Graham Hancock – People Don’t Know about True History of The Sacsayhuamán

Graham Hancock - People Don't Know about True History of The Sacsayhuamán

According to Graham Hancock there are a Lot of hidden and unexplained facts About the sexe huaman that do not make Sense after looking at these discoveries That Graham Hancock made it's easy to Understand why people think that sex a Woman was built by aliens Because even Graham does not understand The mystery of sexy Homan how these Things could happen on Earth and Archaeologists have no answers This is a very interesting story of Mysterious sexy woman so let's explain It So there are so many questions about This ancient structure the site's Massive intricately fitted Limestone Boulders some weighing over 100 tons are So precisely cut and assembled that they Fit together without the need for Mortar And even that piece of paper cannot be Inserted between them the techniques and Tools used to Quarry transport shape and Fit these colossal Stones remain a Mystery as does the exact purpose of the Fortress with theories ranging from a Ceremonial site to an astronomical Observatory Additionally the zigzagging Walls which some believe might represent The teeth of a puma hint at symbolic or Ritualistic significance but their true Meaning remains elusive In mainstream history credits the Inca Empire with constructing sexe huaman in

The 15th century but Graham Hancock Disputes this claim at the heart of the Debate is the fortress's astonishing Megalithic architecture the Behemoth Walls of saxehuaman boast Boulders of up To 200 tons meticulously aligned with Such Precision that they stand without The need for Mortar this high level of Craftsmanship unmatched and seemingly Out of place hints at an advanced Knowledge of stone masonry that seems Beyond what we understand of the Inca's Architectural techniques further Scrutinizing the site reveals varied Styles in its stonework while the Inca Were undeniably adept at drystone Construction the heftiest and most Intricately placed Stones seemed to Echo A different architectural language it's As if the Inca in their vast expansion Stumbled upon ancient relics choosing to Build in conjunction and around these Structures that were even to them relics Of a bygone era Hancock's Explorations Often intersect with the cosmos and sexy Woman is no exception the site's Astronomical alignments not only point To an intricate understanding of the Stars but also might tie the complex to Epics much earlier than traditionally Thought this deep-rooted connection Between the Earth and the stars is a Hallmark of many ancient sites Suggesting a shared knowledge or perhaps

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A shared cultural influence from a Time Long past In addition the Inca Empire renowned for Its intricate administrative systems Thrived in the Andean region of South America from the early 13th century Until the Spanish Conquest in the 16th Century often hailed as one of the most Formidable and refined pre-columbian Empires in the Americas its expansive Territories and significant population Underscore its Majestic Legacy in world History Spanning almost 2500 miles along South America's Pacific Coast the Inca Empire's territorial reach was Unparalleled in pre-columbian America Its borders extended from present-day Colombia in the north to Central Chile In the South even venturing eastwards Into modern Bolivia Argentina and Sections of Brazil But it wasn't merely the vastness of This Empire that was awe-inspiring it Was the geographical diversity it Encompassed from the parched deserts of The Atacama to the Towering snow-laden Peaks of the Andes and further into the Lush tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin the empire was a testament to the Incas adaptability prowess in governing Varied regions and terrains estimating The Empire's population presents its own Set of challenges the incus did not

Maintain written records in the way many Other ancient civilizations did Nonetheless based on archaeological Studies Spanish Colonial records and Anthropological methodologies historians And archaeologists have deduced that the Empire likely boasted a population Ranging from 6 to 20 million inhabitants At its zenith a tangible representation Of this populace can be visualized in The remnants of the extensive Agricultural Terraces crafted by the Incas many of these Terraces designed For sustenance are still in use today Emphasizing the sheer scale and Durability of their infrastructural Achievements the implications of the Inca Empire's size and population are Manifold First and foremost such a vast and Populist Empire required an exceptional Level of administrative expertise The Incas demonstrated this through Their creation of the Capac and an Extensive Road Network that effectively Connected the Empire simplifying Communication transportation and Governance With that the Empire wasn't merely an Agglomeration of conquered territories Through a strategic policy of cultural Assimilation the Inca's integrated local Customs and beliefs into a broader Inca Cultural framework ensuring a harmonized

And cohesive Empire The economic implications of such a vast Territory teeming with people cannot be Overlooked the Incas harnessed the Diverse resources their lands offered From the precious metals of the Highlands to the Exotic Treasures of the Amazon showcasing the remarkable Potential of a well organized Society Also woven into the landscape with Enormous stone blocks Saxe huaman is not Just a monument of human endeavor but Also a riddle of construction that Continues to Intrigue the modern world Limestone is the primary material that Lends sexe huaman its enduring strength And Majesty mined from quarries several Kilometers away these aren't just Ordinary Stones their sheer size and Weight naturally lead to questions about Their transportation and placement Without the advantages of modern Machinery the ink is likely relied on a Combination of manual labor Innovative Engineering Solutions and perhaps the Strength of indigenous animals to move These colossal Stones techniques such as The use of log rollers or controlled Waterways to ease the process might have Been employed though the exact methods Remain subjects of historical conjecture Yet it's not just the size of the stones That is bewildering but their Craftsmanship each Stone in sex a woman

Is cut with remarkable Precision Tailored to fit its neighboring block Seamlessly this intricate assembly often Likened to a jigsaw puzzle leaves no Room for Mortar nor even a sliver of Space to slide a sheet of paper between Two adjoining Stones achieving such Precision in an age without advanced Tools is a feat in itself The Incas despite not possessing iron or Steel tools showcased unmatched masonry Skills It's believed they utilized harder Stones like diorite to pound and shape The softer Limestone achieving the Desired fit the addition of sand as an Abrasive could have further refined this Process allowing for the meticulously Carved stones that we observed today A deeper understanding of the Construction of Saxe huaman reveals more Than just the materials and techniques That unveils a civilization's profound Respect for its environment and in Innate drive for Perfection the monument Stands today as a Silent Witness to the Inca's ability to merge architectural Prowess with nature creating structures That not only serve a purpose but also Seamlessly integrate with their Surroundings Furthermore this intricate Citadel which Has withstood the test of time and Remained largely well preserved stands

As a testament to the prowess of Incan Engineering strategic planning and Cultural respect the fortress's location Played a crucial role in its Preservation Situated at a high Vantage Point Overlooking Cusco sex a woman not only Served as a military stronghold but also Benefited from its natural environment Its elevation combined with the Region's Relatively dry climate protected the Site from excessive moisture and water Damage which might have otherwise eroded Its foundations over time the altitude And the structure's design provided a Natural defense against Invaders Ensuring that the site wasn't damaged Through Wars and conquests cultural Respect has also played an indispensable Role in maintaining the fortress's Integrity the Incas and the societies That followed recognized the cultural And spiritual significance of saxay Huaman while many ancient structures Around the world have faced destruction Due to neglect war or intentional Demolition saxahiwoman largely remained Revered and protected this respect even Persisted into the colonial period and Those Spanish colonizers repurposed some Of its stones for their own edifices in Cusco the core of the Fortress retained Its Grandeur in modern times the Emphasis on restoration and maintenance

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Has been instrumental in safeguarding Sex a hawaman initiatives to maintain The site combined with research Endeavors to understand its original Construction have gone hand in hand with Responsible tourism ensuring that this Iconic excite remains both intact and Accessible the balance struck between Conservation and allowing visitors to Experience its Wonder ensures that the Legacy of sex a woman continues to Inspire future Generations moreover Hancock's work especially in Fingerprints of the Gods and magicians Of the Gods examines the possibility That there existed ancient civilizations With Advanced knowledge and capabilities That were wiped out by cataclysmic Events in the case of sex a homomod Hancock raises the possibility that the Site is far older than conventionally Believed He suggests that while the Incas certainly inhabited and used sex a Woman they may not have been its Original Builders instead he proposes That an earlier Advanced civilization Lost to history due to some catastrophic Event could have constructed it the Remarkable precision and scale of the Stonework at the site according to Hancock potentially point to techniques And knowledge beyond what the Incas are Known to have possessed delving into the Annals of oral histories and Indigenous

Legends provides yet another layer of Intrigue the Inca themselves in their Stories and traditions spoke of Inheriting cities and sacred places from Civilizations that predated them these Tales which mainstream archeology often Relegates to the realm of myth could be Threads leading us to a deeper truth About the Antiquity of sites like Saxe Homina that's it for today subscribe to Our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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