Graham Hancock – People Don’t Know You Have To See This! Our History Is NOT What We Are Told!

Graham Hancock - People Don't Know You Have To See This! Our History Is NOT What We Are Told!

According to Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock a big gap that exists in Egyptian history has finally been filled Now scientists know what happened in This period what technologies existed And how pyramids really were built According to Graham Hancock this period This Gap was before the Egyptians ever Existed and we finally can talk about What specific Technologies these people Had that allowed them to build pyramids As we will show you things that these People were able to do by manipulating Laws of physics are really mind-boggling You have to see this our history is not What we are told and today in the 21st Century it is impossible for us to use The same incredible Technologies because We simply don't have this knowledge Anymore also according to Randall Carlson some researchers have spent many Years working in secret and have now Rediscovered ancient lost Technologies These researchers have shared their Findings to prevent suppression these Technologies may be unfamiliar to us Because they evolve using vibrations to Control matter so these researchers Formed a multi-disciplinary team Comprising of experts in various Fields Such as archeology physics engineering And anthropology their shared goal was To decipher the enigmatic mechanisms Behind These ancient Technologies and

Unravel their practical applications With renewed enthusiasm the research has Scoured ancient texts studied artifacts And examined historical accounts from Diverse civilizations they analyzed the Patent symbols and writings Left Behind Searching for clues that could shed Light on the long-lost knowledge of Manipulating matter through vibration Frequencies through countless hours of Meticulous study and experimentation the Researchers began to piece together a Clearer understanding of these Technologies they hypothesized the Ancient civilizations persist a profound Understanding of vibrational energy and Its potential to mold and shape matter One breakthrough came when the Researchers discovered a long forgotten Manage script in the pyramid this Manuscript filled with intricate Diagrams and detailed instructions Revealed the existence of a device Called the harmonic resonance modulator HRM it described how the HRM harness Specific frequencies to harness energy And manipulate materials with Astonishing Precision eager to put their Findings to the test the researchers Sought permission from various Archaeological sites to conduct Non-invasive investigations armed to Move modern tools and their newly Acquired knowledge they meticulously

Analyze the ancient structures looking For traces of vibrational manipulation Their efforts bore fruit when they Uncovered compelling evidence of Resonance-based modifications on Stones Within pyramids and other ancient Buildings the tool marks discovered by The archaeologists now made sense Aligning with the researchers theories About Advanced Machinery being used in Construction furthermore Graham Hancock Has presented a compelling argument Suggesting that there were a lot of Different kinds of these lost Technologies that made it possible to Lift giant Stones manipulate physics and Do a lot of magical process that are Impossible to do today and these Technologies have since been lost to History lost ancient knowledge is a Captivating concept that suggests Civilizations of the past possessed Advanced Technologies and wisdom that Surpassed our current understanding Graham Hancock among other researchers And theorists argues that there is Substantial evidence pointing towards The existence of a lost technological And intellectual Heritage by exploring Various archaeological anomalies and Enigmatic artifacts he contends that our Conventional understanding of History Overlooks a significant chapter of human Achievement

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These ancient Technologies once Harnessed by this enigmatic civilization Before ancient Egyptians were capable of Extraordinary Feats they possessed the Ability to manipulate the fundamental Forces of nature defy gravity and unlock The secrets of the universe the people Of this Lost Civilization were masters Of a form of magic that relied on their Deep understanding of the natural world And the hidden energies that flowed Through it in this period towering Cities rise into the sky constructed From massive stones that defy a modern Understanding of engineering these Cities are adorned with intricate Carvings and symbols depicting a Profound knowledge of the cosmos and Celestial events they served as hubs of Knowledge and Enlightenment where Scholars of Mystics delved into the Mysteries of existence the people of This ancient civilization possessed an Innate connection to the Natural World Able to communicate with animals and Harness the powers of the elements they Developed a profound understanding of Herbalism and alchemy crafting potions And elixirs that could heal ailments Enhance physical abilities and even Grant limited forms of immortality there Is a big possibility that throughout the World remnants of these Technologies lay Dormant and might be discovered at some

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Point by adventurers and explorers these Artifacts possess incredible power Capable of reshaping the world or Unlocking new Realms of knowledge with That lost ancient knowledge makes into Fields such as mythology mathematics Hydrology and Medicine ancient artifacts Such as the antikythera mechanism an Ancient Greek device used for Astronomical calculations and the Baghdad battery a collection of Artifacts believed to have been used for Electroplating indicate a level of Scientific understanding beyond what is Traditionally attributed to ancient Societies these artifacts suggest that Ancient civilizations had knowledge of Complex Machinery electricity and metal Working challenging the notion of linear Technological progress Randall Carson Also suggests that these Monumental Structures dating back thousands of Years were not the products of simple Manpower and primitive tools as Traditionally thought instead he Proposes that they were the result of Ancient Advanced Technologies that are Unfortunately lost the time according to Carlson the rise in sea levels is Happening much faster than we have seen In the past Century there are periods of Very rapid sea level rise which can Cause significant destruction in the Intertidal zone anything except large

Megalithic blocks will be completely Destroyed by this process the severity Of these events is often overlooked by Archaeologists and prehistorians when They try to find evidence of ancient Civilizations they wonder why there are No artifacts Pottery or signs of past Civilizations there are two reasons for This firstly they fail to realize the Extensive changes that have occurred on The earth's surface is like dropping Multiple atomic bombs on the city and Expecting everything to be left after Thousands of years it all turns into Rubble and becomes part of the Geological layers making it difficult to Differentiate from natural rocks Secondly if we only look for things that Resemble our own Technologies we may Miss evidence of ancient technologies That are different from what we know There may be suppressed or buried Research suggesting that our ancestors Had Advanced Technologies exploring this Topic could be a whole separate Discussion it is now evident that the Ancient Egyptians possess knowledge far Beyond what was previously understood Their understanding of physics Engineering and Cosmic forces surpassed Anything recorded in history and so the Implications of recent discoveries is Monumental if this long-lost technology Could be fully resurrected it has the

Potential to revolutionize the world That's for sure but still scientists Have various controversial opinions on This topic if you ask scientists in Egypt they are very sensitive with this Topic as they claim all the available Evidence strongly suggests that it was Indeed the ancient Egyptians who Constructed the pyramids however there Is still a great deal of mystery Surrounding the living conditions Compensation and treatment of these Pyramid Builders researchers are Actively investigating these aspects to Uncover more information Egypt is home To over 100 ancient pyramids and among Them the most renowned ones are the First step pyramid constructed during The rule of pharaoh jossa around 2630-2611 BC and the first true pyramid According to Mark Lerner's book The Complete pyramids solving the ancient Mysteries the first true pyramid with Smooth sides was built under the rule of Pharaoh sniffero around 2575 to 2551 BC Additionally the Great Pyramid was Constructed at Giza during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu who ruled from about 2551 To 2528 BC Pharos Cafe and manicure who Succeeded Khufu also had pyramids built In Giza according to Mark Lerner's book During the New Kingdom Period from 1550 To 1070 BC Pharaoh started to shift away From constructing pyramids instead they

Preferred to be buried in the Valley of The Kings which is situated Approximately 300 miles 483 kilometers South of Giza Lerner also mentions that In recent years archaeologists have Discovered fresh evidence that offers Insights into the identity of the Pyramid Builders and their way of life Historical documents that have been Preserved such as the papari found in 2013 at what I al-jaf on Egypt's Red Sea Coast provides evidence that there were Large groups of workers involved in Supplying materials for the construction Of the Giza Pyramids these groups Sometimes referred to as gangs played a Crucial role in transporting materials The papare discovered at Wade al-jaf Specifically mention a group of 200 men Overseen by an inspector named Mira they Used boats to transport Limestone along The Nile River covering a distance of About 18 kilometers from Tura to the Great Pyramid the transported Limestone Was then used to construct the outer Casing of the monument in the past Egyptologists have put forth a theory Suggesting that the Builders of the Pyramids were primarily seasonal Agricultural workers who had some free Time when agricultural tasks were Minimal however it is still uncertain Whether this Theory holds true the Papari containing the information about

The pyramids are currently being Deciphered and studied and the initial Findings indicate that the group led by Mira was involved in more than just Pyramid construction these workers seem To have traveled across various regions Of Egypt potentially even reaching the Sinai desert undertaking different Construction projects and assigned tasks This raises the question of whether they Constituted a more permanent and Professional Workforce rather than being Solely comprised of seasonal Agricultural workers who would return to Their fields based on the papari the Workers were provided with a diet Consisting of dates vegetables poultry And meat as revealed by Pierre tallett An egyptology professor at Paris soborne University who is currently deciphering The papari and leading the team that Discovered them along with the Nutritious food the papari also Mentioned that the work team received Textiles on a regular basis which were Likely considered a form of currency During that period as explained by tele In an interview with Live Science According to learner the director of Ancient Egypt research Associates aera Officials holding important positions And participating in pyramid Construction could have been given plots Of land as a form of reward historical

Records indicate that in certain periods Of Egypt's history officials were Granted land however it remains Uncertain where the smaller land grants Were bestowed upon officials involved Specifically in pyramid construction Lerner and his team have been Excavating A town located in Giza which was Inhabited and visited by some of the Workers engaged in constructing the Pyramid of manicure so far the Archaeologists have uncovered evidence Indicating that the people residing in This town used to bake a large quantity Of bread Slaughter thousands of animals And produce a considerable amount of Beer by analyzing the animal bones Discovered at the site and taking into Account the dietary requirements of the Workers archaeologists estimate that Approximately 1 800 kilograms of animals Including cattle sheep and goats were Slaughtered on a daily basis on average To sustain the workers with food the Burial sites of the work is close to the Pyramids provide evidence that their Bones had healed properly indicating That they had access to medical Treatment that was accessible during That era the workers nutritious diet Along with the presence of medical care And the provision of textiles as a form Of payment has led egyptologists to Generally concur that these workers were

Not enslaved individuals however it is Important to note that not all workers Were provided with the same level of Accommodations the excavations conducted By the aera reveal that high-ranking Officials resided in spacious houses and Were served the best portions of meat in Contrast Mark loner speculated that Lower ranking workers probably slept in Modest dwellings or makeshift structures Such as lean twos located near the Pyramids themselves in addition Scientists in Egypt found a really old Ram system that was used to move heavy Alabaster stones out of a quarry some People think this finding might give us Hints about how the ancient Egypt Options built the pyramids however Although the ramp system is an important Technological Discovery the idea that it Directly relates to Pyramid construction Is not very likely a team of Archaeologists from the French Institute For Oriental archeology in Cairo and the University of Liverpool found the Remains of the ram system in an old Alabaster Quarry named hadnab which is Located in the eastern desert they Believe that the ramp system is at least As old as the time when Pharaoh Khufu Ruled who was the one responsible for Building the Great Pyramid of Giza Janice Gordon one of the leaders of the Excavation team at hadnab explained that

The system they discovered consists of a Main ramp in the middle accompanied by Two sets of stairs and several holes Where wooden posts used to be the Ancient Egyptians would attach ropes From these posts to a sled carrying the Stone blocks with this setup they could Pull the heavy Alabaster blocks up steep Slopes that had an incline of 20 or even More karakuni a professor of Egyptian Art and architecture at the University Of California Los Angeles who is not Part of the research team points out That it is hard to fully understand the Importance of this discovery because the Archaeologists have not yet published Their findings and research on it According to Cooney it is not reasonable To connect an alabaster quarry with the Construction of the pyramids because the Pyramids were not made from Alabaster She explained that the methods used by The ancient Egyptians to cut and Transport stones for the pyramids are Still quite mysterious and not fully Understood Alabaster is a softer type of General unlike the heavy stone blocks That were used to construct the outer Parts of the Pyramids by the Egyptians We actually don't know their mechanism Of cutting hard Stones like red granite She says and we still don't know how the Ancient Egyptians lifted blocks weighing Hundreds of tons up the sides of the

Pyramids many experts in the field of Egyptology already believe that REM Systems were used by the ancient Egyptians to construct the pyramids However there are varying theories about The specific types of ramps that were Employed according to Cooney some Experts speculate that straight ramps Were used which ascended the outer walls Of the pyramids others suggest the Possibility of curved ramps that Encircled the pyramid's walls or even Ramping systems located inside the Pyramid itself while the recent Discovery of the ramp system in the Alabaster Quarry sheds light on the Technological capabilities of the Ancient Egyptians it does not provide Definitive answers to the major Questions surrounding the construction Of the pyramids interestingly this Uncertainty aligns with the intentions Of the ancient Egyptians themselves who Deliberately kept the secrets of the Pyramid construction hidden according to Cooney just like any authoritarian Regime would keep their secrets hidden For as long as possible the ancient Egyptians intentionally made sure that There was no documentation or record Revealing the methods they used to Construct the pyramids Cooney explains That the pyramids being enormous Structures resembling mountains Made of

Stone were built to affirm the Godlike Status of the Egyptian rulers when Standing in front of these pyramids one Can't help but feel the impossibility of Constructing such Grand monuments Cooney Suggests that this sense of awe and Wonder indicates that the propaganda Surrounding the pyramids which portrays Them as extraordinary Feats continues to Be effective even today also after Centuries Scholars and archaeologists Have proposed various theories Attempting to explain how these Awe-inspiring monuments were built among These the spiral ramp theory has Recently gained substantial attention Due to its practicality and increasing Archaeological evidence the spiral ramp Theory postulates that the Egyptians Constructed the pyramids using a Continuous spiral ramp which was built Around the exterior of the pyramid as a Construction progressed it suggests that These ramps which were used to haul the Heavy stone blocks Weighing on average 2.5 tonnes which make up the majority of The pyramid the theory was first Presented by the French architect Jean-Pierre houdin in 2007 who claimed That the ramp would have been 1.5 meters Wide with a slope of approx simply seven Degrees for most of his length Facilitating the relatively easy Ascent Of blocks on sledges pulled by laborers

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Who din based his theory on a meticulous Analysis of the Great Pyramid of Khufu Chiops a Giza he argued that the Builders would have had to have used an External ramp to erect the pyramids up To 43 meters the height of the outer Casing blocks after which they would Have begun constructing an internal ramp Spiraling up within the body of the Pyramid to continue the construction This internal ramp according to houdin Left telltale signs in the form of Microgravimetric anomalies observed in The pyramid structure which cannot be Explained otherwise what sets the spiral Ramp Theory apart from others is its Practicality the internal spiral ramp Model would have been logistically more Manageable compared to a long straight Ramp which would require enormous space And materials to build and maintain or An external spiral ramp which would risk Destabilizing the structure due to its Weight this Theory also neatly explains The construct and Corners gaps in the Casing stones of the Pyramid of the Corners which houdin suggests were used To turn the blocks as they were moved up The internal ramp further evidence in Support of this Theory came from the Pioneering work of the scan pyramids Mission an international project Launched in 2015 dedicated to studying The Egyptian pyramids using non-invasive

Technologies using muon tomography a Technique analogous to x-rays they Detected a large void inside the Great Pyramid consistent with houdin's Prediction of an internal ramp the Spiral ramp Theory provides a compelling Insight into the Innovative engineering And Logistics of the ancient Egyptians It suggests that the Egyptians were not Only skillful Engineers but also Adept Problem solvers who could efficiently Handle the Colossal task of pyramid Construction this understanding could Potentially extend to other Monumental Structures Paving the way for a more Holistic understanding of ancient Architecture and engineering on the Other hand the watersha theory stands as One of the Intriguing and unconscious Original hypotheses about pyramid Construction the water shaft Theory also Known as the hydraulic method Theory Posits that the ancient Egyptians Utilized an ingenious system of water Shafts to facilitate the transportation And placement of the Colossal stone Blocks used in pyramid construction this Theory primarily emerged as an Alternative to the widely accepted Ram Theories which suggest the use of Massive ramps to transport the blocks to The required height the water shaft Theory championed by researchers like John Cadman and Edward Concord suggest

That water was the principal ingredient In the solution to the construction Mystery according to this Theory an Extensive system of canals and water Shafts was used to float the stones from The quarries to the construction site The water shaft theory comprises of Several fundamental components firstly a Canal system was supposedly used to Connect the Nile River to the pyramid Construction site this allowed the Massive stone blocks set on barges or Rafts to be floaty close to the site Following this a series of of water Locks and Chambers similar to modern day Elevators was reportedly used to raise The blocks to the necessary Heights These shafts were filled with water and Stone Laden grass were floated into them As water was pumped into or drained from The shafts the rafts would then rise or Descend enabling workers to position the Stone accurately this hydraulic method Would significantly reduce the physical Labor required to move and position the Heavy stone blocks transforming an Otherwise labor-intensive process into a Manageable task despite its ingenious Application of water physics the Watershaft theory is not without critics The tractors argue that the complexity And precision required to build such an Extensive network of canals water locks And shafts rival that of the pyramids

Themselves the archaeological evidence Supporting this theory is scarce and Critics content that such a massive Water management system would have left Significant races additionally critics Argue that the Arid Egyptian climate Would have made it difficult to maintain The vast amounts of water necessary for The process they also raised concerns About the purported ability of the Ancient Egyptians to seal the Watershafts effectively against leakage Given the technology available at the Time moreover as we try to understand How humans built the pyramids the more It seems like the answer might be Something different most experts don't Believe aliens had anything to do with It but quite a few egyptologists and Historians think that aliens were Involved in building the pyramids when People first hear this Theory they often Dismiss it right away however Considering the idea of aliens being Involved is actually a reasonable Theory Based on all the information we have About the pyramids it's logical to think That ancient civilizations couldn't have Constructed these amazing structures With some outside help even with all the Advanced technology we have now we can't Build pyramids like the ones in Egypt so It's hard to imagine how an ancient Civilization with limited tools and

Knowledge could have built them so Perfectly the Great Pyramid of Giza is Aligned incredibly accurate with True North with only a slight difference of Three sixtieth of a degree this level of Precision is even better than the Royal Observatory in Greenwich London which Deviates from True North by 9 60th of a Degree the Great Pyramid has another Fascinating mathematical aspect if you Divide is perimeter by its height the Result is very close to 2 pi with only a Slight difference there are many other Precise mathematical measurements Associated with the pyramids but what's Most significant is the speed at which They were constructed considering that There were around 2.3 million stones Used weighing about 2.5 tons each It is Believed that one stone was placed every Two minutes this includes the time Required to cut the stones precisely Transport them across the desert for Miles haul them up the pyramids ramp and Then carefully position them in their Designated spots it's truly difficult to Imagine that ancient humans with limited Technology accomplished all of this Elon Musk shared an idea on Twitter Suggesting that the pyramids in each Egypt might have been constructed by Beings From Another World In His tweet The CEO of the SpaceX and Tesla with Certainty stated aliens built the

Pyramids of since it was posted the Messages garnered more than 500 000 Likes Twitter users reacted to the Statement by expressing doubt about its Truthfulness in response must try to Support his theory by citing a source From Wikipedia and that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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