It Happened – Elon Musk’s Mind-Boggling Warning about The End of Apple

It Happened - Elon Musk's Mind-Boggling Warning about The End of Apple

As you know Elon Musk came out and Surprised Everyone by asking people to Not seek revenge and to seek peace he Also made a decision and with the help Of Tesla sent his help to Israel also a Significant and chilling Revelation has Surfaced about Apple Elon Musk reveals That because of various different types Of mistakes that the company made Apple Is getting Destroyed recent Financial reports Reveal that Google's payments to Apple For its default search engine status on IOS devices are far higher than Previously estimated with ual payments Estimated to be between $18 billion And20 billion and because of doj Antitrust case Apple might lose 20 Billion do yearly Revenue with that Elon Musk came out and revealed the Horrifying things that apple is doing Also Apple agreed to pay over half a Billion dollars to compensate iPhone Users with older devices that Experienced reduced performance after Software updates but there are other Ongoing giant lawsuits against Apple That the company is facing and apple Might get destroyed with with fines of Billions of dollars these are some very Interesting story developments so let's Explain everything so recent Financial Reports revealed that Google pays Apple A considerably higher amount to secure

Its position as the default search Engine on iOS devices than initially Believed this has raised concerns about The future of their partnership Particularly in light of Google's Ongoing Anti-Trust case initiated by the Department of Justice Doj Apple Executives have been summoned As Witnesses in the trial and questioned About the previously estimated annual Payment of $15 billion by Google to Maintain its default search status However according to a Bernstein Financial report highlighted by the Register the actual value of the Information Services agreement between Google and apple is estimated to be Between $18 billion and $20 billion in Annual payments from Google to Apple This accounts for a significant 14 16% Of Apple's annual operating profits Nearly double the doj's estimate this Revelation intensifies the scrutiny on Google's alleged practices with the Possibility that federal courts May rule Against Google leading to the Termination of its search deal with Apple Apple has refrained from publicly Disclosing the exact payment it receives From Google however Eddie q and apple Executive stated during the trial that They choose Google as the default search Engine because they have always regarded It as the best

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Option also more than 24 new individuals Haveed joined an existing legal case Against Apple Inc alleging that the tech Giant was negligent in preventing the Misuse of its popular air tag tracking Device by stalkers the lawsuit initially Filed last December now involves a total Of 38 plaintiffs asserting that Apple Did not adequately address concerns About the potential for increased Stocking incidents related to air tag According to the lawsuit Apple proceeded With the launch of air tag without due Consideration ignoring the inevitable Risk of its use in stock ing situations The plaintiffs argue that since the Product's release there has been a surge In reports of individuals being stalked Through air tags with victims Discovering these tracking devices in Their personal belongings vehicles and Even sewn into their clothing shockingly The law suit also claims that multiple Individuals have lost their lives as a Result of being tracked with air tags Claiming the devices were used by their Former partners to track them the Lawsuit emphasizes the profound negative Impact of these incidents on victims who Live in fear of someone constantly Monitoring their movements the Plaintiffs contend that Apple's response To these issues has been inadequate with The company reacting to the harm caused

By its product rather than taking Proactive measures to prevent misuse While Apple has made safety improvements To address the improper use of air tags The plaintiffs argue that these measures Are completely insufficient in Safeguarding users from unwanted and Dangerous tracking they are seeking Damages from Apple and Dem demanding That the company take further steps to Halt these harmful practices it is worth Noting that Apple has acknowledged Attempts by Bad actors to misuse air Tags and has introduced additional Safety features such as alerts on Unfamiliar iPhones when an air tag is in Close proximity for an extended period However the plaintiffs assert that Apple's efforts fall short and that the Company must do more to protect its Users with that Apple has agreed to Compensate iPhone users with older Devices that experienced reduced Performance after software updates this Compensation is estimated to range from $310 million to $500 million and will Benefit around 3 million customers who Own iPhones made before 2018 this payout Results from lawsuits filed against Apple in 2020 due to the well-known Battery gate problem lawyers Representing Apple customers have Confirmed this long-awaited resolution Stating that it will provide prompt

Financial relief to affected Users mark malumphy a partner at kotet Peter and AA McCarthy one of the law Firms involved shared this information This settlement follows Apple's Unsuccessful attempt to appeal a 2017 Class action lawsuit as a result those Impacted by the software throttling Issue where older iPhone models with Degraded batteries had their performance Intentionally reduced to prevent Unexpected shutdowns during high demand Will receive compensation Apple has Asserted that its intention behind Performance reduction or throttling was Not to push customers into unnecessary Upgrades but to prolong device lifespan Performance would return to normal after Replacing the Aging battery key points About the settlement one affected Customers who submitted Claims can Expect around $165 from Apple with the Possibility of receiving higher amounts Ranging from $185 to1 90 depending on The number of claims two approximately 3.3 million iPhone users submitted Claims before the specified dead Headline potentially receiving $118 each after any court-mandated Deductions for attorney's fees and Related costs and Elon Musk has Criticized apple on a number of Occasions over the years his criticisms Have focused on a variety of issues

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Including Apple's App Store fees its Market power and its content moderation Policies one of musk's biggest Criticisms of Apple is the 30% Commission that Apple takes on all inapp Purchases made through the App Store Musk has called this fee at tax and has Argued that it is unfair to developers He has also suggested that Apple should Lower its fees for smaller developers Musk has also criticized Apple's market Power particularly in the smartphone Market he has argued that Apple's Dominance gives it too much control over The mobile app ecosystem he has also Suggested that apple is using its Market Power to stifle competition finally musk Has also criticized Apple's content Moderation policies he has argued that Apple is too too restrictive in what Content it allows on the App Store he Has also suggested that apple is using Its content moderation policies to Censor certain viewpoints in recent Months musk's criticism of apple has Intensified musk is now the owner of Twitter which is a direct competitor to Apple's App Store musk has accused Apple Of threatening to withhold Twitter from The App Store and of reducing its Advertising spending on Twitter and That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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