Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids

Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids

According to Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock Egyptian history had a big gap a Big unknown period that was caused by Cataclysms and natural disasters that Scientists recently thought completely Destroyed unique evidence and Fascinating technologies that Egyptians Used to build pyramids with however Scientists finally saw this mystery of What happened in this period and they Have revealed what exact Technologies These civilizations had this this period Continued for 126 years and technologies That were lost in this period is hard to Believe existed but they really did Exist in Egypt and did you know that There are scientists who are working in Secret on these lost ancient Civilizations and government specific Corporations are trying to suppress them What are these mindboggling lost Technologies well how about strange Manipulation physics that we have never Seen before how about implosion Instruments that are are based on niola Tesla's Concepts so what are these Strange Technologies let's explain Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson Revealed the unknown mysteries of Ancient civilizations especially the Egyptians they mainly believed that These cultures had Advanced LW Technology and knowledge that most Experts today don't accept Hancock and

Carlson think that if these ancient Technologies and knowledge are accepted They might challenge today's big Corporations and governments Carl with a Deep understanding of geology doveet Tales with Hancock's ideas but through The lens of cataclysmic events both Scholars pay attention to the younger Drias impact hypothesis suggesting that A significant Cosmic event around 12,800 Years ago initiated the younger drous Period this event brought about sudden Climactic changes and cataclysms which They believe played a role in the Decline or even destruction of these Advanced Civilizations building on this premise Hancock theorizes about the survivors of These ancient civilizations he Speculates that they may have acted as Torchbearers of ancient knowledge Journeying to various parts of the world And laying the foundations for Historical civilizations such as the Egyptians Mayans and samarians Carlson Mentioned that there were people who had Been working secretly for decades to ReDiscover lost technology over the past 6 or seven years he had the privilege of Talking to some of these individuals the They were planning to open- Source a lot Of their findings very soon to prevent Them from being suppressed again Randall Carlson has discussed individuals who

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Have explored alternative Paths of Technology and this led to a rediscovery Of the technologies that were used by a Lot of civilization offering a different Perspective and potentially unveiling New possibilities Carlson also mentioned That currently in the mivas there's a Lab creating prototypes using some High-tech ideas these ideas Focus focus On implosion rather than explosion and They draw heavily from Tesla's Concepts According to Carlson we finally Rediscovered the achievements of our Ancient ancestors he revealed that There's evidence some of which has been Buried or suppressed by modern Researchers in his words I think we're Getting very close to rediscovering some Of the things that our ancient ancestors Were up to and maybe this would be worth A whole show in itself Hancock mentioned That this crucial point is looking at Technologies distinct from those in our Time this might explain why Archaeologists struggle to recognize Them as they're searching for things Similar to what existed in our era they May not be open to the possibility of Entirely different ancient Technologies Hancock often refers to ancient Egyptian Traditions describing priest chanting While massive blocks were lifted into The air it raises the question of Whether sound could have been used to

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Manipulate matter a concept with some Scientific basis archaeologists however Find the idea of lifting enormous BL Blocks was sound unconventional despite It being present in the accounts of Egyptologists today there are folks Working on a completely different Approach to technology perhaps this is a Rediscovery of the types of technology That a law civilization once used in Addition the Mystique of ancient Civilizations and their technological Achievements has been a source of Enduring Fascination in particular the Idea that governments or authoritative Entities might be suppressing knowledge Of advanced ancient techn IES has become A captivating albeit contentious topic Delving into this idea there are several Plausible concerns and motivations that Can be attributed to these entities the Economic implications of reintroducing An old yet advanced technology are Profound economies Thrive and falter Based on technological innovations a Sudden shift in the technological Paradigm driven by the Resurgence of a Superior ancient method might render Many of our current methods obsolete Such obsolescence could lead to Significant econ economic upheavals with Job losses in certain sectors and a Potential devaluation of Investments Anchored in now outdated Technologies

Beyond the economic sphere the cultural And religious underpinnings of society Could also be at stake the discovery of Technologies that don't align with Established historical narratives might Challenge deeply entrenched beliefs Institutions whether religious or Academic rely on certain interpretations Of History to maintain their Authority Validating the existence of advanced Ancient Technologies could not only Shake these foundations but might also Threaten The credibility of these Institutions the societal fabric itself Is woven with trust in authorities and Established narratives Revelations about A hidden past or suppressed Technologies Might so seeds of distrust in the Populace such distrust could manifest as Societal unrest challenging established Power structures and the Very Functioning of societies with that the Potential rediscovery of ancient Technologies transcending mere academic Or historical interest intertwines Deeply with the vast web of corporate Interests that underpin our modern world Modern corporations have poured vast Resources into building infrastructures Based on the Technologies they harness Consider the energy sector where immense Investments have been directed towards Extracting refining and distributing Fossil fuels the revelation of a lost

Ancient technology especially one that Might offer a more efficient or Sustainable energy solution would Threaten these established Infrastructures rendering Decades of Investments potentially obsolete the Market dynamics shaped by fears of Understanding production costs Supply Chains and consumer behaviors would face Upheaval with the Advent of rediscovered Ancient Technologies for corporations This means the recalibration of business Models potential hits to profit margins And the looming threat of competitors Better poised to adapt to the new old Technological landscape reputation that Intangible yet invaluable asset for Corporations might also hang in the Balance corporate narratives so Carefully crafted around Innovation Leadership and pioneering Spirit could Be jeopardized if a technology they Champion is revealed to have ancient Antecedence in such a scenario the Challenge isn't just about adapting to a Technological shift but managing the Potential erosion of consumer trust and Brand Equity so specifically what were Those lost technologies that have been Redis CED well for example the Ancients Had the ability to move heavy blocks Using sound or some kind of vibrational Technology also they had technology or Methods that allowed the precise cutting

Transportation and placement of massive Stone blocks also they had a knowledge Of Earth harmonics which means they knew Specific energetic points on the earth And constructed their monuments on those Points and there's so much more to this It's worth from The Majestic pyramids to Intricate hieroglyphics Egypt's Historical tap tapestry has been Meticulously woven with details from Various eras however every ground Tapestry can sometimes have its gaps and Egyptian chronology is no exception Among the most intriguing of these gaps Is the mysterious interval of Approximately 126 years that stands Between the Reigns of Ramsey II and Sunis the ramsy often hailed as Ramsey The Great was a luminary of the 19th Dynasty with a rign that Spann an Impressive 66 years his rule was Synonymous with grandure ambition and Vibrant cultural Renaissance the legacy Of Ramsey II is immortalized in colossal Architectural marbles like the RAS Museum and the a inspiring temples of Abu SEL his era heralded a Zenith in Egyptian civilization particularly in The New Kingdom Epoch however following The death of this formidable Pharaoh Egypt embarked on a journey into what Historians often term as the third Intermediate period this stretch of time Saw Egypt grapple with political

Upheavals fragmentation of central Authority and the rise and dissolution Of multiple dynasties it was a period Characterized by a marked departure from The unified governance that previous Phah including Ramsey II had so Meticulously Established the path from Ramsey's II to Sun's the first despite spanning over a Century remain shrouded in historical Ambiguity certainly there were pharaohs In this interim with rulers like ramsy III emerging as bulwarks against External threats such as the sea peoples Yet a comprehensive and coherent Narrative from this era remains elusive When susus the first ascended to the Throne Egypt had already transitioned Into its political and cultural Epicenter from the iconic thieves to Tanis in the Delta while his Reign Attempted to restore a semblance of Stability and even witness some Infrastructural Endeavors it was Inevitably juxtapost against the looming Shadows of the mighty New Kingdom Pharaohs known for its achievements in Fields such as art medicine architecture And astronomy Egypt also held within its Fold the promise of Technologies and Knowledge that have been lost to time Many of these losses can be attributed To the ravage of earthquakes Wars and Other cataclysms earthquakes while not

As frequent in Egypt as in some other Regions have played a role in reshaping Its historical landscape temples that Might have once stored valuable Information Grand libraries that held The knowledge of Ages and treasur that Could have housed artifacts of Technological importance were all Vulnerable the loss of such structures Means that countless texts Blueprints And devices that showcase the Pinnacle Of Egyptian Innovation might have been Lost forever Wars in natural cataclysms Aside from earthquakes had their role to Play as well the Nile which was and Remains the lifeblood of Egypt Occasionally turned Rogue its floods While often predictable and even Beneficial could sometimes be Cataclysmic wiping away in entire Settlements with these floods local Innovations tools and Technologies could Have been lost as communities might have Been forced to abandon their homes and Start aesh Elsewhere One of the most Heart-wrenching stories of lots in human History is the burning of the Library of Alexandria although its destruction Cannot solely be blamed on natural Disasters the events leading to its Obliteration cost Humanity dearly the Library housed countless texts research Works and perhaps even technological Marvels its loss is is often seen as

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Setting back human progress by centuries While we have concrete historical and Archaeological evidence for some losses Others Venture into the realm of Speculation given Egypt's profound Understanding of mathematics astronomy And Engineering some reachers theorize The possibility of advanced ancient Technologies these could range from Devices harnessing energy and ways yet Unknown to us in medical instruments far Ahead of their time moreover the Pyramids particularly the icon IC ones Of Giza have long captured the world's Imagination standing as Resolute symbols Of ancient Egypt's architectural prowess And cultural significance these Monumental structures built several Millennia ago raise a perplexing Question how did an ancient civilization Without the technological benefits of Modern machinery accomplished such an Extraordinary engineering feat at the Outset it's essential to dispel a Pervasive myth contrary to popular Belief and Hollywood depictions the Pyramids were not the product of Oppressed slave labor instead recent Archaeological evidence points towards a Workforce of wellfed skilled laborers And Farmers these individuals organized In rotating shifts would come together Forming specialized teams responsible For different aspects of the pyramid's

Construction from quaring the necessary Stones to the meticulous process of Placement the materials chosen for these Pyramids are indicative of the Region's Resources and the Builder's ingenuity Locally abundant Limestone was the Primary Choice providing the pyramids With their characteristic outer layers For the inner Chambers a more robust Material was necessary leading Builders To opt for granite this Choice presented A logistical challenge as the nearest Granite quaries were in Awan a Staggering 800 km away the Transportation of these massive Stones Over such a distance stands Testament to The ancient Egyptians logistical and Engineering capabilities moving these Gargantuan blocks some of which weighed Up to 80 tons was a Monumental task in Itself several theories have been Posited to explain this aspect of Pyramid construction some historians and Archaeologists suggest that large wooden Logs were placed beneath the blocks Allowing teams of laborers to roll them Across the landscape others believed That the Nile's vast network was Employed with blocks being floated to The construction site on large wooden Barges a more recent theory proposes a Method of lubrication workers pouring Water on the sand in front of these Blocks facilitating their movements on

Sleds by reducing friction the Logistical challenge of lifting and Placing massive blocks of stone some Weighing several tons into precise Positions without the aid of modern Machinery is a puzzle that has elicited Various theories among the most Prevalent and widely discussed theories Are those related to the use of ramps The most straightforward of all ramp Theories is the straight ramp made of Mud brick and limestone chippings Components of this theory suggest that a Long straight incline was constructed Leading up to one face of the pyramid Blocks would be dragged up this ramp by Teams of laborers using ropes however There are challenges to this theory for Instance to maintain a manageable Gradient the ramp would need to be Incredibly long possibly exceeding the Length of the pyramid's base for taller Pyramids such a massive structure would Require a significant amount of material To construct and would take considerable Time raising questions about its Efficiency another variation of the Straight ramp is the zigzagging ramp Where instead of a continuous straight Incline the ramp zigzags back and forth Creating a Switchback pattern this Method would reduce the total length of The ramp but it introduces complications Such as the need to turn massive blocks

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