How To Always Make right Friends – Elon Musk

How To Always Make right Friends - Elon Musk

When Elon Musk wants to learn anything He simply talks to the right people and This isn't because he's superhuman or Has a magic Elixir it's simply because He's honed certain techniques for making Right friends rapidly and thoroughly so What's musk's secret to making right Friends and acquittances which has led Him to acquire the requisite knowledge For building multi-million dollar Companies in the fields of software Energy transportation and Aerospace Let's take a deeper look so according to Musk many people are not aware but Choosing right friends and learning from Right people was Monumental for his Success as musk said this may sound Silly but I read books and talk to People I mean that's kind of how one Learns anything there are lots of great Books out there and there are lots of Smart people and of course I mean what We've got a really a team of really Really great people at SpaceX and Tesla And we've got World experts in Propulsion structural design avionics Software and that kind of thing and Likewise at Tesla so you know if you Just talk to people on your team you can Learn a tremendous amount but what does It really mean well to illustrate this Let's look at the period when musk Founded SpaceX in March 2002 in the Early days of SpaceX musk faced

Skepticism and challenges as he was Relatively new to the Aerospace industry To accelerate his understanding of Rockets and space technology musk sought Out new acquaintances and friendships Who were well versed in the field one of The first individuals he contacted was Tom Mueller an experienced rocket Engineer Mueller became a great friend And a key figure in SpaceX leading the Development of the Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 Rocket engines musk's Relentless pursuit Of knowledge and networking didn't stop There he actively sought out friendships With experts in the Aerospace industry Including individuals from NASA and Other established aerospace companies These connections helped him gain Insights into the complexities of Rocket Design manufacturing and space Exploration as SpaceX began to take Shape musk formed critical friendships With engine engineers and experts who Shared his passion for space exploration Notably Chris Thompson a former NASA Mars mission manager became an early Collaborator bringing valuable expertise To the team musk's ability to make the Right friends and connect with Individuals who shared his vision played A crucial role in building the Foundation of SpaceX to expand his Network and learn from the best in the Field musk engaged with renowned

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Aerospace experts such as Jim Cantrell An experienced spacecraft designer these Connections were instrumental in shaping Spacex's early strategy and Technological development one of the Pivotal moments in spacex's early years Was the successful launch of the Falcon 1 in 2008 this achievement not only Marked a historic milestone for the Company but also solidified musk's Position as a credible figure in the Aerospace Community the friendships and Connections he had cultivated played a Significant role in this success as SpaceX continued to grow musk's Network Expanded to include influential figures Like GW Shotwell who joined the company As vice president of Business Development and later became its President their collaboration was Crucial in steering SpaceX towards Becoming a major player in the space Industry furthermore for Elon Musk it is Crucial to instantly stop relationship Stop friendship with people who deter His progress as musk says without Hesitation you have to get rid of all Your friends who actively stands between You and your goals and great example for This is conflict between musk and Tesla Founders Elon musk's entry into Tesla Motors marked a significant chapter in The company's history but it was not Devoid of conflicts the conflict with

Martin iard and Mark tarpening Tesla's Original Founders added a layer of Complexity to musk's involvement it's Famous Story how musk joined Tesla in Early 2004 as an investor and chairman Of the board after leading an initial Funding Round eard And tarpening The Visionaries behind Tesla had initially Welcomed musk's involvement viewing it As a means to secure the financial Future of the electric car company so in The beginning musk had a great Relationship with Tesla Founders however As musk increased his influence tensions Began to surface in the Friendship Regarding the direction of Tesla's Future including strategic decisions and Leadership roles within the company the Conflict reached a boiling point around 2007 when musk dissatisfied with the Progress and Leadership at Tesla Initiated a power struggle reports Suggest disagreements over financial Management and product Direction fueled The conflict leading to eberhard's Removal as CEO as a result of the Conflict musk assumed a more direct Leadership role within Tesla eventually Becoming CEO in 2008 the conflict Prompted a significant shakeup in the Executive team with musk asserting more Control over the company's Direction the Conflict between musk eard and tarpening Escalated to legal proceedings in 2009 a

Settlement was reached the details of Which remained confidential the Resolution allowed Musk to consolidate Control over Tesla and set the stage for The company's future trajectory for musk The conflict was crucial in establishing Him as the driving force behind Tesla it Solidified his position as the key Decision maker and Visionary shaping the Company's identity in the years to come Musk's intense involvement became Synonymous with Tesla's success the Conflict marked a turning point for Tesla steering it away from the original Vision of Eberhard and tarpenning musk's Leadership brought about A Renewed focus On innovation production efficiency and The long-term goal of making electric Vehicles mainstream ultimately Contributing to Tesla's success in the Automotive industry finally if you Really want to learn deeply and Thoroughly follow Paula musk's lead and Spend time with other highly intelligent People we are highly influenced by those We surround ourselves with For Better or Worse the speech patterns attitude and Interest of others will all eventually Rub off on us too if we spend a lot of Time with them while this is an Unavoidable trait of human after all It's how we build Society it can be used To our advantage as exactly who we hang Out with is completely in our hands when

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We Choose Wisely it can have some really Positive effects on us and our ability To learn when musk first struck up an Interest in the Aerospace industry with SpaceX he employed the rocket engineer Tom Waller who is generally considered The most intelligent propulsion expert In the game musk spent a lot of time With this guy and absorbed as much Knowledge as possible from him in many Ways this equipped musk with the know he Needed to make SpaceX the huge success That it is today hanging around others That we can learn from is just as good As reading a book on a subject and since The relationship will involve Conversation and a lot of Engagement it Can even prove to be a more effective Means of learning simply by surrounding Yourself with intelligent people who Possess some of the same knowledge You're looking to acquire can be a big Boost when it comes to learning and That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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