Graham Hancock – People Don’t Know about New Discovery of Massive Lost World Beneath Antarctic Ice

Graham Hancock - People Don't Know about New Discovery of Massive Lost World Beneath Antarctic Ice

Recently scientists revealed incredible Discoveries inside the Antarctic Territory including the discovery of Unexplained and scary radio signals also Researchers discovered that 280 million Year old fossilized Forest that Shouldn't be there what about the Terrifying ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica that are melting at an Accelerating rate which is a catastrophe For the USA but most importantly Randall Carlson shared his incredible discovery Of an undergrad Antarctic City that Wasn't supposed to be there this is a Messy situation so let's see what was Discovered inside the Antarctic the Antarctic is the southernmost continent Of the Earth located at the South Pole It is a unique and extreme environment With a land area of around 14 million Square kilometers making it the fifth Largest continent the continent is Surrounded by the Southern Ocean and is Often referred to as the white continent Due to its extensive ice sheets and Glaciers geographically the Antarctic is Divided into two regions West Antarctica And East Antarctica separated by the Trans Antarctic mountains West Antarctica is predominantly covered by Ice and is the location of the West Antarctic ice sheet which is the second Largest ice sheet in the world after the Greenland ice sheet the ice sheet is up

To 2.5 kilometers thick and covers an Area of approximately 1.8 million square Kilometers on the other hand East Antarctica is the coldest and driest Part of the continent it is covered by The East antarctic ice sheet which is The largest ice sheet in the world Accounting for approximately 90 of the World's ice The ice sheet is up to 4.8 kilometers Thick and covers an area of Approximately 10 million square Kilometers in recent years scientists at Nasa have made alarming discoveries About the state of the planet's ice Sheets NASA researchers have found that The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting at an Accelerating rate NASA's research has revealed that the Ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica Are melting much faster than previously Thought in Greenland for example the ice Sheet lost an average of 279 billion Tons of ice per year between 1992 and 2017. this rate of melting has increased In recent years with green men losing an Average of 286 billion tons of ice per Year between 2010 and 2017. in Antarctica the rate of melting has also Increased in recent years with the ice Sheet losing an average of 118 billion Tons of ice per year between 1992 and 2017. the accelerating rate of ice sheet

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Melting has many implications for the Planet perhaps the most concerning of These is the potential for sea levels to Rise as ice sheets melt the water they Contain flows into the ocean causing sea Levels to rise this can lead to flooding In low-lying areas and the displacement Of millions of people in addition rising Sea levels can cause more severe weather Patterns such as hurricanes which can Cause widespread destruction and loss of Life NASA's research has also showed That melting ice sheets can have other Effects on the planet for example the Melting of the Greenland ice sheet has Been found to slow down the Gulf Stream Of warm ocean current that plays a Crucial role in regulating the climate Of the northern hemisphere the loss of The Gulf Stream could have significant Effects on the weather patterns of Europe and North America potentially Leading to more extreme weather events Such as drought and heat waves so why Are the ice sheets melting at an Accelerating rate there are several Factors that combine to this trend one Of the main factors is climate change Which is causing temperatures to rise Around the globe as temperatures rise The ice sheets melt more quickly leading To an acceleration of the melting Process In addition warming oceans are also

Causing the ice sheets to melt From Below as warm water erodes the base of The ice sheets the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets is One of the most significant indicators Of global warming the latest research Confirms that the situation is getting Worse and we urgently need to take Action to mitigate the impact on our Planet said Dr Mark Brandon professor of Polar oceanography at the open University Furthermore Randall Carlson a well-known Author researcher and expert in the Field of geology archeology and ancient Civilizations has conducted extensive Research on the history of our planet And the various civilizations that have Existed throughout the ages one of the Most intriguing topics that Carlson has Investigated is the possibility of A Lost Civilization in Antarctica there is Strong evidence that Antarctica was once A much warmer and more habitable place Than it is today with a thriving Civilization that may have been Destroyed by some sort of cataclysmic Event Carlson said according to Carlson There is significant evidence to suggest That Antarctica was once home to a Highly Advanced civilization that Existed thousands of years ago he Believes that this civilization was Likely destroyed by a catastrophic event

Possibly a global cataclysm such as a Massive asteroid impact or a series of Volcanic eruptions one of the key pieces Of evidence that Carlson cites in Support of his theory is the presence of Ancient maps that depict Antarctica as It would have appeared before it was Covered in ice these Maps which date Back to the 16th century show a Continent with rivers mountains and Other geological features that were only Recently discovered by modern scientists Using Advanced Technologies another Piece of evidence that Carlson points to Is the discovery of strange geometric Shapes on the surface of Antarctica that Can only be seen from above These shapes which include circles Triangles and other geometric patterns Appear to be man-made and have no known Natural explanation Carlson argues that The shapes are too perfect and Symmetrical to be a product of natural Processes and that they can only be Explained by the work of intelligent Beings Carlson cites the work of ancient Civilizations such as the Egyptians and The mayor who also use geometric shapes In their architecture as evidence of the Significance of these shapes Despite the lack of concrete evidence Carlson's Theory continues to gain Traction among some researchers and Enthusiasts

Some have suggested that the shapes on The surface of Antarctica could be the Remnants of an advanced society that was Wiped out by a cataclysmic event such as A comet impact or a pole shift others Have suggested that the shapes are Evidence of an extraterrestrial Civilization that once visited Earth the Fact that there is no evidence of human Habitation in Antarctica today doesn't Mean that there wasn't an advanced Civilization there in the past In fact the lack of evidence makes it All the more intriguing Carlson said Graham Hancock holds a similar Perspective to Carlson regarding the Lost Civilization in Antarctica and Concurs that the geometric shapes Visible on the continent's surface from Space could be the remnants of enormous Artificial constructions created by the Ancient civilization these shapes were Perhaps intended as a form of Communication to be deciphered by Future Generations There are so many indications that there Was something down there in Antarctica That's worth taking a look at the Anomalies that have been discovered the Strange structures that have been Discovered all suggest that there's a Story there that needs to be told Hancock said we need to investigate the Possibility that there was a highly

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Advanced civilization in Antarctica one That may have been the source of many of The world's ancient myths and legends he Added furthermore the discovery of the 280 million year old fossilized forest In Antarctica was a significant Breakthrough in the field of paleobotany The fossils were found in the trans Antarctic mountains which are located in The central part of Antarctica by a team Of researchers from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee The discovery was made in the form of Petrified tree trunks roots and leaves That were preserved in ice The fossils were well preserved with Some tree trunks reaching up to 10 Meters in length the researchers were Able to study the fossils and determined That they were from the Permian period Which occurred between 299 million and 251 million years ago this was a very Important breakthrough because it Provided new insights into the ancient Climate and geography of the continent The fossils indicated that Antarctica Was once a temperate forest similar to The modern day forests found in New Zealand and parts of South America the Researchers also found evidence of Ancient rivers and streams in the area Which suggests that Antarctica was once A much wetter continent than it is today The discovery challenged the long-held

Belief that Antarctica has always been a Frozen Barren Wasteland moreover it's Important to analyze the discovery of Unexplained radio signals by researchers Of the Ice Cube neutrino observatory in Antarctica in 2016 which was a Significant and mysterious event in the World of astrophysics the signals which Were detected by the observatory's radio Antenna array appeared to be originating From outside of the Milky Way galaxy the Signals which were dubbed blood cells by The researchers were extremely brief and Intense bursts of radio waves they Lasted only a few milliseconds and were Much brighter than any other known Astronomical phenomenon the discovery Was especially surprising because the Signals seemed to be coming from a point In the sky where no known object or Source of radiation existed since the Initial Discovery the source of these Unexplained radio signals remains Unknown various theories have been Proposed including the possibility that The signals are caused by pulsars or Neutron stars or that they are evidence Of extraterrestrial intelligence That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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