery among historians Architects and Tourists alike their Grandeur precision And complexity have provoked countless Theories and conjectures about their Construction Among these is the intriguing idea that Extraterrestrial beings played a pivotal Role in the construction of these Mammoth structures the proponents of an Alien built pyramids Theory often base Their arguments on a handful of key Aspects such as the pyramid scale Precision Advanced mathematical Principles and the advanced technology Presumed to be necessary for their Construction The Great Pyramid of Giza stands at a Colossal height of approximately 146.6 meters making it the tallest Man-made structure for nearly 3 800 Years until the completion of the Lincoln cathedral in England in the 14th Century the proponents argue that the Mere scale of such a project would have Been beyond the capabilities of ancient Egyptians who lack the machinery and Modern building techniques we take for Granted today the Precision inherent in The pyramid's design also forms a Cornerstone of the Extraterrestrial

Argument the Great Pyramid for instance Is aligned with True North with an error Of just 3 60th of a degree this level of Precision some content would be nearly Impossible to achieve without advanced Tools and understanding of the Earth's Alignment both of which are believed to Have been beyond the capabilities of Ancient Egyptians Eric Von denakin a Swiss author best known for his Interesting claims regarding Extraterrestrial influences on early Human culture has significantly Contributed to the popularization of the Ancient astronaut theory this Theory Posits that intelligent extraterrestrial Beings visited Earth and made contact With humans in Antiquity influencing the Development of human cultures Technologies and religions one of the Most famous claims in this Theory and The subject of his essay is that the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built not By human hands but by alien visitors Danikin's assertions were first Published in his seminal work Chariots Of the Gods in 1968. in this book he Proposes that the technological and Cultural leaps in human history are not The result of human Ingenuity and Development alone instead He suggests That these leaps were instigated by the Intervention of extraterrestrial beings His ideas have been met with heavy

Criticism from the scientific Community For their lack of Imperial evidence and Scientific rigor but they have Nonetheless captured the Public's Imagination and spurred a wave of Interest in UFOs and the potential for Alien life One of the cornerstones of danikin's Theory is the construction for Great Pyramids of Egypt Anakin argues there's Such an enormous and precise Architectural project would have been Beyond the capabilities of the ancient Egyptians hence pointing to the Intervention of technologically advanced Aliens Danikins and others who support this Theory point to the Precision with which The pyramids are aligned with the stars And the incredible engineering required To construct such massive structures With such detailed Precision they assert That the pyramid's mathematical and Astronomical intricacies suggest a level Of knowledge and sophistication that Seems beyond what would have been Available to humans at the time That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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