Graham Hancock – Scientists Finally Unlocked The Secrets of Ancient Sphinx

Graham Hancock - Scientists Finally Unlocked The Secrets of Ancient Sphinx

Graham Hancock revealed insane Discoveries by Egyptian scientists about The Sphinx in the water erosion Theory These discoveries by scientists proed That the Sphinx was not built 2,500 Years ago instead it is a creation of an Advanced ancient civilization or even Prehuman entities this Theory based on Evidence of water erosion suggests the Sphinx was built far earlier than Traditionally believed possibly dating Back to when the Sahara was a lush Fertile area in addition Hancock Believes thehin 's Advanced Construction And alignment with the Stars point to a Prehistoric Global civilization with Extraordinary technological prowess According to Graham Hancock we have been Misinformed about our history so let's Explain everything so Graham Hancock Suggested that Egyptian scientists Proved the Sphinx water erosion Theory And that according to Graham the Great Sphinx of Giza might not have been built By the ancient Egyptians but by an Advanced ancient civilization or even Prehuman entities his theory is based on The evidence of water erosion on the Sphinx which he and some geologists Believe indicates exposure to heavy Rainfall this contradicts the current Understanding of Egyptian history as the Region has been dry for thousands of Years Hancock believes this suggests the

Sphinx is much older than traditionally Thought possibly dating back to when the Sahara was a fertile area Hancock also Argued that the construction and Engineering of the Sphinx and nearby Structures were too advanced for the Ancient Egyptians based on historic iCal Records he suggested that even though Egyptian scientists might disagree an Earlier now Lost Civilization with Advanced technology might have built These structures he often points out Similarities in architectural Styles and Astronomical alignments found in ancient Sites worldwide suggesting shared Knowledge from a prehistoric Global Civilization in some of his more Speculative ideas Hancock even considers That the Builders of the Sphinx could Have been prehuman entities or Extraterrestrial beings he pointed out That mainstream archaeology might be Ignoring evidence of ancient high Technology or extraterrestrial contact Hancock suggests that the mysteries of The Sphinx's Origins and its alignment With the Stars could indicate influences Beyond human capabilities although these Ideas are controversial and not widely Accepted by academics they continue to Spark interest in debate about the true Origins of the Sphinx Graham also Revealed about Robert shock a scientist And associate professor at Boston

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University who believes that the Great Sphinx of Giza shows signs of water Erosion suggesting it is much older than Traditionally thought shock's Observations of the weathering patterns On the Sphinx in its surrounding area Led him to conclude that the erosion was Caused by prolonged heavy rainfall not The dry conditions typical of Egypt for The past 4,500 years according to shock This significant rainfall occurred at The end of the last ice age around 10,000 BC this means the Sphinx could be Several thousand years older than the Commonly accepted date of around 2500 BC When it is believed to have been built By pharoh cafrey Graham Hancock also Supports this view noting the evidence Of extreme rainfall on the Sphinx Enclosure is highlighted by shock Graham Said Robert looked at the erosion around The Sphinx and eventually concluded that The best explanation for it was that the Sphinx enclosure had been subjected to At least a thousand years of extremely Heavy rainfall Robert SH now dates this Back to around 10,000 BC over 12,000 Years ago during the younger dras when Indeed there were heavy rigns in Egypt Even though his conclusions have both Supporters and critics shock's work has Led to a new look at how we date ancient Egyptian monuments Robert shock has Taken big risks with his theories about

The age of the Sphinx this bold claim Has made shock a focus of intense Academic controversy despite the Criticism shock has stayed firm Continuing to present his fin find ings And argue his case at conferences and in Publications Graham also commented about This situation he said Robert shock in My view is a hero he is a mainstream Academic who has stuck his neck out for An idea that is very unpopular with Mainstream academics he's taken all the Risk for his career he's put himself out There and spoken his truth I want to Respect Robert shock Express that Respect and give kudos to Robert shock For everything he's done he's helped to Advance this field F enormously and Allowed people to think previously Unthinkable thoughts Additionally the Inventory Stella discovered in the 19th Century near the Great Pyramid of Giza Has been a major point of debate among Egyptologists and supporters of Alternative theories about the age of The Great Sphinx this Stella dating back To the 26th Dynasty around 664 525 BC claims that Pharaoh kufu kops The builder of the Great Pyramid found The Sphinx already there during his Reign according to the Stella kufu did Restoration work on a temple of Isis Next to the Sphinx suggesting that the Monument existed long before cafrey who

Is traditionally believed to have built It around 2500 BC we should also point Out that the destruction of the Library Of Alexandria was a major cultural loss In ancient times according to Egyptian Scientists it resulted in the loss of Many text and records that could have Provided valuable information about Ancient Egyptian history and the true Age and origins of the Sphinx the Library held works from various Civilizations and Scholars its Destruction whether by fire or gradual Decline led to the loss of important Historical scientific and literary works This loss created significant gaps in Our understanding of ancient Civilizations including the detailed History and achievements of the Egyptians Graham said about this we are Told that the burning of the Library of Alexandria was a false flag and the only Thing they really burned was the Census Records the Romans took all of the real Books all the Ancient Ancient stuff Cataloged by the Egyptians and hid it Away in the Vatican Library I have Another Insider who was given top secret Clearance to go into the Vatican library And do research and he actually saw These books himself in addition Graham Hancock noted that even IES Edwards a Renowned Egyptian scientist and former Keeper of Egyptian Antiquities at the

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British museum known for adhering to the Traditional timeline of Egyptian history Acknowledge the possibility that some Aspects of erosion on the Sphinx could Indicate a more complex history although Edwards mainly attributed the erosion Patterns on the Sphinx and its enclosure To wind and sand he admitted that some Of the more severe and unusual Weathering could potentially be Explained by water this consideration Opened the idea that parts of the Sphinx Might have experienced different Climatic conditions than the current Aid Environment suggesting periods of wetter Weather in ancient Egypt's past Graham Hancock also revealed that the original Head of the Sphinx was that of a lion His theory is based on the small size of The Sphinx's head compared to its body Suggesting the head was recarved from an Older larger structure he argued that The lion's head aligns with the Sphinx Facing the constellation Leo during the Age of Leo around 10,500 BC this period Marked by significant celestial events Supports his broader hypothesis that an Advanced civilization predating the Ancient Egyptians constructed the Sphinx Which was later altered to its current Form Graham said my colleagues and I Believe it was originally the head of a Lion the Sphinx was an entire lion the Evidence that it's been carved is that

It has far less erosion than the rest of The body also the head is way out of Proportion to the rest of the body That's an issue because one thing the Ancient Egyptians were pretty good at When they put their minds to it was Proportion and that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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