It Happened Finally – Facebook is Losing Everything

It Happened Finally - Facebook is Losing Everything

Elon Musk reveals that because of Various different types of mistakes that The company made Facebook is getting Destroyed recent reports reveal that in A recent California courtroom Showdown Children and their parents have taken on The Facebook owner Mighty meta Inc Alleging that their addictive platform Designs are causing profound harm and Over 200 similar lawsuits are scattered Across the country raising questions About the power of big Tech versus Individual rights but there's another Case against meta platforms and a Lawsuit centered on privacy breaches and The controversial metapixelatron Dislike for Mark Zuckerberg is a Well-known fact but today finally it was Revealed why Elon Musk does not like Zuckerberg in Facebook with that there Are other ongoing giant lawsuits against Facebook that the company is facing and Facebook might face fines of of billions Of dollars these are some very Interesting story developments so let's Explain everything so a judge in the United States decided that meta Platforms has to deal with a lawsuit This lawsuit accuses meta of breaking The rules about keeping medical Information private it's about patients Who got medical treatment from hospitals And other healthc care places that used Meta's metap pixel tracking tool a judge

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Named William oric in San Francisco gave Permission to the people suing meta to Continue their case They claim that meta broke a federal Wiretap law and a California Privacy Law They also say that meta didn't keep its Promises about protecting user privacy On Facebook according to their Agreements in a 26-page document the Judge mentioned that from what he's seen Up to this point there's still a Possibility that sensitive Healthcare Information is being intentionally Collected and sent to meta the judge did Throw out a few other claims but he did Give the people suing met who are using Fake names like John Doe or J A chance to revise and present those Claims again the folks who are suing Claimed that meta pixel gave meta Private health details when they logged Into their patient accounts this Happened because the tracking tool was In those accounts and meta used this Info to earn money through personalized Ads the lawsuit is looking to get an Amount of money that hasn't been Specified yet it's meant for all Facebook users whose Health info ended Up with meta neither meta nor the Lawyers representing the company from Meno Park California replied right away When asked for their comments the Lawyers for the people suing meta also

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Didn't respond to similar requests Immediately back in June 2020 when the Legal action started the lawyers for one Of the people suing meta mentioned that They had discovered at least 664 Hospitals and Healthcare Providers using Metap pixel meta in trying to have the Case thrown out acknowledged that Sending sensitive health information Could indeed be a significant issue However meta also stated that its Technology itself wasn't inherently bad Or illegal they argued that it was the Healthcare providers who had the Responsibility to decide how to use Metapixelatron The companies were careless or knew that Their platform designs would encourage Kids to use them a lot and cause harm The people who are suing claim that Social media is made to be really Addictive and that it leads to feelings Of sadness worry hurting oneself having Problems with eating and even thoughts Of ending one's own life over 200 Similar lawsuits from different places In the country have been given to two Judges in California one judge is in Los Angeles handling cases in state court And the other is in Oakland dealing with Cases in federal court judge Carolyn B Cool's decision only affects the cases In State Court this decision is part of A bigger conflict where Statewide bans

On social media bring up worries about Privacy and national Safety going up Against individual rights and the use of Very popular apps especially among young People in the California situation Lawyers representing young people Overcame a legal obstacle which now Allows them to make an argument that Facebook and Instagram we're aware that Using social media could cause Significant and predictable physical Harm this was stated in judge CO's Ruling the judge highlighted the clear Difference in power between young and Inexperienced individuals and the Internet companies which had complete Control over how their platforms Operated for a while internet companies Have counted on a federal law called Section 230 of the communications Decency act this law has consistently Protected them from being held Responsible for comments advertisements Images and videos on their platforms Crucially cool decid ided that the laws Safeguarding free speech and section 230 Don't prevent the negligence lawsuit in The California cases from moving ahead Co concluded that the social media Companies could be held responsible for The claims because the allegations are Based on the idea that the way the Platforms are designed and not the Particular content seen by the

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Plaintiffs LED to harm for them it is Worth noting that Elon Musk has been a Vocal critic of Facebook's privacy Policies for many years he has argued That the company collects to much data About its users and does not do enough To protect that data from misuse in 2018 Musk famously deleted his Facebook and Instagram accounts saying that he was Not comfortable with the amount of data Facebook collects on its users he has Also been critical of Facebook's use of Data to Target users with personalized Advertising in 2020 musk renewed his Criticism of Facebook after the company Announced changes to its privacy policy That would allow it to share more data With its other apps including WhatsApp And Instagram musk tweeted that Facebook Was creepy and needs to be broken up Most recently in 2023 musk criticized Facebook after it was revealed that the Company had been accessing users Microphones without their knowledge or Consent musk tweeted that this was a Security and privacy violation and that Users should delete Facebook that's it For today subscribe to our Channel and Hit the notification Bell

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