Joe Rogan – Scientists Discovered The Rarest Snake In The World!

Joe Rogan - Scientists Discovered The Rarest Snake In The World!

Very unexpectedly scientists discovered The most beautiful snake in the world With insanely strange characteristics Also scientists in North America Discovered the rarest snake in the world Which is so different from other snakes That it seems to come from another Planet these are some unbelievable Discoveries so let's start from the Beginning so on The Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan and Forest galanto dove into The world of Amazonian snakes galante a Self-proclaimed reptile Enthusiast Acknowledged the abundance of documented Species but emphasize the vastness of The rainforest he argued that countless Potentially gigantic snakes likely Remain undiscovered due to their Exceptional camouflage and the sheer Size of their habitat leaving the Possibility of monstrous serpents Lurking in the Amazon's Uncharted depths With that according to galante there are Some strange snakes with insane Characteristics but they are just great At hiding that's why we have yet to Discover them but still for now Scientists have discovered some Mindboggling snakes and everything Started in 1940 when herpetologist Henry Fitch made a significant Discovery in The field of reptile biology when he Identified a new subspecies of garter Snakes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Fitch an expert in herpetology was Conducting field research in the diverse Ecosystems of California where he Meticulously observed and documented Various snakes species during his Expeditions he noticed a distinct Variation in coloration and pattern Among the local populations of garter Snakes which led him to investigate Further fit's discovery of the San Francisco garter snake tnus Calis Tetania was grounded in his detailed Observations and comparisons with other Known subspecies of the common gter Snake tamus Calis he recognized that the San Francisco garter snake exhibited Unique features such as a striking Combination of blue and red stripes Along its body which set it apart from Its relatives also the San Francisco Garter snake was described earlier in 1852 by Spencer Fullerton beard and Charles Frederick Gerard the snake is Native to the San Francisco Peninsula And has been recognized for its unique Characteristics for quite some time so It features a vivid pette of colors with A blue green body adorned with bold red And black stripes running along its Length this unique coloration makes it One of the most visually striking Reptiles in North America setting it Apart from other garter snake subspecies The snake is endemic to the San

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Francisco peninsula where it inhabits Marshes ponds and grasslands thriving in Moist environments that support its diet Of amphibians particularly the Endangered California red-legged frog The San Francisco garter snake's Distinct appearance is not the only Characteristic that makes it special it Is also known for its elusive nature and Specific habitat requirements which have Contributed to its status as an Endangered species the fragmentation and Loss of wetland habitats due to Urbanization have significantly impacted Its population additionally despite its Striking colors the snake relies on its Camouflage abilities to evade Predators Blending into the Reeds and grasses of Its Wetland habitats another interesting Fact is that this subspecies is OVO Vorous meaning that the females give Birth to live young rather than laying Eggs which is a common trait among many Garter snakes it's interesting to point Out that these snakes have been observed To exhibit a kind of playing dead Behavior when threatened where they Become motionless and excrete a foul Smelling musk to deter predators and Their diet mainly consists of amphibians But they have also been known to consume Small fish in invertebrates showcasing Their adaptability in hunting the most Important fact about the San Francisco

Garter snake is its critical status it Serves as an indicator species for the Health of its ecosystem protecting the Snake means preserving the delicate Balance of the Wetland habitats it calls Home which are also vital for many other Species including several endangered Amphibians and plants furthermore the Asian Vine snake is another rare snake That was discovered by the Danish Naturalist Nicolas lorenti in 1768 Loren's pioneering work provided the First scientific account of this Distinctive snake known for its slender And elongated body which allows it to Navigate effortless ly through the dense Foliage of its arboreal habitat his Meticulous documentation laid the Groundwork for future herpetological Studies showcasing the diversity of Reptilian life in Southeast Asia these Snakes are distinguished by their Vibrant green coloration a perfect Camouflage against the Lush Greenery of Their environment this adaptation not Only AIDS in its hunting strategy Allowing it to remain undetected by both Prey and predators but also highlights The intricate evolutionary processes That have shaped its existence Loren's Description emphasize these physical Characteristics which have since been Confirmed and expanded upon by numerous Subsequent studies the snake's ability

To blend seamlessly into its Surroundings underscores the importance Of detailed naturalistic observation in Understanding ecological Dynamics Loren's contribution was not merely a Single species description but a Significant addition to the broader Scientific knowledge of the time his Work provided a foundation for the Classification and study of numerous Other reptilian species in the region The description of the Asian Vine snake Exemplifies the meticulous approach to Taxonomy that characterized early Naturalist efforts by documenting the Physical and behavioral traits of this Snake lorenti paved the way for future Research that would delve deeper into The ecological roles and evolutionary Relationships of Southeast Asian Reptiles moreover the Honduran milk Snake lelus triangulum henus is another Strikingly colorful subspecies of the Milk snake belonging to the family cber It was first discovered by the renowned American herpetologist Edward Drinker Cop in 1860 cope a pivotal figure in Herpetology made extensive contributions To the classification and understanding Of reptiles and amphibians significantly Advancing the scientific community's Knowledge of these creatures these Snakes are native to the subtropical and Tropical regions of Honduras

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Nicaragua and Northeastern Costa Rica They thrive in a variety of habitats Ranging from forests and Woodlands to Rocky areas and agricultural lands the Honduran milk snake is particularly Known for its vibrant coloration Featuring alternating bands of red black And yellow or white this striking Appearance serves as a form of B and Mimicry where the non-venomous milk Snake imitates the coloration of the Venomous coral snake to deter Predators Honduran mil snakes are primarily Nocturnal meaning they are most active During the night their diet consists Mainly of small mammals birds and other Reptiles including lizards and smaller Snakes they are constrictors using their Muscular bodies to subdue prey by Wrapping around it and applying pressure Until the prey suffocates this method of Hunting is highly effective and allows Them to tackle prey larger than their Own head size their Keen sense of smell Facilitated by The Jacobson organ AIDS Them in locating prey even in the dark In captivity Honduran milk snakes are Popular pets due to their striking Appearance manageable size and Relatively docile nature they typically Reach lengths of 3 to 5 ft making them Suitable for snake enthusiasts with Limited space their care requirements Are straightforward requiring a secure

Enclosure with proper heating humidity And hiding spots to mimic their natural Environment these snakes also benefit From a very diet to ensure they receive Adequate nutrition with proper care they Can live up to 15 20 years in captivity Providing their owners with many years Of companionship and Fascination that's It for today subscribe to our Channel And hit the notification Bell

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