IRS Commissioner Visits VITA site

IRS Commissioner Visits VITA site

Hi I'm Danny wle I'm the commissioner of The IRS and today I got to visit with The great people of the city of Chatanuga I met a lot of people that are Volunteering their time and effort to Serve underserved communities and in Particular around tax time to help them With their tax filing obligations so Many members of this community rally Around each other to support people that Don't always have the means to hire an Accountant uh and are sometimes Intimidated by the tax filing process But when you file your taxes many many Tennesseeans are eligible for refunds And eligible for benefits like yearned Income tax credit and I'm appreciative Of the Urban League and the clinic and The local IRS employees here in Chattanooga that are making a difference In people's lives it was an inspiring Day uh I'm proud that the IRS can Partner with the Urban League and others And make this community uh better better And better each day so thank you for Welcoming me today

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