Joe Rogan – Scientists Discovered Oldest Ever Anaconda In The Amazon

Joe Rogan - Scientists Discovered Oldest Ever Anaconda In The Amazon

A historical Discovery was made by Scientists who discovered the oldest Ever anaconda in the world that existed During the time when dinosaurs roam the Earth as scientists found out those Snakes had completely different Characteristics than they have today They could walk they were not as Dangerous as today and they were far Different also scientists discovered the 20 ft anaconda in Brazil these are some Amazing discoveries so let's start from The beginning on Joe Rogan's podcast Adventurer and Wildlife filmmaker Paul Ros Talked about the mysterious nature of Anacondas and snakes they discussed how Little we know about these reptiles even Though they've been around for a long Time rosley shared interesting stories From his time in the Amazon pointing out How big and hard to find anacondas can Be they admired the snake's ability to Adapt and survive noting that their Secretive ways in remote homes make it Hard for us to fully understand them This conversation highlighted the Ongoing Fascination and scientific Interest in snakes Especially anacondas and everything Started in 1936 when famous Herpetologists EMT Reed Dunn and Roger Conet went on a trip to the Amazon in Northern Brazil they wanted to study the

Many different reptiles and amphibians In this very biodiverse area during one Of their trips they discovered a large 20ft anaconda in the heart of Brazil Which became well known in scientific Circles the Anaconda they discovered was A green anaconda unes murus reported to Be over 20 ft long and weigh more than 500 lb this significant Discovery by dun And Conan changed the scientific Community's understanding of the Amazon's Wildlife it showed the rich Biodiversity of Northern Brazil and Emphasized the need for more exploration And study of the area their findings led To more detailed surveys of the region Increasing awareness of the complex Ecology and the relationships among Species in the Amazon rainforest on a Larger scale the Discover brought International attention to the Amazon's Rich ecology sparking scientific Interest and environmental concern with That there was another Discovery by the Paleontologist of University of Alberta That found the fossils of the oldest Ever anaconda and snake recorded in the History so old they might have walked on Four legs as it is written in the Bible Michael Caldwell a paleontologist at the University of Alberta and his team Discovered four new ancient snake Species that lived with Dinosaurs 140 to 167 million years ago during the

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Middle Jurassic to early Cretaceous Periods this definitely shows that Snakes are much older in geological time Than we previously thought Caldwell said The oldest snake fossils found before This were around 100 million years old And some had back legs where did Caldwell find much older snakes the Answer shows that paleontology isn't Always exciting Caldwell and his team Spent 10 years searching not in remote Deserts but in museum drawers and Cabinets worldwide he got the idea to Look for ancient snakes after Accidentally finding some while Searching for lizard fossils in earlier Studies the newly found snakes had been Dug up in the UK Portugal and the us but They were mistaken for ancient lizards Now Caldwell wants to search for even Older snakes to understand where snakes Originally came from if we want to find Four-legged snakes and learn more about Their Origins he said we need to look at Fossils from before the middle Jurassic Period and around 150 million years ago During the late Jurassic Period the Environment was very different from Today the climate was warmer and more Humid with no polar ice caps causing Higher sea levels and large Inland Seas So around 150 million years ago the Global temperatures ranged from about 86° fahit creating a greenhouse climate

That supported Lush vegetation in Diverse ecosystems at this time snakes And anacondas were in the early stages Of their evolution originating from Burrowing lizards they were smaller and More primitive than modern snakes Without the specialized features we see Today fossils show that these early Snakes were usually only a few feet long And adapted to a burrowing lifestyle Feeding on small invertebrates insects Small amphibians and other small Reptiles the largest known snakes from The Mesozoic era were much smaller than Today's giant snakes like the green Anaconda or the reticulated python it Was not until the cenozoic era that Snakes grew to their current size these Early smaller snakes with their basic Anatomy occupied a different ecological Niche than their modern relatives acting As mid-level Predators they avoided Larger theropod dinosaurs and hunted Smaller prey fitting into a complex and Competitive food web we should also Mention Bernard hovman often called the Father of cryptozoology he was a Belgian French scientist writer and Explorer Born in 1916 Herman was very interested In studying unknown or hidden animals Which is now known as cryptozoology he Used his scientific knowledge along with A passion for folklore myths and Eyewitness reports to investigate

Creatures that mainstream science Usually ignored his important book on The track of unknown animals published In 1955 laid the groundwork for Cryptozoology by documenting many Mysterious animals reported from around The world one one of the creatures Hilans found particularly fascinating Was the giant anaconda in his research And travels hilans came across reports And evidence suggesting that very large Anacondas existed in South America these Giant snakes said to be much larger than Known Anaconda species were reported to Live in the remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest Hilman gathered stories from Indigenous people explorers and other Eyewitnesses who claim to have seen Anacondas over 50 ft long Far bigger than any scientifically Documented ones although the scientific Community was skeptical of hoban's Claims about the giant anaconda his Stories caught the Public's imagination And increased interest in cryptozoology He argued that the vast unexplored Regions of the Amazon could easily hide Such large reptiles and believe these Creatures were just Elusive and rarely Seen by humans Herman's work on the Giant anaconda showed his approach to Cryptozoology a mix of careful Scientific investigation open-mindedness And a willingness to consider evidence

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That traditional science might reject His legacy lives on in the ongoing Search for hidden and unknown animals Inspiring new generations of crypto Zoologists and explorers throughout History there have been numerous reports Of giant anacondas discovered by Explorers indigenous peoples and Adventurers captivating imaginations With Tales of enormous serpents lurking In the dense jungle of South America These massive reptiles some reported to Exceed 30 ft in length have fueled Legends and sparked debates about their True size and existence despite modern Scientific skepticism and the Rarity of Concrete evidence the vast and Impenetrable Amazon rainforest provides A perfect hiding ground for such elusive Creatures suggesting that many giant Anacondas might still be lurking in These remote regions their elusive Nature allowing them to remain Undetected by humans that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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