Joe Rogan – LIDAR Scan Discovered Something Unknown In The Amazon

Joe Rogan - LIDAR Scan Discovered Something Unknown In The Amazon

In 1970 Intrepid explorers made a Groundbreaking discovery in the heart of The Amazon rainforest unearthing Evidence of ancient human settlements in 2010 lidar technology revealed the Existence of sophisticated highly Populated urban areas that once thrived In the supposedly uninhabited Wilderness In 2014 more ladar scans uncovered an Extensive network of ancient mounds and Structures suggesting Advanced societal Complexity then in 2018 scientists found 25 abandoned Villages arranged in Circular and rectangular patterns with Mysterious mounds and sunken roads Hinting at a deep connection to the Universe and today we will analyze all These incredible discoveries but first Let's start from the very first one Which happened in 1970 venturing Into The Heart of the Amazon rainforest has Always been an audacious Endeavor in the Early 1970s Intrepid teams of Archaeologists and anthropologists were Drawn to this vast Wilderness spurred by Sporadic reports from indigenous Communities and initial forays that Hinted at the existence of ancient human Settlements in 1971 their daring efforts Yielded a groundbreaking discovery that Would rewrite the story of the Amazon The teams found various sites scattered Across the region each offering a rich Trove of artifacts among these were

Pottery shards and stone tools telltale Signs of ancient human activity the Pottery shards often located near the Remnants of ancient Hearts varied in Size shape and design some were Fragments of large containers suggesting Use for storage or cooking While others Were smaller possibly from bowls or cups Their exteriors bore complex patterns Displaying intricate geometric designs Or stylized figures of animals and Plants analysis of these Pottery shards Provided clues about the cultures that Created them for example the Styles and Technique leaks used for pottery making Indicated a high level of skill and Suggested a shared culture across a Broad area as similar designs were found At separate sites the representation of Local fauna and Flora on the pottery Suggested that these societies had a Profound connection with their Environment and a nuanced understanding Of its intricacies the stone tools found Along with the pottery shards were just As telling they range from rudimentary Implements like scrapers and choppers to More sophisticated tools such as Projectile points and finely crafted Accent with that the existence of grind And Stones hinted at the processing of Plant Foods suggesting a mixed Subsistence strategy that went beyond Mere hunting significantly some of these

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Stone tools showed signs of being Crafted and reworked over extended Periods implying a degree of permanence In these settlements that ran counter to The prevailing image of amazonians as Hunter-gatherers also Joe Rogan had very Interesting conversation about people Who live in the Amazon as podcast guests Paul Rosalie said if you find yourself In the forest and hear unfamiliar sounds It's essential to leave the area Immediately these tribes while living in Isolation seem to have developed their Own communication methods and lifestyle That remain largely unknown to Outsiders Their goal is to protect these Uncontacted tribes and their territories From intrusion and efforts are being Made to establish the jungle Keepers a Conservation initiative covering a vast Area of the Amazon rainforest to create A safe haven for these tribe the hope is That they can continue living in their Traditional Ways undisturbed by outside Influences and there are over a hundred Different uncontacted tribes across the Amazon region each with its own language And culture attempts to communicate or Learn more about them have proven Challenging due to their resistance to Contact and their highly secretive Nature as Paul said there was a child From the uncontacted raised in a very Remote community and people have tried

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Anthropologists I've tried they've been Like hey so what was it like when you Grew up and it's like it's dark he's Just like I don't remember so Amazon is A very mysterious place for example in 2010 researchers unearth evidence that The Amazon rainforest once thought to be A largely uninhabited Wilderness was Previously teeming with Advanced highly Populated urban areas notably the grand Chaco complex discovered in Bolivia Stands as a testament to a sophisticated Society believed to have housed upwards Of 100 000 inhabitants added Zenith the Discovery of these large-scale human Settlements in the Amazon fundamentally Challenged prevailing narratives of New World anthropology and the nature Culture dichotomy until then the dense Jungle and its harsh conditions were Thought to have discouraged extensive Human habitation the widely held belief Was the that small scattered tribes were The main form of social organization in The region and the biodiversity of the Amazon was largely a result of natural Processes rather than human intervention The first hints of this Paradigm Shift Emerged from the work of anthropologist Betty meggers in the 1960s who proposed That the Amazon's fertile soils might Have supported larger populations in the Past however her ideas were generally Dismissed as speculative until modern

Technology such as lidar light detection And ranging satellite imagery and Advanced ground surveys began revealing Large geometric Earthworks hidden Beneath the rainforest canopy the Watershed moment came in 2010 with the Unearthing of the grand Chaco complex in Bolivia a vast planned Urban settlement That challenged the Wilderness myth of The Amazon covering hundreds of square Kilometers the complex consisted of Roads plazas canals reservoirs and Mounds arranged in a clear organized Pattern using various dating techniques Archaeologists estimated that these Structures might have been built as Early as 1000 A.D and that the complex Could have supported a population of Over 100 000 people the grand choco complex's Intricate design and size hinted at an Advanced level of social political and Economic organization the carefully laid Out infrastructure suggested centralized Planning and control indicative of a Hierarchical society capable of Mobilizing large amounts of Labor what's More the sheer number of people that Could have been supportive points to an Advanced agricultural system which would Have been necessary to sustain such a Large population the discovery of the Grand Chaco complex and other similar Archaeological sites throughout the

Amazon basin has ignited a revolution in Our understanding of pre-columbian South America far from being pristine Wilderness inhabited only by small Scatter tribes the Amazon rainforest Appears to have been a dynamic cultural Landscape home to large cities and Intricate societies this Revelation has Deep implications for our understanding Of the rain forest's ecology as well Many features previously assumed to be Entirely natural such as the Nutrient-rich torapeutic soils are now Understood as artifacts of extensive Human habitation and Land Management Furthermore the year 2014 marked a Significant breakthrough in the field of Archeology when a team of researchers Employed light detection and ranging Technology to uncover a vast network of Ancient Mounds in the Amazon rainforest The Advent of lidar Technology brought About a transformative shift in the Archaeological domain a remote sensing Method that uses light in the form of Pulse lasers to measure variable Distances to the Earth lidar can Generate precise three-dimensional data About the shape of the earth and its Surface characteristics care Characteristic given its ability to Penetrate the dense canopy coverage and Provide high resolution maps of the Ground it became a powerful tool for

Archaeologists particularly those Interested in investigating regions like The Amazon rainforest in 2014 a team of International archaeologists embarked on A quest to uncover the secrets lying Beneath the Amazon rainforest utilizing Lidar technology to penetrate the dense Vegetation that had until now shrouded Its history and mystery harnessing the Power of lidar the Teen scanned the Landscape from above emitting millions Of laser pulses that penetrated the Dense forest canopy and bounced back From the ground surface the result was a Three-dimensional Point Cloud a highly Detailed Digital model of the Earth's Surface these Maps revealed an intricate Network of man-made structures that had Been hidden by the overgrowth for Centuries the revealed structures were Diverse and widespread included in this Network were geometrically arranged Mounds sophisticated Road systems Ditches and other structures their Geometric Arrangement suggested Advanced Planning and construction techniques the Mounds were likely used for various Purposes including residential Settlements fortified Villages Ceremonial centers and waste disposal The structures were found to be spread Over a massive area spanning an Estimated 1100 kilometers the sheer Scale of this network was mind-boggling

And alluded to a level of organization And societal complexity previously Thought impossible in the region during The pre-columbian era radiocarbon dating Of pottery fragments and charcoal found At these sites helped estimate the age Of these structures dating them between 500 1400 A.D the period also known as The late price of Colombian era was a Time when complex societies flourished In the Amazon the inhabitants of this Era had a deep understanding of the Local ecology and exhibited a high level Of sophistication in managing and Modifying their environment researchers Also suggested that the societies might Have influenced the distribution of Species in the region contributing to The high levels of biodiversity seen Today moreover in 2018 scientists Working in the Brazilian Amazon Discovered 25 old villages that were Left deserted a long time ago these Villages were arranged in the circular Pattern around the Central Plaza just Like the numbers on a clock The Villages Are located in what is now the state of Acre in Western Brazil and are estimated To have existed between 1300 and 1700 A.D a group of researchers from South America and the United Kingdom used a Special technology called lidar they Mounted this technology on a helicopter To look through the thick rainforest and

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Get a broader view of the structures in The area besides the circular Communities the scientists also found 11 Other Villages arranged in rectangular Patterns however 15 villages were in Such poor condition that the researchers Couldn't figure out how they were laid Out according to Joe's AC ariarte the Main researcher from the University of Exeter the use of lighter has made it Possible to discover these Villages and Their characteristics like roads before Using lie dare these Villages and their Features were not visible in the best Satellite data available this technology Has been a great help in revealing the Diverse and intricate history of Construction in this region of the Amazon according to Dave and Neil from Science alert the archaeologist Discovered a varying number of Mounds at Each site ranging from 3 to 32 Mounds These Mounds had different heights with Some being under 10 feet tall and others Towering over 65 feet although the exact Purpose of these Mounds is uncertain the Researchers suggest that they might have Been used as houses or burial sites by The ancient inhabitants of the villages The lidar images also showed sunken Roads with high Banks that extended from Most of the villages usually two major Roads extended to the north and two Others traveled south these roads often

Formed networks that connected one Village to another spanning many miles Across the region the way the villages Were laid out in circles with no clear Ranking hold special meaning and could Represent the indigenous people's ideas About the universe before the mound Building culture emerged the locals had Already created significant Earthworks With geometric patterns but they left These structures behind around 950 A.D Back in 2018 Sarah Kaplan wrote about How iriarte and his team had used Satellite images to study the past of The region through this research they Documented how civilizations and Cultures in the area changed over time One significant achievement of the Ancient rainforest inhabitants was the Creation of enriched soil known as Taraprita this special soil allowed Communities to grow food in an otherwise Challenging landscape that would not Have been suitable for agriculture Iriarte mentioned that the Laser Technology lidar is helping researchers Do more work even with limited resources This technology allows them to find and Study Earthen sites in parts of the Amazon rainforest with thick vegetation Additionally it can also be used to Examine tiny Earthen features in newly Cleared pasture areas the latest Discoveries are presented in the British

TV series called jungle mystery lost Kingdoms of the Amazon the show not only Highlights the new findings but also Showcases a large collection of rock Paintings that have been recently Recorded in Colombia that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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