IRS Large Business and International Engineer

IRS Large Business and International Engineer

Hi, I’m Holly Paz, Acting Commissioner of the Large Business & International Division of the IRS. And I’m Jennifer Best, LB&I’s Acting Deputy Commissioner. We invite you consider a career in our organization, where you can have a unique and important impact in tax administration. Large business and international work has a high profile at the IRS, Especially in light of our current transformation and increased focus on high income and complex filings. Our work is challenging and always exciting. LB&I agents, specialists and experts touch cases that are at the forefront of global and domestic tax administration. Our team of nearly 5,000 employees is made up of people with backgrounds you might expect, like accountants. We also employ attorneys, engineers, economists, and data scientists Who work with us to apply innovative approaches to taxpayer service and compliance. I particularly love that, over a person’s time with the IRS, you can have several jobs and responsibilities that come together to form a single career. I’ve had 9 distinct roles since I started working here It keeps things new and interesting, and I continue to learn. Many of our employees tried on different hats before finding the role through which they could best support the IRS in meeting its mission. We realize that being happy in a career is as much about what you get out of it as it is about what you put into it. Here, we understand the importance of a work-life balance that affords time for personal growth and family. Benefits include flexible work schedules, generous vacation and sick leave, and an expanding portfolio of employee support programs. Holly and I are both working parents with young children and have found the IRS to be a very supportive environment in which we have been able to do interesting work at a high-level while being active parents. We invite you to visit USAJobs to see which position could be right for you. You can also hear from a few of our employees through our new recruiting snapshot videos that feature an economist, engineer, tax law specialist and a senior revenue agent. If you have what we are looking for and you feel the same, we look forward to welcoming you to our team. Thank you. I am an engineer in the Large Business and International Division of the IRS. I provide support in the identification, development, and resolution of technical engineering and valuation issues across many industries. I plan, execute, and resolve examinations using specialized engineering and valuation knowledge as well as investigative audit techniques. I routinely deal with issues related to research and development tax credits, depreciation, cost segregation, energy credits, business valuation, real and personal property valuation, and other technical areas. These issues are relevant to several industries, including architecture, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, technology, and agriculture. To do this job you must be self-motivated and willing to learn new things. You must have industry experience, technical expertise, strong oral and written communication skills, and the ability to collaborate with others. You must be able to independently conduct research and properly analyze, interpret, and apply findings. I applied to the IRS because I wanted a career with nationwide flexibility, and I found the variety of job opportunities very appealing. The work life balance and the opportunity to use my skills and abilities for public service were also major factors. The IRS mission differs from the private sector in that it is not driven by a bottom-line approach, and instead focuses on the fair and equitable treatment of all taxpayers. That difference permeates through all facets of the work environment.

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