Joe Rogan – People Don’t Realize It About Moon Landing

Joe Rogan - People Don't Realize It About Moon Landing

Joe Rogan explained that he does not Believe the moon landing really happened Because of technical inabilities Overcoming radiation regions and details In the official footage that were Released by NASA also we'll discuss and Analyze the main arguments that make People to not believe in the moon Landing including the content of Photographs taken on the moon deadly Radiation problems why stars are absent In the photographs and why the American Flag was fluttering in the environment That lacks an atmosphere so let's Discuss these arguments and explain why These arguments are wrong so Joe Rogan Skepticism is rooted in what he Perceives as inconsistencies in the Official narrative surrounding the Apollo missions one of his main Arguments revolves around the Technological capabilities of the 1960s When the Apollo 11 Mission allegedly Landed the first humans on the moon a Lot of the NASA stuff a lot of the older Stuff in particular manipulation of Images and putting things online that May not have actually really happened Very has argued that it seems Implausible that humans could have Accomplished such a feat with the Technology of the time especially Considering the complexities and dangers Associated with space travel Rogan also

Brings up the Van Allen radiation belts Regions of intense radiation that Surround the Earth many moon landing Skeptics including Rogan often question How astronauts could have safely passed Through these belts without experiencing Lethal levels of radiation this Skepticism is also fueled by the fact That modern spacecrafts like those used By NASA's Orion program are still Striving to resolve the challenge of Radiation protection for long duration Space missions additionally Rogan points To what he sees as suspicious aspects of The Apollo missions documentation for Instance he's drawn attention to the Quality and preservation of the moon Landing footage including apparent Anomalies such as Shadows and Light Spots which some conspiracy theorists Argue suggests their use of artificial Lighting implying a Central Studio Setting he has also noted the alleged Absence of stars in the photographs Taken on the moon and the American Flag's waving behavior in the vacuum of Space The doubts regarding the authenticity of The Apollo moon landing footage and Photographs surfaced almost immediately After the event Bill casing often Credited as the father of the moon Landing denial published a self-reduced Book in 1976 we never went to the moon

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America's 30 billion dollar Swindle here He presented his arguments challenging The authenticity of the moon landing Primarily based on his interpretations Of the available footage and photographs His arguments like the anomalies of Lighting and shadows in the moon Photographs and the reported absence of Stars in the lunar Sky found a receptive Audience particularly in the climate of Distrust that characterized the Post-vietnam post-watergate era the idea That the government could orchestrate Such an elaborate deception captured the Imaginations of many and soon these Theories spread fueled by the Advent of The internet and social media in later Years in addition ever since the Apollo Moon landing missions of the 1960s and 19 70s a small group of conspiracy Theorists have sought to argue that the Events were hoaxes perpetrated by NASA And the US government One of the most frequently cited pieces Of evidence for these theories is the Shadows in the photographs taken by the Astronauts the critics argue that the Shadows are inconsistent suggesting Multiple light sources which they claim Would be impossible if the photographs Were truly taken on the moon before Delving into the details of the moon Landing photos it's important to Understand the basic physics of light

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Light moves in straight lines and cast Shadows that are also generally speaking Straight however the shape size and Direction of the Shadow can be Influenced by several factors including The light sources distance and size the Angle of light and the shape of the Object casting The Shadow In most everyday situations on Earth we Are accustomed to a single light source The sun we also have an atmosphere that Scatters light causing diffusion and Softening of Shadows but the moon's Environment is different the moon has no Atmosphere and thus no scattered light This means Shadows there are sharper and Darker than what we are used to seeing On Earth On Earth we are accustomed to seeing Shadows that appear parallel and Consistent due to our relatively flat Perspective and the even flat terrain of The places we typically inhabit however The lunar surface is far from flat or Even instead it is riddled with a Diverse array of topographical features Including craters Hills and Valleys this Complex uneven terrain can significantly Influence how Shadows appear in Photographs taken on the moon the Presence of such a regular terrain can Cause Shadows to appear non-parallel or Of inconsistent length when the Sun's Light hits uneven surfaces it can cast

Shadows in various directions depending On the angle of the terrain for instance A shadow caused by a boulder located on The side of a lunar Hill would differ in Direction and length from one cast by a Similar Boulder in a crater's basin this Unevenness of the lunar surface can lead To a variety of Shadows that may seem to Diverge in photographs adding to the Terrain's influence or Shadow appearance Is the role of perspective which is Determined by the position and angle From which a photograph is taken the Astronauts often took their photos from A low angle or on sloping terrain which Can create optical illusions in the Images for instance a phenomenon known As foreshortening can occur in which Objects in their Shadows can appear Shortened or distorted due to the Viewing angle critics often argue that Shadows in different directions suggest Multiple light sources like a movie set However the single light source the Sun And lack of atmospheric diffusion on the Moon means that light behaves Differently there Shadows can appear to Diverge due to the wide-angled lens Distortion and the aforementioned uneven Terrain it is also worth noting that the Lunar surface itself is reflective the Astronauts bright white spacesuits the Lunar module and even the Earth in the Lunar Sky all can act as secondary light

Sources casting their own faint Shadows Or filling in Shadows with reflected Light this reflection can create Seemingly Anonymous Lighting in the Photographs With that the Apollo missions use high Quality hasselbolt cameras with Zees Lenses these cameras were equipped with A resu plate which imprinted crosshairs On the photographs to Aid with scaling And Direction conspiracy theories have Pointed to photos where these crosshairs Appear to be behind the objects in the Scene suggesting a doctored photo However this effect is due to Overexposure causing bright areas of the Image like the white spacesuits or the Lunar module to bleed over the thin Cross s Also Skeptics of the moon landing often Base their disbelief on the notion that Deadly levels of radiation in space Specifically within the Van Allen Radiation belts would have rendered such A voyage unfeasible named after their Discoverer Dr James Van Allen the Van Allen belts are zones of energetic Charged particles that originate from Solar wind and are tread by Earth's Magnetic field these belts extending From 640 to 58 000 kilometers above the Earth's surface are a significant Concern due to the high levels of Radiation present radiation exposure can

Lead to a range of severe health Problems including nausea radiation Sickness and even death The skeptic's argument begins with the Assertion that the Van Allen radiation Belts high levels of radiation would Have been lethal to astronauts they Argue that the technology available in The late 1960s was not Advanced enough To provide sufficient protection against These high radiation levels and thus the Moon landing could not have occurred This argument while seemingly persuasive On the surface overlooks two important Factors the actual levels of radiation Within the Van Allen belts and the Specific of the Apollo missions Trajectories the radiation levels within The Van Allen belts are indeed High However they are not consistently lethal The intensity of the radiation varies Depending on several factors including The altitude the belt Area Inn or outer And current space weather It's worth noting that while long-term Exposure would be hazardous short-term Exposure of these levels is not Immediately lethal the planners of the Apollo missions were well aware of the Van Allen belts and the potential risk They post to mitigate this risk they Designed the mission's flight paths to Avoid the highest radiation areas Within These belts the trajectory taken by the

Apollo spacecraft was a curved path that Took the craft through the thinnest Known parts of the belts minimizing Radiation exposure additionally the Speed at which the spacecraft traveled Further reduced the astronaut's exposure Time the entire Transit through the belt Inbound and outbound took less than four Hours when combined with the spacecraft Shielding this brief exposure resulted In a radiation dose well within safe Levels the dose is received by Astronauts as measured by Dolce meters They Carried were about one REM which is The equivalent to the dose one might Receive from three CT scans this level Is far below the acute radiation Sickness threshold Furthermore some doubters questioned the Legitimacy of the moon landing due to The absence of stars in the pictures Taken by the Apollo Astronauts from the Moon surface At an initial look it might appear Unusual one might ask why Stars aren't Visible in the moon's Sky devoid of both Air and clouds nonetheless a grasp of Fundamental photography principles and The circumstances on the moon's surface Can significantly elucidate this Perceived inconsistency to comprehend Why the stars aren't visible in the Photos taken by the Apollo Astronauts It's important to understand how

Exposure Works in photography simply put Exposure determines how light or dark an Image will be when captured by a camera This is controlled by the camera's Shutter speed how long the camera takes In light aperture how wide the camera's Lens opens and ISO the camera's Sensitivity to light on the moon's Surface under direct sunlight and Without an atmosphere to scatter the Sunlight the landscape is incredibly Bright in order to capture this scene Without it being Overexposed I.E Excessively bright or washed out the Astronauts cameras had to be set to a Fast shutter speed and a smaller Aperture as a result they were not Sensitive enough to capture the Relatively dim light at the distant Stars it's akin to trying to take a Picture of a brightly lit object in the Foreground and a dimly lit one in the Background typically one or the other Will not be correctly Exposed on Earth We observe Stars through our planet's Atmospheric filter which reduces the Brightness of our environment This is not the case on the moon as it Lacks a comparable atmosphere on the Lunar surface the ground an object like The astronaut suits and the lunar module Reflect the Sun's light making Everything incredibly bright Compared to this brightness the stars

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Are too dim to be seen much less Captured on camera In fact this intense brightness is one Of the reasons astronauts War visas Covered in a thin layer of gold on their Helmets This coating helped to filter the direct Sunlight and protect their eyes much as We might wear sunglasses on a bright day Here on Earth one of the most compelling Pieces of evidence comes from the Astronauts themselves in multiple Interviews moonwalkers such as Neil Armstrong and baz Aldrin have commented On the lack of visible stars they've Explained that the moon's surface was Incredibly bright and that they could Only see stars when they were in the Shadows of the lunar module where the Contrast was high enough moreover a Frequently repeated argument by doubters Is that the American flag positioned on The lunar Surface by astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin seemed to be Flattering in an environment that lacks An atmosphere and hence has no wind to Induce such a movement to probably Discuss this issue we must first Understand the nature of the flag used During the Apollo missions the flags Were not ordinary Flags they were Specially designed to withstand the Harsh lunar environment known as the Apollo lunar flag assembly LFA these

Flags were made of nylon and had an Extendable horizontal Pole to keep the Flag spread out in the absence of wind This gave the flag the appearance of Fluttering when in reality it was Designed to stay unfold in the vacuum of Space objects do not behave as they Would in an Earth-like atmosphere on Earth air resistance typically slows Down the movement of objects such as a Flag waving in the wind however on the Moon there's essentially no atmosphere So there's no air resistance when Astronaut Buzz Aldrin planted the flag And twisted his pole into the lunar soil The flag's fabric moved due to the lack Of air resistance this motion continued For longer than it would have on Earth Giving the illusion of waving it is Worth noting that the laws of physics Specifically inertia also provide an Explanation for the waving flag According to Newton's first law of Motion an object in motion tends to stay In motion unless acted upon by an External Force when the astronauts were Setting up the flag they had to rotate The pole back and forth this Motion Set The flag in motion and due to the lack Of air friction on the moon there was Nothing to quickly dampen the flag's Movement making it appear to wave back And forth lastly it is crucial to Address the role of photographic

Interpretation many of the photographs Of the moon landing depict the flag in Different positions leading some to Believe it was flapping in the wind However these images were taken at Different times and from different Angles while the astronauts were Installing the flag The various positions of the flag are Due to its manipulation during Installation not due to any Breeze or Atmospheric conditions That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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