IRS Direct File

IRS Direct File

Hi. I’m Danny Werfel. I’m the IRS Commissioner. 
Now the entire IRS team is really excited because   For the first time ever, 19 million taxpayers 
across 12 states can file their taxes online   For free direct with the IRS through our 
new IRS Direct File program. Direct File   Is available in English. It’s available 
in Spanish. It’s free. It’s also simple,   Accurate and secure. The Direct File program will 
walk you through filing your return step by step.   Making sure that you get the credits, deductions 
and the refunds that you’re entitled to. Now,   If you need to take a break you can securely 
sign back on to Direct File and finish your   Taxes any time before the April deadline. 
And there’s more. We have customer service   Reps standing by to help on text. So we have 
a live text feature. So if you’re on Direct   File and you have any questions as you’re 
walking through your taxes, just text a live   Assistor right there and we will give you real 
time help with the new Direct File tool. So to   Learn more to see if you’re eligible to be a part 
of our pilot in the first year, go to,   You’ll see the link to Direct File. You can 
search Direct File on any search engine. And   Let me close by thanking all taxpayers for doing 
their civic duty and filing their taxes each year.

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