Joe Rogan & Forrest Galante – The Truth of Giant Anacondas in the Amazon

Joe Rogan & Forrest Galante - The Truth of Giant Anacondas in the Amazon

Very unexpectedly scientists discovered The strangest species in the largest Anaconda ever recorded in the world Reports of the discovery of a massive Anaconda in the Amazon Peak Joe Rogan's Interest leading to intense discussions About the 100t snake discovered in Central Africa with that on the road Traffic halted as a giant anaconda Crossed in Brazil these are some Mindboggling discoveries so let's start From the beginning so when reports Emerged of the discovery of an unusually Massive anaconda in the Amazon it Captured Joe Rogan's interest Instantaneously so on Joe Rogan's Podcast episode named Forest galanto on The myth of giant anacondas in the Amazon galante expressed to Joe Rogan His belief also held by his colleague That anacondas could potentially reach Up to 30 ft in length although skeptical Of the mythical 1,500 ft snakes they Acknowledged that the largest snakes Typically reside in humid tropical Environments which are rich in prey the Discussion veered into historical Sightings of gigantic snakes galante Told Joe Rogan a story from World War II Involving a well-respected colonel who Along with passengers allegedly spotted A 100t snake in central Africa they Claimed the snake struck at their Airplane a story supported by multiple

Eyewitnesses that contributes to the Lore of massive undiscovered snakes in Less explored regions the snake Allegedly struck the airplane and this Story was corroborated by multiple Witnesses this anecdote emphasized the Mysterious and less explored nature of Certain tropical regions which could Potentially Harbor unknown species of Giant snakes and there are several Accounts when people discovered giant Anacondas and everything started in 1978 With a groundbreaking discovery of a 24t Anaconda in the heart of Colombia such News coming from a region already Shrouded in mystery and awe due to its Dense rainforest and Uncharted terrains Seemed both astonishing and conceivable As the tale of this gargantuan snake Spread it fed into the growing Global Curiosity about the Amazon and its Hidden wonders it all happened when a Herpetologist William W Lamar went on a Big trip deep into Colombia's wild Rainforest then unexpectedly he found Something amazing a huge female Anaconda That was 7.5 M long when people heard About Lamar finding this giant anaconda Everyone was shocked it made scientists Really excited and got people everywhere Imagining what other cool creatures Might be hiding in Colombia's Forest Suddenly lots of people wanted to visit Colombia to see the amazing Wildlife for

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Themselves after Lamar's Discovery Colombia became more famous for its Incredible Wildlife lots of tourists Came to see the giant anacondas and Other exotic animals this brought money To Colombia and helped protect the Forest and the animals living there Furthermore researchers from different Countries in the Amazon found the Biggest type of snake in the world a Huge green anaconda in Ecuador's Rainforest this snake separated from its Closest Family 10 million years ago but Still looks almost the same as them Today a video posted online shows how Big these 20 foot long snakes are as one Researcher Dutch biologist freak Von Swims next to a giant snake that weighs About 441 lb that's almost as long as a T-Rex named Sue that you can see in a Museum in Chicago people used to think There was just one kind of green Anaconda in the wild called untis mirus However this month the scientific Journal diversity announced a new type The northern green anaconda now known as Yis akiyama we were using the anacondas To see how much damage oil spills are Causing in Ecuador's yasuni area where Oil extraction is way too much said Researcher Brian G fry fry an Australian Biology professor at the University of Queensland and who has studied anacondas In South America for nearly 20 years

Told Reuters that this discovery proves These two Anaconda types split apart Nearly 10 million years ago but what's Really surprising is that even though These two types of snakes have been Different for so long and have a big Genetic difference they look exactly the Same he said even though green anaconda Snakes look alike they have a 5.5% Genetic difference which really Surprised the scientists that's a huge Genetic difference especially when you Think about how humans are only 2% Different from chimpanzees fry said Anacondas are very important for Understanding the ecological health of Their environment and how oil spills Could affect human health in the area According to fry furthermore the Earliest mention of this mysterious Creature was written down by Percy H Faucet a British mapmaker and adventurer Who explored South America in the early 1900s faucet's initial Journey began in 1906 in Brazil born in 1867 he started Gaining attention in the early 20th Century he went to South America for the First time in 1906 funded by the Royal geographical Society to map out parts of the Jungle Faucet was known for his Vivid and Sometimes exaggerated stories about the Places he visited which included Tales Of unknown animals and lost ancient

Cities one of his most famous stories Happened in 1907 when he said he saw a Huge anac in Bolivia that was about 62 Ft long much larger than the usual size For these snakes many scientists didn't Believe him and thought he was Overstating what he saw faucet wasn't Just interested in mapping and studying Animals he was also captivated by the Idea of ancient hidden cities in the Amazon he was especially obsessed with a Legendary City he called Z which he Thought was tucked away in Brazil's Unexplored jungles this led to his most Famous trip in 1925 during during which He vanished along with his son jack and Another companion this mystery remains Unsolved despite many searches and has Inspired numerous books and movies Influencing the creation of fictional Characters like Indiana Jones faucet's Life and disappearance continue to Symbolize the fascination and risks of Exploring unknown places also people Living in the Amazon tell ancient Tales Of a massive creature called yakumama Believed to be over 30 m long given the Many oral and written stories from this Region known for its large snakes and Diverse Wildlife the existence of such a Creature in the past isn't far-fetched The discovery of a 23t long green Anaconda near the borders of Brazil Paraguay and Bolivia supports the idea

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That even larger anacondas might live in The unexplored areas of the Amazon so Even today maybe there are anacondas That are longer than 40 or 50 ft but They are hiding by now these anacondas Might be very good at hiding in the Water and trees it has survived for so Long because no other animal has Attacked it or competed with it the Complex network of waterways and thick Forest would be a perfect place for it To stay hidden that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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