Joe Rogan – Scientists Discovered a New Species of Anaconda In The Northern Amazon

Joe Rogan - Scientists Discovered a New Species of Anaconda In The Northern Amazon

Very unexpectedly scientists discovered A new species of anaconda that is both Very green and giant in appearance along With that a Swedish Explorer has claimed To have discovered a 50-ft anaconda and His story is insane these are some Mindboggling discoveries so let's start From the beginning so when reports came Out about finding a very big anaconda in The Amazon it immediately got Joe Rogan's attention he talked about it on His podcast with a guest named Forest Galante focusing on the reports of giant An condas in the Amazon they recounted a Historical anecdote about a Well-respected colonel and his crew who Claimed to have seen a massive snake in The Congo that allegedly struck at their Plane and they also debunked a report of A 49- ft python in Indonesia but Joe Rogan revealed how much we don't know About giant anacondas that exist Everywhere in the world and we just have Not seen them because they are good at Hiding starting in 2016 there were many Reports about giant anacondas one of Example is when construction workers in Brazil found a huge 34t 990 lb Anaconda At a building site in parah in Northern Brazil they discovered the snake after a Controlled explosion in the cave of Altima a video shows the workers lifting The snake with a crane revealing its Yellow spotted belly you can watch the

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Surprising event at the construction Site Altamira is part of the Amazon Rainforest a perfect habitat for yellow Anacondas these snakes prefer water Y And swampy areas where they can hide in The vegetation and hunt for fish birds And small mammals finding them in alira Shows the area's Rich biodiversity and The need to protect such environments The discovery of a massive 34t long 990 Lb yellow anaconda quickly became a Sensational story gaining a lot of Attention found after a controlled Explosion in the cave of Altamira the Video of this huge snake with its yellow Spotted belly spread rapidly on social Media Med and news outlets this amazing Find highlighted the diverse and often Hidden wildlife of the Amazon rainforest Drawing Global attention and sparking Curiosity among Wildlife enthusiasts and Researchers as the video spread it made The region of perah more popular Becoming a focal point for discussions About biodiversity and conservation Environmentalists and scientists use the Incident to stress the importance of Preserving natural habitats especially In Rich ecological areas like the Amazon In addition Dutch biologist and Presenter freak Von helped discover a New species of anaconda an international Team of biologists and scientists found This new snake in the northern Amazon

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Region while it looks similar to the Known Anaconda its DNA is different Von Reported on Instagram previously only One species of anaconda was known in the Amazon the new species called the Northern green anaconda is found in Northern South America including Venezuela surama and Guyana they named It untis akima with akima meaning great Snake in several local indigenous Languages the scientists collected 78 DNA samples from Wild and dead snakes And compared them with Anaconda DNA from Datab bases in nine countries including The naturalis museum in lien they found That the DNA of the northern green Anaconda is 5.5% different from the Known green anaconda for comparison Human and chimp pan Z DNA differ by About 2% like the known Anaconda the new Species is green or brown with dark Spots it can grow up to 7 m long and Weigh over 250 kg the snake is also Extremely strong Von said Von called Finding the northern green anaconda a Highlight of his scientific career Especially since the Amazon Feels Like Home to him however he has mixed Feelings because despite the excitement Of the discovery the Amazon is under Severe threat from climate change and Deforestation he noted that over a fifth Of the rainforest has already been lost An area more than 30 times the size of

The Netherlands the survival of these Giant snakes depends on protecting their Natural habitat 15 researchers Contributed to the study which was Published in the journal diversity Jesus Ras from New Mexico Highlands University Was the lead author Von was the only Researcher from the Netherlands and is a Professor at V University at Amsterdam And a researcher at the naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden also Ralph Blomberg was a Swedish Explorer author And filmmaker renowned for his extensive Travels in South America during the mid 20th century born in 1912 blomberg's Adventurous Spirit led him to explore The Amazon rainforest where he Documented indigenous cultures flora and Fauna through his writings and films his Contributions to ethnography and natural History were significant offering Valuable insights into the largely Uncharted regions of the Amazon one of Blomberg's most intriguing claims was His encounter with a giant anaconda in The Amazon during an expedition in the Early 1940s blomberg reported seeing an Anaconda of unprecedented size Estimating it to be over 50 ft long According to his account the snake was Encountered in a remote part of the Rainforest and its sheer size left a Lasting impression on him blomberg's Description of the encounter was

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Detailed and Vivid capturing the awe and Fear such a massive creature could Inspire despite the skepticism that Often surrounds such claims blomberg's Reputation as a meticulous Observer lent Some credibility to his account while There is limited scientific evidence to Support the existence of anacondas of That size blomberg's sighting remains a Fascinating part of his legacy his Experiences in the Amazon including his Encounter with the giant anaconda Continue to Intrigue and Inspire Adventurers and naturalists who follow In his footsteps many people have said They've seen giant anacondas over 40 ft Long in the Amazon rainforest causing a Lot of interest and discussion the Biggest anacondas we know of are usually About 20 30 ft long but the Amazon is Dense remote and not fully explored so It's possible that bigger ones exist These stories are supported by the Amazon's vast size and Rich wildlife Which often reveals new and amazing Creatures even though there's no solid Scientific proof it's not impossible for Giant anacondas to be out there given The unique environment and ongoing Discovery of new species in this huge And mysterious area that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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