Joe Biden’s Decline is Clear through NATO summit speech

Joe Biden's Decline is Clear through NATO summit speech

President Biden was brutally criticized During the latest NATO Summit in vus it Was a terrifying look how Biden spoke Behaved and moved was scary and Astonishing it seems like his cognitive Decline is getting worse every day and There are behind the scenes processes That are unknown publicly and things are Getting out of control this is a very Interesting story development so let's Explain everything if you days ago During the latest NATO Summit in vnus President Joe Biden struggled to Articulate his points clearly Which was noticeable in his public Appearances and speeches several Instances highlighted his difficulties With speech delivery including moments Where he stumbled over words and lost Track of his thoughts leading to a less Effective communication of his ideas This situation was compounded by the High stakes of the summit which focused On the ongoing war in Ukraine and the Potential for Ukraine's future NATO Membership Biden's challenges in Expressing his ideas were seen as a Weakness detracting from the overall Impression of his leadership during a Critical diplomatic event Douglas Murray Responded to this situation by saying You can't really pretend that this is a Man at the height of his powers or even With any real Powers it's very sad the

People who support the Democrats in America or would like to vote against Trump should just reflect on what their Instinct is when they see something like That do they think this guy has got Another four years in him even Elon Musk Pointed out about Biden's cognitive Decline and this isn't the first time Musk has criticized Biden Administration Earlier this week he called the $42.5 Billion rural high-speed internet plan An outrageous waste of taxpayer money Must tweeted about Melinda Gate's Support of Biden might be the downfall Of Western civilization and it's Interesting to point out that this Problem with Biden is not new many People started to notice how Biden was Not fit for the job many years ago and If we look his cognitive decline it all Started 5 years ago that's when in 2019 19 Donald Trump started calling Joe Biden sleepy Joe he used this nickname In a tweet where he criticized Biden's Campaign announcement suggesting that Biden didn't have the energy and Liveliness needed to be president that's When before the 2020 presidential Elections president Donald Trump Welcomed former Vice President Joe Biden To 2020 by calling him sleepy Joe and Questioning his intelligence welcome to The race sleepy Joe I only hope you have The intelligence long in doubt to wage a

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Successful primary campaign Trump Tweeted it will be nasty you will be Dealing with people who truly have some Very sick and demented ideas but if you Make it I will see you at the Starting Gate it all continued in 2021 that's When an Australian TV host said Joe Biden is a man who likely couldn't find His way home at night Allan Jones a host From Sky News Australia stated that it's Obvious Joe Biden wouldn't pass a test Checking his mental abilities or memory Problems he added that it's worrying Because the free World relies on the US Which is led by a man who likely Couldn't find his way home in the dark Sky News Australia described Biden as Struggling barely coherent and a human Corpse in the late stages of mental Decline Jones also mentioned that the World's strongest power is now Controlled by a confused man who seems Like he's just waking up from heavy Sedation he quoted a New York Post Columnist questioning if it's safe for Biden to be near scissors and in the Last few years this situation with Biden Got even worse in 2022 Elon Musk Criticized Joe Biden during an interview Saying the president just reads off a Teleprompter and that his administration Hasn't achieved much it's hard to tell What Biden is doing to be totally Frank Mus said on a podcast during the all-in

Summit with kth palatia David Sachs and David fredberg the real president is Whoever controls the teleprompter the Path to power is the path to the Teleprompter I feel like if somebody Accidentally lean on the teleprompter it Would be like Anchor Man musk added Referring to the 2004 film about a news Anchor who reads anything on the Teleprompter even if it ruins his career Musk who says he has mostly voted for Democrats has repeatedly criticized Biden then later in 2022 on The Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan openly shared His opinion about President Joe Biden's Fitness for office stating he believes Biden is showing signs of dementia Rogan Discussed this on the podcast with with Guest Alisa schlinger highlighting Biden's recent mistake where he called Out for representative Jackie walorski Who had passed away almost 2 months Earlier when schlinger mentioned a Humorous comment by Biden Rogan began Discussing Biden's mental health he's so Gone he's definitely got dementia Rogan Said there's no doubt about it if you Talk to any expert who treats dementia And compare Biden's past Behavior to now You'll find clear evidence of cognitive Decline Rogan added there's obvious Cognitive decline Rogan continued he Even called out where's Jackie where's Jackie even though Jackie had been dead

For a month and in 2023 new house Speaker Mike Johnson said on Fox news That he noticed a cognitive decline in President Biden repeating a common Criticism of the president on the Network Johnson pointed out that Comparing old footage of Biden in the Senate to his current speeches shows a Clear difference again it's not a Personal insult to him him it's just Reality he said and in 2024 because of The presidential debates the situation Got even worse Biden faced questions About his age and mental sharpness Biden Called Trump a loser and a whiner while Trump called Biden a disaster Biden Seemed to lose his train of thought when Answering a question about the national Debt his voice trailed off several times And he mistakenly called billionaires or Trillionaires before correcting himself While talking about taxing the the Wealthy Moore he struggled to complete His sentence pausing awkwardly and Ending in a way that didn't make much Sense in few days ago during the NATO Summit which was initially planned to Celebrate the alliance's 75th Anniversary to solidify long-term Military support for Ukraine was another Bad look for Biden everyone expected This week's meeting in Washington to Become another public examination of 81-year-old President Joe Biden's health

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And cognitive abilities especially with His re-election campaign in a critical State after a poor debate performance Despite his achievements like getting Sweden and Finland and into NATO the Focus of the summit was about his Struggle to secure his political future And as expected it was a terrible look During the latest NATO Summit in vnus President Joe Biden's difficulty in Delivering clear and cohesive statements Became evident sparking concerns about His Effectiveness on the global stage Despite his seasoned experience Biden's Verbal missteps and M of apparent Confusion created an image of Vulnerability at a time when strong Leadership was crucial his struggles Were particularly noticeable during key Addresses and interactions with other World leaders where he appeared to Falter in articulating the US position On critical issues such as Ukraine's Potential NATO membership and the Alliance's strategy against Russian Aggression this raised questions about His ability to navigate complex International Dynamics and maintain the Confidence of America's allies even Elon Musk who in the past was always voting For Democrats stated that he will not Donate to the campaigns of either President Joe Biden or former president Donald Trump just to be super clear I am

Not donating money to either candidate For US president musk posted on his Social media site X musk tweet came a Day after the New York Times reported That he met with Trump and a few wealthy Republican donors last weekend in Palm Beach Florida the meeting took place at Trump's Mara Lago club in Palm Beach and That's it for today don't forget to Subscribe

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