Joe Rogan – Scientists Unlocked that the Ancient Egyptians had a Rare Power

Joe Rogan - Scientists Unlocked that the Ancient Egyptians had a Rare Power

Joe Rogan reveals an amazing discovery Made by scientists inside the Great Pyramid that might finally answer the Historical question about how pyramids Were built Rogan revealed insane Abilities that Builders of the pyramids Had abilities like controlling giant Stones by mind and manipulating physics And gravity so were pyramids built by Humans aliens are these questions Exaggerated well these are some amazing Discoveries by scientists about how Pyramids were built so let's start from The beginning archaeologists found a big Anomaly buried under the Giza Pyramid Complex in Egypt using tools like ground Penetrating radar they checked the area Under the Western Cemetery in Giza to See if there was anything hidden they Found two underground structures one Shallow and one deep beneath a royal Graveyard near the 4500y old Great Pyramid the archaeologist called these Structures an anomaly because they are Denser than the surrounding ground they Think the structures are man-made Because of their shape and believe they Were filled in after being built the Western Cemetery at Giza is known for Being an important burial place for Royal family members and high-ranking Officers the archaeologist wrote that Initial surveys using ground penetrating Radar and electrical resistivity

Tomography showed an anomaly in the Northern part of the survey site the Approximate area of the anomaly was Identified but the exact structure and Location were unclear the shallow Structure is 10 m wide 15 M long and Less than 2 m deep researchers think it Was built to support a larger deeper Structure which is about 5 m at its Shallowest and 10 m at its deepest they Say the anomaly could be caused by a mix Of sand and gravel or by gaps in air it Might have been an entrance to the Deeper structure they said we believe That the connection between the shallow And deep structures is important from The survey results we can't tell what Material is causing the anomaly but it Might be a large underground archaeolog ICal structure they hope careful Excavation of the site will help figure Out what these structures are and with These new discoveries gradually new Reports are coming out about how Pyramids were built and these reports Are very strange for example with a new Theory scientists proposed that Anti-gravity devices were used in the Construction of the pyramids proponents Of this theory suggest that the ancient Egyptians possessed advanced technology That allowed them to neutralize gravity Making it possible to lift and precisely Place the massive stone blocks used in

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The pyramids this idea often stems from The belief that the architectural and Engineering Feats of the pyramids are Too advanced to have been achieved with The Primitive tools and techniques Traditionally attributed to the ancient Builders supporters of the anti-gravity Theory often point to the sheer size and Weight of the stones used in the Pyramids as evidence that such Technology must have been employed the Great Pyramid of Giza for example Consists of approximately two 2.3 Million blocks some weighing as much as 80 tons moving these colossal Stones Over long distances and then lifting Them to Great Heights would be a Daunting task even with modern machinery Leading some to speculate that the Egyptians must have had access to Technology beyond our current Understanding the origins of the Anti-gravity Theory are often tied to Interpretations of ancient texts and Artifacts scientists point to mysterious Carvings and hieroglyphs that they Believe depict devices or techniques for Levitating objects also scientists draw Parallels between the pyramids and other Ancient structures around the world such As the megaliths of Stonehenge or the Statues of Easter Island suggesting that A common advanced technology might have Been shared among these disperate

Cultures and this is exactly what Joe Rogan talked about on his podcast as Rogan explained it is impossible to just Move these giant stones to build Pyramids without additional Advanced Power that's why Rogan expressed his Skepticism about about the conventional Explanations for how the ancient Egyptians managed to move massive stone Blocks some weighing several tons to Construct the pyramids he questioned the Feasibility of moving such enormous Stones using only simple tools and Manpower as commonly suggested by Historians and archaeologists Rogan Pointed out that even with modern Technology moving and precisely placing These Stones would be a formidable Challenge Rogan suggested that the Ancient Egyptians might have had access To some form of advanced technology or Power that has since been lost to History he speculated that there could Have been methods or tools far beyond The rudimentary levers ramps and Manpower theories typically proposed Rogan's curiosity led him to explore Various alternative theories including The possibility of Forgotten knowledge Or even extraterrestrial assistance as Some Fringe theories suggest his Discussion highlighted the mysterious Nature of the pyramid construction and The many unanswered questions that still

Surround it in addition a team of ayp I And German archaeologists has found Several new rooms in the Pyramid of Sahura located in the Abu seir pyramid Field South of Giza sahura whose name Means he who is close to Reay was an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh and the second Ruler of the fth dynasty 2465 BC to 2325 BC his Reign was marked by economic and Cultural Prosperity with new trade links To the Land of Punt and increased goods From the lentine coast unlike other Pharaohs who were buried in Sakara and Giza sahura chose to have his pyramid Built at abusir although smaller than The pyramids of his predecessors sahura Pyramid complex was adorned with over 10,000 square meters of finely carved Reliefs some of which are considered Unique in Egyptian art unfortunately Grave robbers extensively damaged the Interior chambers of the pyramid long Ago making it difficult to accurately Reconstruct the original layout a Restoration project led by egyptologist Dr Dr Muhammad ismal khed from Julius Maximilan universitat of verburg JMU has Found a series of storage rooms and Passageways while the northern and Southern parts of these rooms are badly Damaged some of the original walls and Parts of the floor are still visible Using a Zeb Horizon portable lar scanner For 3D laser scanning the team conducted

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Detailed surveys to map both the large External areas and the narrow corridors And rooms inside the researchers said That carefully documenting the layout And size of each storage room has Greatly improved their understanding of The pyramid's Interior they aim to Balance preservation and presentation During the restoration to keep the Chambers structurally sound while making Them accessible for future study and Possibly for public viewing during the Restoration they also uncovered the Floor plan of the anti- chamber which Had deteriorated over time as a result The destroyed walls were replaced with New retaining walls the eastern wall of The antichain ber was badly damaged with Only the northeast corner and about 30 Cm of the eastern wall still visible It's interesting to point out that one More exciting explanation on how Pyramids were built is psychokinesis Which is also known as telekinesis Psychokinesis is the ability to move or Manipulate objects using the power of The Mind alone this concept has Fascinated scientists for centuries Appearing in various forms in folklore Religious texts and popular culture when When it comes to the construction of the Pyramids some Fringe theorists propose That the ancient Egyptians or another Advanced civilization utilize

Psychokinesis to lift and position the Massive Stones this idea is part of a Broader set of theories that attribute The creation of the pyramids to Supernatural or highly Advanced Capabilities that defy conventional Explanations proponents of the Psychokinesis Theory often argue that The sheer scale and precision of the Pyramid's construction could not have Been achieved with the root of mentary Tools and techniques available during The time the Great Pyramid of Giza with Its millions of stone blocks weighing up To 80 tons each presents a formidable Engineering challenge those who support The psychokinesis theory suggest that The ancient Builders used mental powers To bypass the limitations of physical Labor moving the stones effortlessly Through focused thought and intention This would explain how such a Monumental Task could have been completed with the Resources at hand and that's it for Today today subscribe to our Channel and Hit the notification Bell

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