Graham Hancock – People Don’t Know about Alien Evidence That We Found!

Graham Hancock - People Don't Know about Alien Evidence That We Found!

According to Graham Hancock we finally Have more information about alien-like Civilizations that lived in South America thousands of years ago about how They lived how they looked and how they Disappeared Graham Hancock also Responded to the skepticism and Criticism from many mainstream Archaeologists and explained why he is Sure that the NASCAR people had Advanced Knowledge of aerodynamics and had a very Special Aerial Technology Also it was previously thought that the NASCAR civilization were eventually Conquered by the wary civilization However scientists were wrong as they Have found out the NASCAR civilization Was affected by a natural disasters such As earthquakes floods or other Catastrophic events and that was the Reason why this civilization disappeared So Graham Hancock thinks that the Nazca Lines in Peru are not just drawings on The ground but actually part of an Ancient system connected to the stars And spirituality he believes that the Nazca people knew a lot about the stars And used the lines to Mark important Celestial events like solstices and Equinoxes Hancock also suggests that the Nazca Lines were meant for special Rituals people would walk along the Lines during these ceremonies and have Different experiences in their minds he

Thinks that the lines were part of a Bigger sacred area and the NASCAR people Might have used drugs that affect the Mind during their ceremonies also the Nazca Lions have remained an unsolved Mystery for centuries spanning over 800 Straight lines 300 geometric shapes and 70 biomorphs these ancient symbols of Intrigued scientists and archaeologists Alike what purpose did they serve why Were they created these questions have Been asked time and time again with no Clear answer several remarkable recently Discovered facts cooperate the theory That aliens were responsible for Creating these shapes in order to Facilitate transportation between Planets and galaxies with that Von Danikin's Theory explains how aliens Visited the Earth with the idea that the Nazca Lines were too complex and large To have been created by the ancient People and thus must have been created By extraterrestrial beings as you fly Over the desolate desert of Southern Peru your gaze falls upon the strange Symbols edged into the land it's a Haunting sight with lines stretching for Mars depicting animals and plants that Seem to come to life but what is the Meaning behind these figures some claim That the lines were created for Astronomical purposes others believe They were Landing sites for

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Extraterrestrial ships but recent Findings just turned everything upside Down the massive NASCAR lines created by The ancient people over 2 000 years ago Still exist today without any harm the Purpose of these lines remains a mystery That has yet to be fully understood Envision yourself flying above the Barren deserts of Southern Peru in an Aircraft one might anticipate observing The monotonous pale uniformity of rocks And sand however this region holds much More than that a mystery dating back two Thousand years can be seen in the land Taking the form of massive shapes known As the Nazca Lines which become visible From above the Nazca Lines are located In an area of Peru approximately 200 Miles Southeast of Lima near the town of Nazca there are over 800 straight lines 300 geometric shapes and 70 designs of Animals and plants known as biomorphs Some of the straight lines extend up to 30 miles while the biomorphs range from 50 to 1 200 feet in length which is as Big as the Empire State Building the Nazca Lines are well known for their Depiction of animals and plants Including a spider hummingbird Cactus Monkey whale Llama Duck flower tree Lizard and dog however the most Exceptional design is the depiction of a Humanoid figure nicknamed The Astronaut Which includes hands and some mysterious

Illustrations According to researchers many of the Geoglyphs were crafted by the Nazca Society between 180 and 700 A.D though It is possible that earlier cultures Such as Chavin and paracas may have left Their own mark on these mysterious lines Anthropologists theorize that the Ancient people created these figures in A very strategic manner they removed Around 12 to 15 inches of rock Excavating to reveal lighter colored Sand beneath a layer of iron oxide Coated Pebbles thus making the shapes Visible in the land it is also thought That they began with smaller scale Figures and grew them into larger sizes Over time for more than a decade one Query has remained unsolved what is the Purpose of these lines so you may wonder Why it's only taken 80 years of study For these lines to receive recognition Despite their long existence the lines Gained widespread recognition and Attention in the 1930s when pilots Flying overhead in their planes were Finally able to identify the shapes Prior to this the shapes could not be Seen from the ground and thus remained Unknown and shrouded in mystery also in The late 1930s American historian Paul Cossock started exploring the lights Both from the air and the ground by Observing the relative location of one

Of the lines to the Sun during the Winter solstice he believed that the Geoglyphs had an astronomical purpose And considering the 310 square miles of High desert to be the largest astronomy Book in the world in the 1940s Maria Rayche a German archaeologist known as The lady of the lines for her 40 Years Of study also agreed that the light had Astronomical and cylindrical Significance Ray believed that certain Animal geoglyphs represented groups of Stars in the sky another theory that Gained significant attention was put Forth by Swedish writer Eric Von daniken In his book Chariots of the Gods 1968 Where he claimed that the lines were Landing sites for UFOs and that ancient People considered extraterrestrials as Alien Gods other theories related to Aliens also suggested that the shapes Were created by extraterrestrials and Were used as guidance for their Spaceships and landing pads however in The late 1960s other researchers Including American astronaut Gerald Hawkins conducted research on the Nazca Alliance and challenged the astronomical And alien related explanations more Recent Studies have revealed new Insights into the purpose of the Nazca Lights by analyzing the ecology and Structure of the region surrounding them Look at the large ecological system

What's around Nazca where were the NASCAR people-related said Johan Reinhardt a National Geographic Explorer In Residence Reinhardt highlights the extremely dry Climate of the region which receives Only about 20 minutes of rainfall per Year this dry climate not only explains How the shapes have survived for so long Without any damage but also provides a Significant clue about the purpose of The Nazca Lines which was to secure a Precious resource water according to Reinhard in his book the Nazca Lines A New Perspective on their origin and Meanings it appears that most of the Lines did not Point towards anything on The geographical or Celestial Horizon But rather towards places where rituals Were performed to obtain water and Ensure the fertility of crops it is Likely that the NASCAR people performed Rituals to request water from their gods They may have created the lines in such A large size in order to catch the Attention of their gods and convey their Dire need for water according to Reinhardt the use of animal symbols and Spiral patterns in the shapes was common In other ancient Peruvian sites when Analyzing the meanings of these symbols In ancient Peru it becomes apparent that Spiders were considered a simple of rain Hummingbirds were linked to fertility

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And monkeys were associated with the Abundance of water in the Amazon region Furthermore the prominence of the Hummingbird among the shapes supports This Theory hummingbirds are known to Inhabit tropical areas close to the Equator where rainfall lasts for hours a Day rather than just 20 minutes a year According to Reinhardt while no single Evaluation can prove a theory about the Lines the combination of archeology Ethno history and anthropology provides A solid foundation water is the essence Of life and the Catalyst for change this May have been what the people of the Region wanted to convey through the Lines they may have wanted to change the Desert they lived in by sending messages And it is possible that what they Desired most was access to water just as We may face water scarcity in the future Due to the impacts of global warming on Weather patterns moreover the Nazca People were skilled farmers who lived in The desert region that received very Little rainfall however they were able To immigrate their crops through an Intricate system of canals and Underground aqueducts demonstrating Their deep understanding of hydrology And their Innovative techniques for Survival despite the harsh conditions The NASCAR people were able to establish A complex society with a rich cultural

Heritage their Pottery textiles and Other forms of artistic expression Displayed a high level of skill and Imagination showing that the NASCAR People were far from primitive they Created intricate designs and patterns Often incorporating animal and plant Themes that were believed to have Symbolic meanings these symbols and Designs were also present in the NASCAR Lines leading some experts to believe That the lines were used for religious Or spiritual purposes that's it for Today subscribe to our Channel and hit The notification Bell

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