Graham Hancock – People Don’t Know Science of Ancient Acoustic Levitation How Pyramids Were Built

Graham Hancock - People Don't Know Science of Ancient Acoustic Levitation How Pyramids Were Built

According to Graham Hancock the science Of ancient acoustic levitation is the Answer to how pyramids were built for Many years the world's top researchers In various Fields such as archeology Physics engineering and anthropology are Arguing about this question a lot of Scripts and Mysteries have been Deciphered behind these ancient Egyptian Technologies that were used to build Pyramids and Graham Hancock proposes new And very interesting explanations about How the pyramids were built Graham Hancock in his study of the Egyptian Pyramids hypothesizes that the use of Long-lost Technology ancient acoustic Levitation Hancock's Theory suggests that the Egyptians had discovered this technology And applied it in the construction of The pyramids this according to him could Explain how they moved and positioned The massive stone blocks that make up These structures Hancock's idea Springs From various ancient texts and Iconographic records that hint at the Use of sound and rhythm in construction Processes he also emphasizes the Baffling Precision of the pyramid's Construction as exemplified in the Great Pyramid of Giza Hancock argues that such Precision with minimal deviation would Have been nearly impossible to achieve With the conventional Technologies known

To exist in the ancient world Hancock's theory of ancient acoustic Levitation has received much criticism From historians archaeologists and Scientists alike that the mainstream Scientific Community argues that there Is a lack of Imperial evidence Supporting the claim of acoustic Levitation technology in ancient Egypt Historically while there is ample Evidence that music and Rhythm played a Significant role in Egyptian culture Extending this to Construction Technologies is a leap that many Historians find challenging to accept it Is also argued that evidence from Archaeological sites points towards the Use of ramps sledges and manual labor as The primary means for Pyramid Construction from a physics perspective The energy required for acoustic Levitation of objects as massive as the Pyramid Stones would be colossal despite The skepticism it invites Hancock's Theory has a certain Allure it Encourages us to reimagine our Understanding of ancient civilizations And their technological prowess This Theory also aligns with a larger Narrative Hancock presents in his Works Suggesting that ancient civilizations Might have been more advanced than we Give them credit for according to Hancock the important point is that we

Are examining technologies that are Different from our own this might be the Reason why archaeologists are unable to Identify them as they are searching for Things similar to what we have today They are not considering the possibility That they could be completely different Types of technology that were used in The past Hancock believes that certain Technologies are being suppressed Because big corporations have made Significant investments in their Specific path of technology which is the One we currently have If someone were to introduce a Completely new path of Technology it Would pose a major threat to these Corporations so from their perspective It is more advantageous to suppress it Or if they can't do that to acquire and Conceal it in order to maintain the Status quo on the other hand Randall Carlson proposes the theory about Acoustic levitation in the construction Of the Egyptian pyramids according to Carlson the ancient Egyptians could have Harnessed this principle to construct The pyramids moving and precisely Positioning the Colossal stone blocks With which they were built the enigmatic And awe-inspiring pyramids some Comprising of over 2 million stone Blocks weighing an average of 2.5 tons Each have mystified archaeologists and

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Historians for centuries despite the Prevailing belief that the pyramids were Constructed using sheer human and animal Labor logistical and practical Considerations have continued to fuel Alternative theories such as Carson's Acoustic levitation hypothesis Carson's Argument rests upon the fundamental Assertion that the ancient Egyptians Possessed Advanced scientific knowledge Beyond what has traditionally been Acknowledged indeed various aspects of Egyptian civilization indicate a Remarkably sophisticated understanding Of mathematics astronomy and Engineering The Egyptians profound relationship with Sound as demonstrated through their Music language and ritual practices Might lend Credence to the idea that They explored its practical applications Potentially including acoustic Levitation critics of this Theory However are quick to point out the lack Of direct archaeological or historical Evidence for the use of such a method They also question the scalability of Acoustic levitation techniques given the Magnitude of the stones involved it is Indeed a formidable leap from levitating Small particles to maneuvering massive Stone blocks and to date no Scientifically accepted model has Demonstrated this possibility yet Proponents of Carlson's perspective

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While acknowledging these challenges Suggests that our lack of evidence or Comprehension does not disprove the fear Very outright just as the Higgs boson Remained a theoretical concept until the Large Hadron Collider provided empirical Proof so might the evidence of ancient Acoustic levitation remain elusive until The appropriate tools techniques or Perspectives are developed Randall Carson explains that everything in the World vibrates to illustrate this he Gives an example of an electric razor When we plug it in turn it on and place It on a table it starts to move because It vibrates this simple concept leads to The understanding that everything Vibrates at a specific frequency if we Can identify and manipulate those Frequencies we can control things based On this idea it is plausible that the Ancient Egyptians utilized acoustic Levitation using sound waves as a Technique to construct pyramids and Other scientists throughout the world Frequently conduct experiments involving Sound or acoustic levitation and these Experiments continue to take place many Researchers have successfully employed Sound waves to lift and manipulate Minuscule particles and liquid droplets They achieve this by utilizing several Vibrating plates that generate various Frequencies resulting in the movement of

An acoustic field with trapped particles The methods created so far cannot lift Objects that are heavy or big modern Scientists are still unsure if it is Even achievable however there have been Notable advancements some of which are Promising enough to indicate that in the Future we might be able to achieve Levitation on a larger scale in two Separate tests scientists have managed To levitate relatively larger Polystyrene balls that are bigger than The sound waves employed to lift them This accomplishment marks a significant Advancement in our ability to control And harness the power of focused sound In one of these experiments conducted in 2016 by a collaboration between the UK And Brazilian researchers they managed To raise a 50 millimeter polystyrene Ball a few centimeters above the ground The ball remains suspended in the air as Long as the sound waves were active only A year later another team of research Searches from the University of Bristol Achieved the levitation of a two Centimeter polystyrene ball although These experiments may appear repetitive It is also important to note that the Researchers employed two completely Distinct approaches to accomplish this Achievement the UK Brazil team pushed The boundaries by using three ultrasonic Transducers arranged like a tripod to

Levitate larger objects these Transducers convert electric energy into Sound Energy when combined they produced A stationary sound wave that Counteracted gravity in a specific area On the other hand the University of Bristol team utilized a single Ultrasonic transducer along with a sound Reflector by repeatedly reflecting the Sound wave back onto itself they were Able to create a stationary sound wave That maintained its position these Studies demonstrate the feasibility of Levitation by manipulating sound waves And they show that there are multiple Approaches to achieve this further Research May unveil additional Techniques to defy gravity using sound As some of these methods could even be More effective than the ones discovered Thus far according to a theory the Construction of pyramids and other Massive stone structures may have Involved acoustic levitation while there Are no direct eyewitness accounts later Written evidence offers intriguing hints And suggestions regarding this Possibility the precise construction of The pyramids of Egypt the Grandeur of Their scale and the Mysterious absence Of substantial documentation detailing Their building methods have intrigued Scholars for Generations a compelling Albeit speculative Theory posits that

The Egyptians may have utilized an Advanced technique like acoustic Levitation for this Monumental task in The realm of Egyptian culture and Mythology the significance of sound Music and Harmony cannot be overstated Numerous artifacts and wall paintings Depict musical scenes and instruments Pointing to their profound understanding And appreciation of sound power and role In both mundane and spiritual aspects of Life indeed certain ancient texts and Legends refer to the gods and higher Ranking priests ability to sing or voice Objects into existence or to lift heavy Objects using only their voices this has Led some to hypothesize that these Stories might not be allegorical Representations of actual practices Involving the use of sound waves for Construction purposes Abdul has seen Ali Al-masudi an Arab historian from the 10th Century A.D provided an account of Ancient Egypt and their alleged methods For moving enormous Stones including Those used in constructing the pyramids According to al-masedi a magical Papyrus Inscribed with symbols was positioned Beneath each Stone then a metal rod Would be struck against the stone to Initiate the levitation process our Mercede also mentioned that the stone Would be guided along a path enclosed by A fence with metal poles placed on each

Side some believe that these poles might Have been used to generate high Frequency sound vibrations which Potentially contributed to the Levitation phenomenon it is worth noting That the Great Pyramid of Giza exhibits Remarkable acoustic problem it is Capable of amplifying sounds at specific Frequencies the Builders of the pyramids In Giza evidently had a deep Understanding of sound and its potential For creating impressive effects which Might have included levitation the Coral Castle situated in Southeastern Florida Near Miami has also been attributed to Sonic or acoustic levitation by Sam it Is a vast own City constructed by Edward Lead scallion an immigrant from Latvia Over the span of 1923 to 1951. Remarkably lead scallion managed to Single-handedly cut shape lift and Position nearly 1 000 tons of rock to Create the Coral Castle complex during His construction of the Coral Castle the Scallion did not permit anyone to Eyewitness or observe his work which Means there are no first-hand accounts Of his construction methods despite the Lack of reports regarding strange sounds Originating from the Coral Castle during Its construction it's important to note That Sonic levitation often involves a Utilization of sound frequencies that Humans cannot hear although lead

Skillion never explicitly mentioned Sound as a crucial element in his work It is worth noting that he had a Fascination with radio and owned various Radio equipment whose purpose remains Unclear there is a recorded instance Where lead scallion claimed to have Knowledge about tuning into the music of The Stars a statement that could have Both literal and metaphorical meanings Lead scallion who always seemed Mysterious made a bold claim when Explaining his extraordinary Accomplishments I have discovered the Secrets of the pyramids and have found Out how the Egyptians and the ancient Builders in Peru Yucatan and Asia with Only primitive tools raised and set in Place blocks of stone weighing many tons This suggests that the ancient Builders Had a way to defy gravity however in a Specific way in which lead scallion Uncovered these ancient Secrets remains A mystery some reports indicate that he Was a Freemason and may have gained Access to such knowledge through his Connections in that organization Numerous Travelers in the Far East have Shared stories about encounter with Mystics or ascetics who were said to Possess the power to levitate objects According to these accounts some of These individuals were able to achieve Levitation occasionally utilizing sound

As a means to assist them a captivating Account was shared by a medical doctor Named Jal who was taken to a secluded Part of Tibet in 1939 to provide medical Care to an ailing Tibetan Buddhist holy Man as he spent more time with the monks They grew to trust him and in gratitude They decided to Showcase a demonstration Of Sonic levitation which left Dr Joel Completely amazed in an open space the Monk's position 19 musical instruments 13 drums and six trumpets in a circular Formation around a sizable weighty Stone As they started to play the instruments Together simultaneously singing and Chanting something astonishing happened Within a short while the stone Unexpectedly began to elevate steadily Ascending until it reached a resting Place atop a hill around 250 meters Above the ground Dr jao witnessed the Levitation demonstration multiple times And he documented the event by capturing It on film however he stated that the Films were taken away from him by the English scientific Society the Organization that had sponsored his Journey to Asia while the films have Never been found the drawings made by Dr Joel illustrating the levitation process Have survived and are still available Today not long ago NASA devised Sonic Drilling technology with the purpose of Extracting minerals from rocks and

Challenging Services during space Missions the Breakthrough sparked Greater curiosity in the potential of Sound to generate Force including the Ability to levitate objects when Compared to Tales of monks lifting Massive stones with chance and drums the Accomplishments of modern day scientists May appear less extraordinary however These scientific achievements Demonstrate the remarkable potential of Utilizing sound waves to achieve Remarkable Feats controlled experiments Conducted by scientists hold more Credibility than unverified stories from Ancient times acoustic levitation is a Genuine phenomenon and as scientists Deepen their understanding of its Mechanisms it is highly probable that They will make significant strides in Harnessing its power furthermore back in 2013 a group of scientists led by Dimos Pulikakos who is a mechanical engineer At the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology achieved something remarkable They worked tirelessly for four years And developed a unique setup resembling A checkerboard This setup had several vibrating plates Each producing its own frequency what They achieved with the ability to Manipulate the sideways movement of Liquid droplets with great Precision While keeping them suspended smoothly in

The air the scientists used their Invention to bring various droplets and Particles closer to each other until They merged into a single unit playfully They mixed instant coffee with water They even managed to rotate a toothpick Which was larger than anything they had Done before before making this discovery Polycarcos compared the struggle of Scientists trying to levitate droplets Using sound waves to having a fancy car That couldn't be driven it was all show But no action however with his team's Breakthrough scientists were finally Able to take their car out for a spin This opened up new possibilities and Raised the question of where they could Go and what they could achieve with this Newfound ability many people believe That this technology could bring about Significant changes in the manufacturing Industry just imagine production lights Where items are made and transported Without any physical contact regardless Of their fragility this means no worries About the contamination or handling of Dangerous materials the potential Benefits are immense this technology is Now being utilized in the field of Medicine as well for instance a team of British scientists created what they Call acoustic tweezers these tweezers Can manipulate cartilage cells Transferring them from a dish to

Individuals who have suffered tendon or Ligament injuries in essence they can Shape a chain of cartilage cells with Utmost Precision inside a person's body Using sound this technique has the Potential to be applied to bones or even Other types of tissue presenting a Futuristic approach to Regeneration that Goes beyond traditional invasive Surgeries the applications of this Technology in manufacturing and Medicine Are truly amazing but its potential Doesn't stop there it Ventures into Unexplored territories boldly going when No one has gone before to discover even More possibilities in 2018 a team of Scientists at Northwestern University Started using sound waves to make new Materials called metamaterials these Materials don't exist naturally just Like Pula carcass and his team did with Water and coffee the researchers at Northwestern controlled and combined the Characteristics of tiny particles they Could essentially create any kind of Material they could think of by Arranging these particles in different Ways one fascinating idea they came up With was mixing DNA and tiny particles Of gold this unusual combination Resulted in a brand new material that Had an astonishing ability it could Actually make light bend around it Causing it to become invisible in

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Simpler terms it seemed like they had Created technology similar to the Cloaking devices seen in Star Trek also Sound is a really strong type of energy It's closely tied to our thoughts and Feelings and has a spiritual aspect Sound is essential to life and it has a Big impact on our minds and emotions it Can even change our life force and has The power to heal us it's not surprising That sound healing is becoming more Popular it's no longer seen as an Alternative method but rather as a Mainstream approach for example music Therapy which helps with physical pain And mental health is now used in Hospitals Dr Thurman Charlie malithri a Cognitive neurophysicist and music Therapist at Apollo Hospital uses music Therapy to help hyperactive children in Pediatrics and to improve memory in Older people with neurological issues in Geriatrics we're just beginning to Understand the healing power of sound But it seems our ancestors knew more Than we do it's believed that people Long ago around BC knew about the Therapeutic effects of sound in her book Earth palladian keys to the living Library Barbara machiniak writes that Ancient civilizations understood that a Simple sound could bring balance to the Body they composed harmonious chance and Hymns to harness the healing abilities

Of Sound Vibrations Egypt was one of the Many civilizations that recognized the Healing properties of sound the ancient Egyptians were captivated by the sounds Of vowels and understood their powerful Impact on the body They believe that these sounds could Create vibrations that had healing Properties they practiced a technique Called toning where they use breath and Their voice to produce therapeutic Sounds by manipulating vowel sounds in Her book toning the creative power of Voice musicologist Laurel Elizabeth Keys Explains that toning is an ancient Healing method aimed at restoring people To their natural Harmony the Egyptians Understood the healing power of vows a Created special structures to enhance The therapeutic effects of sound during Religious ceremonies these structures Included not only temples but also Pyramids acoustician John Stewart read Explains that the king's chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza was specifically Designed to amplify its sound energy During ritual Chance by creating a Reverberating effect he shares his Personal experience of healing chronic Lower back pain while conducting somatic Experiments in the pyramid did Reid Experience a miraculous healing or is There something more mysterious about The pyramids Abdul Hakim Allen a

Respected archaeologist had a deep Understanding of Egypt based on the Wisdom of his ancestors in the Documentary The Pyramid code he reveals That the pyramids along the band of Peace are actually harmonious structures That utilize the sound of running water Through underground tunnels for healing Purposes according to him each chamber Within the pyramid was designed to Replicate specific harmonics that Corresponded to different parts of the Human body sound healing techniques were Then employed to restore the patient's Body to its proper harmonics to Illustrate this further let's look at The bent pyramid of snow through in Dasher hakimek explained into the name Sen means double a nerfer means Harmony In this pyramid there are two chambers That generate two different sound Frequencies these frequencies are then Magnified within the pyramid's walls Creating powerful fields of harmonic Resonance these resonances work to Restore balance and Harmony within the Human body the concept of using sound to Bring balance to our bodies may seem Far-fetched but experts suggest it could Be more realistic than we think Scientist ishtag bentov proposes in his Book stalking the wild pendulum that Illnesses are simply a result of organs In the body being Out Of Tune he

Explains that when a cell is stressed or Diseased its frequency becomes distorted And it vibrates in a disharmonous manner Bentoff hypothesizes that by applying Powerful harmonizing Rhythm the troubled Cell May begin to resonate in harmony Once again in other words it could start Beating or functioning correctly when we Consider everything a couple of Questions still linger did the ancient Egyptians possess knowledge about the Secrets of sound healing did they create Vowel chances construct monuments to Harness sound energy for healing these Inquiries may never be definitively Answered however the idea that ancient Egyptians were acquainted with sound Healing prompts us to re-examine our Ancient wisdom in a fresh way it Inspires us to diligently study and make Advancements in the field of sound Healing reaching new Milestones along The way in the book how anti-gravity Built the pyramids written by Nick Redford the author delves into the Mysteries of the past and uncovers Forgotten knowledge about ancient Civilizations he specifically focuses on A fascinating era in Egypt's history When enormous Stones seem to defy Gravity and levitate in the air Redfern's work explores these hidden Secrets that were once known to our Ancestors but have since been lost to

Time since ancient times there have been Intriguing stories passed down about Gigantic stones that seem to defy Gravity and glide through the air with Ease it may sound bizarre but these Accounts suggest that sound played a Crucial role in the construction of Remarkable structures la like the Egyptian pyramids Stonehenge the stone Statues on Easter Island and the Enormous stones of balbec Lebanon this Raises intriguing questions with these Incredible Feats accomplished by ancient Human civilizations or perhaps my Extraterrestrial beings from long ago According to Nick's perspective the Means by which large Stones were lifted Was not through actual musical whistling But both shared a common factor sound Specifically He suggests that Acoustics Played a significant role in Accomplishing these remarkable Endeavors It is highly probable That acoustic Levitation was the key technique Behind These incredible Feats for a long time The knowledge about how acoustic Levitation actually worked was lost and Faded away over time all that remained Were imaginative stories about music Whistles and intriguing Papyrus and Mysterious metal rods that could Accomplish extraordinary things in Mid-air however in recent times we are Beginning to understand and comprehend

This amazing technology it opens up the Possibility that this technology might Have been developed by ancient humans Extraterrestrial beings from distant Planets or even a collaboration between The two that's it for today subscribe to Our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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