Graham Hancock – People Don’t Know about Amazing Discovery Inside Australia

Graham Hancock - People Don't Know about Amazing Discovery Inside Australia

According to Graham Hancock something Amazing was discovered inside Australia Archaeologists discovered proof that Forty thousand years ago in Australia There was a very Advanced civilization And the Advanced Technologies they had Physical abilities they possessed are Almost alien-like but how is that Possible But things got more complicated when Archaeologists discovered one more lost City and people that had extraordinary Telepathic abilities and found a way to Communicate with animals in their Language and this is just a small part Of what they could actually do These are some mind-boggling discoveries So let's explain them Australia a land's Deep tin Tales of ancient cultures and Mysteries made headlines in 2017 with a Discovery of Gumtree Gully in Victoria This nanmark find reignited Conversations about the prehistoric Human settlement of the continent Reshaping our understanding of the time Frames and patterns of ancient Migrations The presence of stone tools and Artifacts estimated to be over 30 000 Years old at the site not only Emphasizes the richness of Australian Prehistory but also offers insights into The daily lives skills and adaptations Of its earliest inhabitants

The significance of Gumtree Gully lies In its context Prior to this discovery there was ample Evidence suggesting ancient human Occupation in Australia however the Artifacts found at Gumtree Gully have Added more depth and granularity to our Knowledge the array of stone tools found At the site indicates a range of Activities undertaken by its ancient Inhabitants from huntering and Butchering to crafting and building Such tools are Testament to the advanced Tool making capabilities and the Adaptability of the humans who lived During that era the geographical Location of Gumtree Gully in Victoria Further accentuates its importance Victoria with its temperate climate and Diverse ecosystems would have presented Both challenges and opportunities to Early settlers the discovery of these Artifacts in such an environment Suggests that these ancient peoples has Successfully adapted to varying terrains And climates this adaptability may have Been key to their survival and spread Across the vast Australian continent Also According to some archaeologists There are theories about mind-boggling Abilities that these civilizations had Some theorists suggest that deep within The heart of the continent ancient Australians discovered vast reserves of

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Luminous crystals these crystals were Not only a source of infinite energy but Also had healing properties Also they had Advanced flying machines Shaped like boomerangs powered by the Aforementioned crystal energy they could Carry people and goods and some were Even equipped with protective energy Shields these people also had evolved to Communicate telepathically this ability Combined with their deep spiritual Connection to the land allowed them to Understand and Converse with animals Plants and even the very Earth beneath Their feet With that the timeline established by The Gumtree Galley artifacts has Implications for our understanding of Human migration patterns the age of These tools pushes back the previously Accepted dates of human occupation in This part of Australia this suggests Either an earlier wave of migration than Previously thought or a rapid dispersal Of people across the continent Both scenarios invite researchers to Reconsider the paths and timelines of Ancient human movements into and within Australia the societal and cultural Significance of Gumtree Gully should Also not be overlooked for the Indigenous peoples of Australia sites Like Gumtree Gully serve as a tangible Connection to their deep-rooted ancestry

Reinforcing narratives of their Long-standing relationship with the land It provides an opportunity for Australians both indigenous and Non-indigenous to appreciate and respect The rich tapestry of history that Predates European settlement by tens of Thousands of years In addition in the annals of Australian Archeology the discovery of the Mungo Men stands out as a groundbreaking Moment Found in 1969 at Lake Mungo in New South Wales this skeleton dating back an Astonishing 40 000 years offers a Remarkable glimpse into the ancient History of human habitation on the Continent the find led by the notable Archaeologist Jim bowler underscored the Depth of Australia's indigenous roots And has since filled Decades of research Into the lives and cultures of the Continent's earliest inhabitants Lake Mungo a dry lake located in the Arid Outback of Southeastern Australia has Long been a treasure Trove for Archaeologists the lake stratified Sediments are like pages of a history Book each layer representing a different Period in time it was Within These Layers that bowler and his team stumbled Upon the Mungo man the significance of The fight was immediately evident here Was a newly complete skeleton preserved

Remarkably well shedding light on a Chapter of human history that was until Then largely unknown the age of the Mungo man determined through radiocarbon Dating and luminescence techniques Astounded the scientific community at Forty thousand years old this skeleton Pushed back the timeline for human Occupation of Australia by several Millennia more than just a set of bones The skeleton provided clues about the Man's life and death there were Indications for example that he had been Ritually buried making it one of the Earliest known ritual burials in the World Beyond its intrinsic archaeological Value the discovery of the Mungo man Challenged some long-held beliefs about The peopling of Australia Before 1969 the prevailing view was that Modern humans had arrived on the Continent relatively recently in the Last 20 000 years or so the Mungo Man Shattered this timeline suggesting that Humans had been present in Australia for At least twice that length of time this Altered timeline led to new theories About the migration patterns of ancient Peoples if humans were in Australia 40 000 years ago then their ancestors must Have left Africa much earlier than Previously thought These ancient people would have

Journeyed through Asia reaching Australia by sea or via now submerged Land bridges Such an Epic Journey speaks to the Incredible adaptability and resilience Of our species man's Discovery Beyond its archaeological significance Has had deep cultural and spiritual Implications it serves as a powerful Reminder of the deep and enduring Connection between Australia's Indigenous peoples and the land they Have inhabited for tens of thousands of Years Also within Australia's diverse Ecosystem lies a rock shelter that has Significantly shaped our understanding Of human history in the region Malakananya II better known as majibbe Discovered in 1972 by archaeologists Johan kaminga and Rhys Jones this site In the Northern Territory offers a rich Tapestry of tales from a bygone era Situated near a Sandy Creek major baby At first glance appears as just another Rocky outcrop in the rugged Australian Terrain however beneath its surface lies A repository of artifacts and Relics That provide invaluable insights into The lives and habits of his ancient Inhabitants the depth of his Archaeological layers revealed at the Site had been a hub of human activity For at least 50 000 years positioning it

As one of the earliest known sites of Human habitation in Australia Stone tools of various shapes and sizes Were found indicative of a sophisticated Approach to Tool production these tools From sharp edge blades to weightier Implements portrayer Society Adept at Hunting crafting and perhaps even trade They highlight the inhabitant intricate Understanding of their environment and Their ability to adapt and innovate as Needed alongside Stone bone tools we've Discovered showcasing the versatility of The ancient residents of Majid baby Crafted from the bones of various Animals these tools could have been used In a multitude of activities from Intricate crafting to food preparation Their existence underscores the Innovative Spirit of these early humans Always seeking to utilize available Resources to their maximum potential Perhaps the most intriguing of the Findings at majibbe is the presence of Oka Oka a natural Earth pigment has deep Cultural and spiritual significance in Many indigenous societies it's present At the site suggests that beyond the Daily tasks of survival the ancient Inhabitants of majibbe were deeply Spiritual and possibly engaged in Symbolic or ritualistic practices This discovery paints a picture of a Society that was not only concerned with

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The material but also with a Metaphysical adding another layer of Complexity to our understanding of their Lives furthermore Graham Hancock has Spent decades delving into the mysteries Of ancient civilizations forgotten Histories and the nature of human Consciousness One of the Hallmarks of Hancock's work Is its propensity to challenge Mainstream historical narratives by Presenting alternative hypotheses often Rooted in painstaking research Archaeological findings and sometimes Even Fringe theories when we consider Australia a continent steeped in Rich Indigenous history and replete with Ancient sites Hancock's perspective Becomes particularly intriguing Hancock In his explanations has frequently Pointed out the profound wisdom held Within ancient cultures one of the Tenets of Hancock's work is his Exploration of alternative historical Theories Australia provides fertile Ground for such exploration Theories around ancient seafaring Civilizations visiting Australia or the Possibility of Australia itself being a Hub of ancient Maritime activity would Certainly Peak Hancock's interest while Mainstream archeology often views Australian relative isolation until European contact alternative views posit

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