Graham Hancock – People Don’t Know about Amazing Discovery Inside Amazon Rainforest

Graham Hancock - People Don't Know about Amazing Discovery Inside Amazon Rainforest

According to Graham Hancock Archaeologists discovered one more lost City that found a way to transform trees Into a giant lightbulb like Innovation And come up with some incredibly Advanced Technologies so we should start The discovery of the fascinating ancient Amazonian small civilization that lived In this territory these are some Mind-boggling discoveries so let's Explain them so in 2015 when Jos Capriles and his team from the University of Florida unveiled an Extraordinary Discovery in the Lanos de Moxos region of Northern Bolivia a Series of burials dating back over 6,000 Years pushing the timeline of Amazonian Human habitation further than many had Imagined unearthing the past is a Delicate Endeavor especially in a place Like the Amazon where the damp Environment often conspires against the Preservation of ancient relics that's What made the Lanos dexos burials so Exceptional not only did the remains Survived Millennia but they also Provided a lens into a world previously Imagined but seldom seen and with recent Discoveries there are a lot of theories About how advanced these Amazonian Civilizations really were According to Some experts these people had towering Crystalline structures that dotted the Landscape they absorbed ambient magical

Energies and converted it into usable Power this energy was used for Everything from lighting their cities to Powering their machines Through advanced genetic manipulation The ancient amazonians cultivated trees That glowed at night these trees served As natural street lights and were an Integral part of their urban planning These cities were kept Aloft by a Combination of etheric energy and Advanced anti-gravity Technologies one Of the Intriguing takeaways from the Discovery was the possible lifestyle of These ancient Denis contrary to Previously held beliefs that portrayed Early Amazonian Ians as primarily Nomadic evidence from the burial site Hinted at a more settled existence these Were people who might have established More permanent homes crafting a life in Harmony with the EB and flow of the Rainforest around them Additionally the Skeletal remains presented an Opportunity to understand the diet of These early inhabitants the balance Between terrestrial and Aquatic resource Consumption spoke of a society deeply Attuned to its environment they seem to Stand the Bounty that both the forest Floor and the shimmering waterways had To offer and harness them effectively For sustenance also the vastness of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has LGH held

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Secrets of ancient civilizations and Their intricate histories 2 years ago a Mix of technology and archaeological Endeavor led to the discovery of a vast Network of ancient Villages concealed Within this verdant expanse these Settlements dating between 1300 and 1700 A d have been linked to the Pre-colombian TP people offering a new Chapter in our understanding of the Region's Rich past liar or light Detection and ranging has emerged as an Invaluable tool for Archaeologists using pulses of light to Measure distances this remote sensing Method can penetrate even dense Vegetation revealing the Contours and Structures beneath in the dense Seemingly impenetrable stretches of the Amazon liar illuminated a past World Uncovering detailed topographical maps That indicated the presence of man-made Structures plazas roads and other signs Of organized settlements the settlements Are believed to have been populated by The T an indigenous group recognized for Their array of languages and Cultures however the scope of TP Urbanization previously underestimated Now unfolds in a grander narrative Suggesting interconnected communities Sharing architectural and cultural Motifs and potentially housing tens of Thousands these villages with their

Characteristic circular designs and Central ceremonial spaces hint at Advanced urban planning the deliberate Distances maintained between these Settlements suggests not just happen Stance but a well-thought out Organizational structure such Intricacies might Point towards a Coordinated sociopolitical framework Regional alliances and shared resource Management techniques that ensured the Sustainability of these communities it Is important to note that the Newfound Knowledge amplifies the importance of Recognizing and preserving the Deep-seated cultural heritage of the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon who Despite such illustrious pasts face Modern-day threats from rampant Deforestation and Industrial Pursuits Also located in the heart of Bolivia's Santa Cruz Department kota's discovery In 2014 marked a pivotal turn in our Understanding of the pre-colombian Societies of South America while the Continent had been home to Great Empires Like the Inca and Myriad tribes and Chiefs the casabi civilization until Then was relatively Uncharted in Archaeological Circles hio piir of the German archaeological Institute led the Team that first Unearthed the remnants Of a very interesting ancient Amazonian Village the expedition signific an was

Immediately apparent with findings Pointing to a community that thrived Between 500 a d and 1400 ad D such a Time frame meant that the village saw Numerous Global events from the height Of the Byzantine Empire to the dawn of The Renaissance in Europe however it was The local stories that were truly Captivating artifacts structures and Pottery painted a vivid picture of a People who had cultivated a rich culture With intricate beliefs customs and a way Of life in harmony with the nature of Their land the discovery of Koka is not Just a regional or Continental Revelation it adds to the global Narrative emphasizing the importance of Continuous exploration history as it Turns out isn't static it is a dynamic Ever evolving story where new chapters Can be added even Millennia after they Transpired furthermore Graham Hancock is Known for his controversial Theory iies About ancient Civilizations in his book America before The Lost history of the Americas Hancock Discusses the karabi civilization Hancock believes that the casabi Civilization is evidence of a lost Advanced civilization in the Amazon Rainforest he argues that the cerab were Not simple hunter gatherers but rather a Sophisticated Society with a high level Of Technology he points to the scale and

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Complexity of the Sarabi cities as Evidence of this as stated by Hancock The casabi civilization is one of the Most important archaeological Discoveries of recent times it Challenges our understanding of the Amazon rainforest as a hostile Environment that was incapable of Supporting large-scale Civilizations this civilization declined For unknown reasons however its Legacy Can still be seen in the Amazon Rainforest today in the form of its vast Netor work of raised platforms canals And mounds he added moreover the period From 500 to 14 ad spanning the end of Antiquity and the Middle Ages was an era Of profound transformation and dynamism Across the globe during these centuries Empires Rose and fell and cultures Flourished all of which left indelible Marks on the course of human history the Start of this period witnessed the Decline and eventual fall of the Western Roman Empire In 476 a d this left Europe fragmented Into a mosaic of Barbarian kingdoms the Next several centuries often termed the Early Middle Ages or the Dark Ages saw a Decline in urbanization trade and Intellectual Pursuits by the high Middle Ages Europe began to see a Revival Feudalism was the prevalent social and Economic system with Lords and vassals

Ruling Over larg States Gothic cathed AAL universities and a revived Trade Network transformed the landscape However the period closed with the Devastating black death in The 14th Century which drastically reduced Europe's population with that Africa in This period saw the rise of Empires like Ghana Mali and sonai in the west all Benefiting from trans Saharan trade Mana Musa of Mali is often cited as one of The richest individuals in history Largely due to the vast gold resources Of his kingdom that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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