Graham Hancock – Scientists Finally Unlocked The Secrets of Ancient People

Graham Hancock - Scientists Finally Unlocked The Secrets of Ancient People

Graham Hancock after years of research Discovered that ancient Asian people Were even more advanced in many areas Than they are today this research Changes the entire history because after Analyzing the gunung Padang Mega Pyramids in Indonesia Graham found out About very Advanced newb building Technologies fascinating engineering Abilities that ancient Asian people had And how we lost these Technologies these Are some amazing Advanced and lost Technologies that Graham Hancock Revealed so let's explain how this Gung Padang pyramid changes the entire History so Graham Hancock suggests that Many impressive ancient structures Across Asia including various pyramids Were built using advanced technology That has been lost over time Hancock Believes that this high level of Technology was part of a global Trend in Engineering and architecture that Existed before the historical periods we Usually study he pointed to places like The gunung Padang pyramid in Indonesia Which is often ignored by mainstream Archaeology as proof of these Advanced Ancient civilizations Hancock thinks That the precise stone cutting and Alignments with astronomical events seen In ancient Asian structures show that These people had Advanced Knowledge and Skills he noted how the construction

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Methods used in these sites seemed too Advanced for what historians think those People were capable of for example he Talks about how the large perfectly Placed stones at sites like gunung Padang suggest the use of complex Technology or an understanding of Natural forces that we do not know about Today Hancock also discussed the Possibility of a catastrophic event that Caused the loss of this Advanced Knowledge he believes that a major Disaster like a comet hitting the Earth Or a big volcanic eruption could have Destroyed most of the civilization Leaving only bits of their technology And clues about their existence According to him this disaster made the Surviving people go back to simpler ways Of living causing the knowledge of of Those Advanced Technologies to be Forgotten over time and it's difficult To understand how thousands of Prehistoric ancient Asian structures Were built but there are also other Ancient historical structures that Demonstrate how incredible these people Were at construction one of the most Iconic structures is definitely the Gunung Padang Mega pyramids the gunung Padang site in Indonesia is considered One of the most intriguing and complex Megalithic structures in Southeast Asia With some researchers claiming it could

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Be the oldest known pyramid in the world The origins of gunung pang's Construction are unknown with different Theories suggested by experts Legends in Some historical views believe it might Have been built in a very ancient time Perhaps over 10,000 years ago however Scientific methods like radiometric Dating show major activity happened Between 5,000 to 2500 BCE it's unclear Who built it but it's generally thought That a highly skilled local civilization Did did construction of this pyramid was A grand project that required an Extraordinary amount of Manpower and Resources Scholars estimate that tens of Thousands of laborers could have been Involved at different times and Locations the workforce mainly consisted Of soldiers convicts and enslaved people Many of whom lost their lives during the Harsh working conditions the materials Used for construction varied across the Different stretches of the pyramid Contingent on local availability the Pyramid is made from volcanic rock Columns and has many Terrace layers each Made with tightly fitting Stones the Careful placement of these Stones shows A strong understanding of engineering The site's design also shows detailed Knowledge of geometry and maybe even Astronomy although how it was built is Still debated given the limited

Technology available at the time they Had to come up with creative ways and Methods to deal with the massive weight And size of the stones one possible Advanced technology used by the Builders Of ancient sites like Gung Padang is the Ability to precisely cut and move large Stones this includes not only extracting Stones with smooth sharp edges from Quaries but also transporting and Placing these heavy Stones over long Distances without modern equipment According to gram Hancock these ancient Builders might have had a deep Understanding of how to use levers and Pulley systems or they might have known Lost methods for softening Stone this Theory suggests they could soften rock Using chemicals or natural substances Making it easier to mold and fit the Stones perfectly together before they Harden back into their solid form Another Advanced technique could be Related to geopolymer chemistry which Suggests that the ancient Builders Created stone-like materials directly at The construction site instead of just Carving out existing Stone this idea is Supported by discoveries at other Ancient sites like in Egypt where some Artifacts appear to be made from a Synthetic material that mimics Natural Stone this kind of Technology would have Drastic Ally changed building methods

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Reducing the amount of work and danger Involved in quaring and moving Stone and Allowing for more intricate and Impressive architectural designs many Researchers believe that during the Construction of Gung padung pyramid's Ramming technology had been used this Method usually uses a heavy tool to Press down a mix of soil and other Materials like stones or natural glues Into a thick solid block this ramming Technology often seen in ancient Chinese Buildings and some Modern Earth Buildings could have been used to make Strong foundations and walls to hold up The volcanic rock formations at the site Ramming technology would make the Structure more stable helping it stand Up to weathering and earthquakes using This method would not only make the Structure stronger but also fit well With the local surroundings and Materials available at gunung padung and That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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